Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Miss You So Much

El Gallo. I am sad. It's been gone for a few weeks. I have been craving mexican food since then. There is no balm in Gilead for me (had to use that term because I think it's funny). How can a town that seems to have over 50% mexican food joints be so devoid of a good mexican food joint? Sure, just try and tell me that Costa Vida is good. I'm sorry, but everything tastes the same there. Salad, burrito, taco, enchiladas... they're all the same. AND, have you tried their chips and salsa? No? Well, it's with good reason. Irreplaceable aspects of El Gallo:

Chips y salsa
Chile relleno
Enchiladas montadas
Enchiladas con salsa de tomatillo
Chile relleno
Flautas con guacamole
La mesera con pelo anoranjado
Chile relleno

So, now I will have to try and make do. Perhaps I will travel to Beryl more frequently. Or perhaps I will have to drive south to get some carne asada fries. Does anyone know of a good place to get a chile relleno? ... don't tell me that I have to make my own!

Weep, weep. I just can't get over it. I am craving a chile relleno right now! It's so annoying!!!

Hey, Tearese and Sarah... do you guys remember that place we went to on Bainbridge, and the plates were the size of a hubcap? They had some good chile verde... This isn't helping me. Grrr.


Cash said...

El Gallo CLOSED?!?? This is such a pity. It was by far the best Mexican in town. Please don't tell me that moldy La Fiesta and vinegar/ketchup Lefty's are still in business, because that will make me truly sad. What is wrong with the taste buds of Cedarians? Or did they just decide to move or something? What's the deal, yo?

Cardine said...

I have all of these comments come to my gmail account, and you know how gmail puts advertisements on the side that supposedly have something to do with what you're writing about? Well, your comment, Cash, inspired this advertisement:

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The deal, yo, is that the rent for the space in that building went WAY up, which caused Grandee's owners to close and El Gallo. The Grandee's place ended up not closing because they sold it. I am hoping that El Gallo can find another location, but I sort of doubt it.

warnser said...
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warnser said...

hmm, I guess I shouldn't add them to my blog yet then.

I did enjoy my one experience though.
In fact I think I had the C.R.

it's amazing how quickly things change.

tearese said...

I don't think I ever went to El Gallo. I don't remember where we ate on Bainbridge, its a pretty vague memory. Somewhere expensive.
Theres a good mexican place here called Los Gallamos or something. Very authentic and delicious. I like to get Flautas, which of course come with beans, rice, guacamole, and sour cream.

tearese said...
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Sarah said...

I remember being in Bainbridge & what the building looked like, but I don't remember the food.

I can't wait to try the Beryl joint.