Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finding My Spot

The other day I was talking to a girl who was trying to figure out what she should do next with her life. She told me that she took a quiz online at findyourspot.com, and the quiz came back with her answer. It happened to be the city in which we live. I guess she is living in her spot. I was curious as to where my spot would be, so I took the quiz.

My top five spots were:

1 - Hampton, Virginia
2 - Asheville, North Carolina
3 - New Brunswick, New Jersey
4 - Hickory, North Carolina
5 - Norfolk, Virginia

Provo-Orem, Utah was #17 on my list. Interesting...

My thoughts on the matter are that on most of the questions, I didn't really care, so I don't know that this quiz is necessarily ... meaningful to me. I guess that I feel like I could enjoy a lot of things about a lot of places. I really worry about living in too small of a place with no ability to get out of the location. Sometimes I feel like I live in too small of a city, anyway, so I can't really imagine living someplace smaller. I really like options. Flexibility. Also, there are some places that I feel like I would be trapped if I lived there. There are some places that are probably too big, as well. I'm not sure how well I would do for an extended period of time as a single female in a large city, like NYC or Washington DC. I'm sure I'd be fine (I'd probably really enjoy it) for a while, but for an extended period of time, I don't know.

I also thought that they should have had a question about... where does your family live? How close do you want to live to them? My quiz would have produced different answers if that had been the case, especially because that is a very large contributer of my decision of where to live.

Dear single men who are reading this (perhaps there's only one of you): do you get the same answers I do or is this perhaps a contributing factor to my singlehood? Would all other males who live in my close proximity get the answer of where I already live? Am I sort of like a fish out of water? Do I know who I am? I mean, do I have concrete opinions and dreams?

And now I ponder my weirdness: Am I weird? Is it strange that I am happy living where I am, yet I would also like to live other places and some computerized test gave me a different answer of where my spot is? Or is it just that I don't necessarily care about the environment of where I live, as long as there are nice people around me? Or do I just have a strange perception of myself? What really makes me happy? Is it other people period ? Am I easily pleased? Am I hard to please? Am I really pleased? Am I too passive about my situation? Or am I just really, REALLY lazy (definitely an option)? Do I fear change? Do I fear? Am I scared to give up what I recognize as being very good for the unknown? Do I need to even wonder about things like this?

I like where I live. I feel like I am in my spot for who I am right now, yet, I also feel like there's something missing. I don't know that moving to a different city would really solve that, and I don't know if it needs to be solved right now. Am I just desensitized to my current situation, or is it that I am truly happy just being who I am where I am? Again, am I just really lazy? Am I even really contributing to society in my current situation? Am I making a difference in the lives of those around me?

I've been having some pretty strange dreams lately. I don't necessarily want to describe them specifically, but they're unrestful because they've caused quite a bit of pondering on my part. The dreams are causing a strange unsettling feeling, like I need to change something. This isn't necessarily strange in itself because I know that there's always something that needs to change about me. ...and I don't know that I necessarily need to move locations or anything, but I know that something needs to change above and beyond my typical weaknesses. Huh. What is it? I don't know. Will I ever know? Do I need to know?

I feel like the possibilities are endless in who I could be and what I can do. I like to do a lot of things. I have a lot of interests. I like to try out a lot of things, and I usually have a lot of fun doing them. I even have fun sometimes doing things that I don't really like doing. Am I a hypothetical garbage man? Is a quality that I possess the fact that I can enjoy doing things that aren't really that enjoyable to me or ... worded maybe a little more accurately: maybe I don't enjoy them, but I'm okay with having to do them (I am willing to do junk that nobody else wants to do)? This is all very perplexing.

To wrap up this post with a beautiful and fitting ending, I talked about findyourspot to my coworker, so she just took the test and her #1 answer the city in which we live.

Disclaimer: I know that it probably seems like I'm always posting my answers to different quizes on here. Sorry about that. I really do more than just take quizes online with my life.


tearese said...

thats an interesting site, once you get through all the offers at the end. DId you pick the east coast as some of your favorite areas, or did you leave that one blank? HEre is what I got:
Olympia Wa, Tacoma WA, Boise ID, Provo UT, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction CO, Bellingham, WA, Kent Wa, Anchorage Alaska,Palmer Alaska, Fort Collins Co, Dillon MT....a bunch more.... Cedar City Ut (no. #17)........Seattle, Springville UT, MOab...and finally Boulder CO.

MOst of them I could see myself living there...except Cour D'Alene was on there, and I for sure don't want to live there.
where I live wasn't specifically there, but a lot of the towns listed are within forty miles or so. ANd Bellingham is where we might move next year, for Joseph's school. Interesting.
YEah, the family qestion might have changed a few of my answers.

Framed said...

