Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Flying High

So... here I am in Cozumel, Mexico. Today we went parasailing. I was too light to go by myself, so I went tandem with Tena. I think I liked it better that way. We took tons of pictures from the sky, and some from the boat. Cozumel was hit pretty hard by the hurricane. The dock is virtually no more. We took small boats into shore.

We briefly went to the grocery store. I made sure that when asking for soap, I did not accidentally say 'soup.'

The internet is cheap here compared to the boat. I refuse to use it on the boat. I am on vacation!!! In fact, an entire hour of internet in this cafe' costs less than three minutes on the boat!

I love that people speak Spanish here. Could there be anything more beautiful? I joke around about marrying a short Mexican. Hmmmm.... I am contemplating it if he has an accent like our ship's captain. It is soooooo nice.

Anyway... I'll update later probably. Bye.


tearese said...

so how long is your vacation for? How many people came with you? Where else are you going? I need a vacation from the rain! So, sopa is soup, but I forgot the word for soap in spanish.
That was fun on our cruise, talking spanish to the people in the Mazatlan market.

julie said...

How nice it must have been to be told you were too light to go by yourself! I'm glad you're having fun. Miss ya!

Cardine said...

My vacation was just a week. There were three of us. We went to Belize and Roatan, Honduras, as well. I don't know how to spell soap in Spanish, but it's something like jabon.

Yeah... the cruise was pretty sweet. Maybe I'll update my blog with more details sometime this week. And pictures.