Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Welcome, Ewan

Well, this is pretty much just an announcement that I am an aunt again! Banana finally delivered, after being nearly two weeks overdue. I'm glad that Ewan decided to join us. I have yet to see photos, but I'm sure he's a really handsome baby. I think that his mom loves him already. She seemed pretty excited about it. He's 8 lbs and something ounces, and 21" long. He doesn't have his "real" name yet, so I'm still calling him Ewan.

Congrats to Banana and husband, Lou!


julie said...

Congratulations!! I'm so relieved for your sister. Glad both mom and baby are doing well (which you never said, but I'm inferring they are).

BTW, love the new colors! So bright and cheerful!

sarah said...

Oh, that's funny... I just started thinking that was his real name.

CONGRATS to Banana & Fam!

Cardine said...

Yeah, Julie, they're both doing fine. She actually seemed rather peppy when I talked to her. She didn't sound tired at all, like how I expect a person would feel after such a process.

Sarah, I've become fond of the name Ewan, but it just wouldn't work for his real name.

Thanks for the compliments on the new coloring. I've already decided that I want to fix some things, but not now. Eventually. When I put up the photo of myself, it just bothered me that it didn't go with the purple, so that's why I chose these colors, and I am a fan of checkers. I am planning on doing plaid sometime soon, too.

warnser said...

Wow that's some background,
it's like an optical illusion.

Is that how you spell Ewan?
It looks funny.

warnser said...

Your pic looks a little orange,
but it wouldn't be hard to fix.
Technically we could make the pic match the background.

Refi said...

Congradulations! ^^ I don't know what it's like to be an aunt yet...and that's ok for me for now, since I'm the oldest in my fam and all. But still, how exciting for your family to have this new edition! ^_^

tearese said...

is it her first? I'm so behind on thigs. I saw you use that name before too, and I thought it was the real name. I don't know the background story I guess.
BTW when I saw the background, the first thing I thought was, Hey, it matches the picture! I like it. Very retro.

Cardine said...

Yes, that is how I spell Ewan.

I wondered if the background would look trippy for some people. I've also wondered if sometimes color-blind people can't see some things.

Thanks, refi, and thanks for commenting/reading.

Yes, it is her first.

Warnser: I had tons of fun playing games. Thanks, again, and sorry I didn't celebrate your birthday "on" your birthday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cardine said...

By the way, Tearese, I love that you used the word "retro" to describe the colors of my new blog look. My coworker said that she thought it looked really old.

Did someone's grandparents have tile in their kitchen these colors or something?