Fun quiz. My first was Lewiston, Maine. Sounds interesting. But Palmer and Ketchikan, Alaska. I thought I disagreed with the long, harsh winter question. I also had Olympia, Tacoma, Grand Junction, & Springville like Tearese. There were several towns in Pennsylvania which would be really appealing if it was closer to Utah. I agree they need to ask about family. I've bookmarked the site so I can go back and look over my recommendations more closely.

Cardine said...

I checked the areas close to where I live as options, but I admit that I also checked the East coast areas and Midwest. I was still interested that I hardly got any West answers.

Yeah, my coworker is from Moab and had that answer at #5, as well as Grand Junction, Springville, etc. I'm starting to wonder if there are certain cities tied to certain answers. Hmmm...

booklogged said...

Interesting quiz. Eight of my top 25 were in Washington state. Which definitely appeals to me. #1 was Walla Walla. Even though I put my religion I didn't get any recommendations in Utah! When I went back and clicked on Mountain States instead of the Northwest, three Utah towns showed up: Springville, Cedar City, and Moab (even though I said I hate the desert).

julie said...

My top three were Hartford CT, Portland OR, and Providence RI. I was pleased with the results. All three sound like places where I could be happy. No cities in Utah, interesting. What a fun site!

Cassie said...

Most of my seemed to turn up in the Virginia, North Carolina area. Norfolk, VA was my first. Can't really recall the rest. Didn't have any in Utah either.

Framed said...

It's interesting that we all have a lot of the same towns or cities. Is it possible that the quiz is rigged for certain places?

sarah said...

1- Bremerton, WA (Hi, Tearese!)
2- Cedar City, UT (Hi... other people!)
3- Mt. Vernon, WA
4- Grand Jct., CO
5- Deland, FL
6- Maryville, TN

Cardine - fun quiz! And I loved reading all of your questions... it makes me realize I'm not alone... even if I do make my own decisions.

tearese said...

Hi Sarah! YEah, I think certain cities are definitely tied to specific answers. Joseph took the quiz without picking specific geographical areas, and his also included Provo, Tacoma WA, ANd Olympia Wa. But there were a lot of weird ones too, like in Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Like....Altoona Pennsylvania? Hmmm.

tearese said...

so I took out my geographical preferences (northwest, Pacific, and mountain states) and my top three are now Chattanooga TN, Greenville SC, and Hickory NC...although Olympia WA is still in the top five.

Cardine said...

So, my sister told me this weekend that she took the test and then later just searched for places in Utah and they only had ... like... 12 cities from Utah or something and then 3 from Nevada. So, in conclusion, this test may only have 500 or something to choose from. Perhaps they only chose from the BEST places to live? Needless to say, there weren't many choices.

warnser said...

People really got the city you live in huh? I edited my answers three times, and it never showed up.

warnser said...

Hmm, I'm a single male, but I didn't really get the question.

My top six were

Asheville, NC
Charleston, WV
Hickory, NC
Salem, OR
Frederick, MD

The more I think about it, the less I think it is rigged, but I do see some similarities, but I see some similarities amongst your readers too.

hmmph, bloomington just show up.
Tacoma, WA was also a consistent leader for me.

Cardine said...

After which edit did you get these six answers?

warnser said...

That was my final set.
I didn't believe the first batch, so I looked for minor discrepancies.

My complete lists, didn't change that much, usually just the order. (my first list looked really wet, and didn't have many from this region, oddly enough, ogden came up a lot)

warnser said...

p.s. I don't think I changed more than four or five answers.

warnser said...

I know I was the last one to comment,
I also know that I was last before that, but I guess I have more to say, so I will overlook my typical rule of not commmenting after myself.

Here are some answers to a few of your questions (were they rhetorical?).

1) Are you weird?
yeah I suppose you could be, most people are. Do you exude a weirdness that most people would find offensive? I doubt it.

2) Is it strange to be happy where one is? No, unless you consider where you are to be strange. You have the abilty to affect your circumstances, so there is no reason to not be happy where you are. I think we should choose to be happy where we are, but not forget goals and/or dreams, and while I don't know if you have concrete dreams, from the conversations we've had, I do believe you have concrete opinions. (3)

4) If you need to know, I imagine you can and/ or will find out.

I think limitless possibilities are actually one of my limitations. I'm not sure how just yet, but I'm pretty sure it's so.

5) hypothetical garbage man.
I like this question.
yes, unless the cup is half full, then the term would be much more glamorous, like adventurer, or inventor, collector, or scuba diver etc.

(yes I realize that none of those may be the actual opposite with like meaning)

6) it's not that many quizzes.

julie said...

So, I decided to redo the quiz and purposefully answered differently on a few questions. I still didn't get any in Utah! Seattle was #1 and Cincinnati was #2. I don't remember the rest, but they were back East.