Friday, September 23, 2005

Emotional Entertainment?

I think I'm developing some sort of emotional disorder dealing with entertainment. It seems that recently I've been more prone to emotional breakdowns in movies or from TV than I normally am. On Tuesday I went to "Batman Begins" in the dollar theater in town. It was my second time going to that movie, but I decided that I couldn't miss it since it could be the last time I can see a movie in that theater (They sold it and it's closing next week! BOO!). I actually cried at "Batman Begins." Unbelievable and embarrassing... but enjoyable and cathartic for me.

Then, I started watching the first season of "LOST." I've been borrowing the DVD's from my friend, D(M)T. For some reason, I am really getting into the show. I would say that I could be developing an addiction. I am only on the third DVD, but I can't wait to see what happens with Hurley and folks. I love Hurley. I have contemplated skipping work and all social functions just to keep updated on the "LOST" situation. This hasn't happened since.... well, I don't know the last time I really wanted to see a show that I would actually schedule the show's watching into my weekly schedule. I will probably start taping the episodes because I have a scuba class during the time that it normally plays on TV.

The final clue that leads me to believe that there's something up with my emotions is that I went to a chick flick last night ("Just Like Heaven"), and I REALLY liked the movie. It had all of the elements of a chick flick that I wouldn't normally like, but somehow, I thought it was fantastic. After it was over, I wanted to cry or something because it was so good. Granted, I had been having sort of a rough day and was already a little emotionally frazzled, but this was totally uncharacteristic of me. A friend even commented how shocked she was that I liked it that well because I usually don't get into the chick flicks as much as she does.

My entertainment emotional status is still on edge... and I have no idea why, but I am enjoying it. I hope it continues for a little while. I think that producers of movies would like me right now as a reviewer because I would probably think that even the dumbest movies are good in my current condition. I give "Batman Begins," "LOST," and "Just Like Heaven" A+'s all around.


Sean said...


I think that what you need to relieve yourself of this annoying occurance of over expressed emotion is a good dose of Star Trek. Watching Data will always remind you of what it means to be completely devoid of all emotion. it always works for me :)

tearese said...

Lost is actually the only show we watch regularly...and pretty much the only show I watch at all, most weeks! I love it. I also enjoy Hurley; I think we would be friends.
Last season, we always recorded it because Joseph works evenings and I had Young Women activities (I am a leader). We still record it, but this week I watched it twice in a row.... its on later so I caught it 'live' then had to watch it again at 11:30 when Joseph got home. A little much, but I didn't mind.
We used to watch Smallville, but this replaced they're on different days, so we'll see what happens.
What dollar theater are you talking about?

Sarah said...

One day (years ago) I had a complete fall-apart/emotionaly break-down after I watched one of those Sunday afternoon shows where the mom loses her child and spends the whole show trying to find the her. I can't even remember details of the show, but I cried and cried... and then I thought... why am I so emotional?!

Cash said...

I, too, nearly cry when I watch Lost, but it's only because they give Bland Jack and Bland Kate way too much screen time and leave Hurley's amusing one-liners and Claire's catchy accent out to pasture.
I also nearly cried during "Batman Begins" when Lt. Gordon spoke those immortal cliched words of summer popcorn flicks: "I've gotta get me one of those."
Besides, Carrie, crying is in. Maybe it's a white flag to emotionally sensitive young men that you're a real catch.
P.S. Sarah wonders if you're getting enough sleep -- that always makes her weird ... emotionally speaking.

Cardine said...

Star Trek.... nice. I'll have to try that one... It's the dollar theatre on Main Street... I think I'm getting enough sleep - maybe too much?

banana said...

What is entertainment? I guess the only exposure I get to that is the laughter from being asked out by students of mine that are 12 years younger than me.

Lis said...

I too just saw the wonderful film "JUST LIKE HEAVEN" and the same thing happened to me. I'm glad to see I'm not alone.

Seven said...

Lost is awesome! but perhaps I only like it because the title so often describes where I believe my mind to have been left behind in a maelstrom of random thoughts and idea... I need a series called Found...