Sunday, July 09, 2006

This Is Not Lame. Okay, It Is.

I thought about apologizing for the content of this blog due to its inherent lameness, but really, this is my blog, and it's generally about me. Since I can occasionally be lame, here it is in all of its lameness!

1. The time: 6:48 p.m.
2. Name: Cardine
3. Piercings: One in each ear. When I was sixteen for some reason it was funny for me to convince this kid at church that I had pierced my belly-button. I don't know why. It just was.

4. The most recent movie seen in the theater: Um. Let me think. Hmmm... oh yeah, "Stick It," and by the way, I laughed.
5. Place of birth: New Mexico
6. Favorite Foods: A B.E.L.T. where the bacon is nice and crispy and the tomato is used liberally. The 'E' stands for egg. I typically froach it, but frying happens, too.
7. Ever been to Africa: No

8. Ever been toilet-papering: Hee hee hee... uh... yeeeah.
9. Loved someone so much it made you cry: Sure, I guess. Do those humanitarian movies count where there are starving children in Africa or homeless people after a natural disaster? I cry everytime. I also cried when Mufasa died in 'The Lion King.' I don't go around crying all the time or anything (except that one time), but when I do, it's for random stuff.
10. Been in a car accident: Uh, yeah. Oops.

11. Croutons or bacon bits: Goldfish - those crackery ones. You know. Otherwise, croutons. No special or weird seasonings, though, please.
12. Favorite day of the week: Sunday, the day of rest. That's today!
13. Favorite Restaurant: Hmm. I don't know. Oh, okay. Samurai 21. Mmmm... yellowtail... mmmm... hibachi... mmm... now taking volunteers to go with me!

14. Favorite Flower: I would have to say the red rose, but I care for all flowers a great deal. Seriously. Flowers are so great. I'd take flowers over chocolate any day of the week. I like little purple pansies splashed with yellow-gold, growing in my garden...something something.... uh, yeah.
15. Favorite sport to watch: Live college football.
16. Favorite drink: Water.
17. Favorite ice cream: Either bordeaux cherry or chocolate peanut butter. But, my dad's homemade ice cream probably blows them both away. He makes a fantastic strawberry one and raspberry one. They're great. They have oranges. Have I talked about this before?
18. Disney or Warner Brothers: Stupid question. Um... I like them both and dislike them both. I would rather go to Disneyland than Magic Mountain, though. Probably because I haven't been to Disneyland in what seems like forever. I've been to Magic Mountain somewhat recently, though. But, if people are taking a trip to either... I'd be happy with whichever.
19. Favorite fast food restaurant: I.... don't know. Alvaro's? Noodles & Co.?
20. Color of your bedroom carpet: It's cream-colored. I like it.
21. Number of times you failed your driver's test: Zero.

22. From whom you got your last e-mail: Not including junkmail, my mother. She's in Germany with my father.
23. What do you do most often when you are bored: I probably go on the computer and read stuff online, such as people's blogs, LOST theories, etc.
24. Bedtime: Somewhere between 1 and 2 a.m.
25. The person most likely to comment on this post the quickest: Hmmm... Cash? Julie?
26. Responses to this post you the most curious about: Flaur, I guess. She never comments, so I never know what she thinks. I look forward to any comments, though. Seriously. Bring it on.
27. Favorite TV shows: The Simpsons, LOST, yeah. I don't really watch much TV. I recognize that there's probably some pretty funny or interesting stuff on there, though. Oh, and I really like gameshows, such as Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Street Smarts, and Family Fued.
28. Last person you ate with: This neighbor girl who we'll call "Sharon." (That was for you, dub.)
29. Dream car: I care for BMW's, and I think Audi's are pretty cool, but I like lots of different kinds.
30. What you are listening to right now: The gentle hum of my computer and the loud clacking of myself typing.
31. Your favorite colors: Red and green, but I also like blue stuff and stuff. But red and green are my favorites. But, I like blue, too. I like blue stuff and stuff.
32. How many tattoos you have: None. At the opening of Spiderman, they gave out these stick-on spider tattoos, and I wore mine to the opening of Spiderman 2. Yep, I still had it. I have a hard time throwing things away sometimes. I'm working on it.

33. How many pets you have: Zero, but if I were to get one, I think it would be a fish (probably multiple fish) or a frog or something of that sort. Perhaps a rock?
34. Which came first, the chicken or the egg: Today, I ate grilled chicken that was marinated in chipotle lime marinade. Mmmmm... deviled eggs... mmmm...
35. I didn't like this one, so I'm putting random info in this one. I heart Stephen Chow. He is just too funny in Kung Fu Hustle, and I was loving him in Shaolin Soccer, which I viewed last night. Watching Shaolin Soccer was the only way in which I participated in this whole World Cup thing. I just didn't pay much attention to it. But, I do know that Italy won.
36. The last thing you think at night: I think that my head generally hits the pillow and I'm asleep. Probably, "I must turn off the light now."
37. Time you finished answering: 7:07 p.m. What time did you finish reading this post?


Cardine said...

So, I added a couple photos to the home pontifications post. FYI.

Cardine said...

Hee hee. I just realized that I was the first person to comment. Hee hee.

banana said...

I thought I would be first. It is 9:33. My only thought on this random list is to comment on the memory of your car accident. Was there only one?? The one I am thinking of was on a very strange day. A day I will never forget. I learned from it that car accidents could happen to anyone and that it is not a good idea to wreck your mother's car. But, those amazing people at the body shop can make a car look new again.

Cash said...

Banana, the thing I learned from that day is that it's pretty crappy when you're the one sent to tell the parents that the car is wrecked. I mean, I got scorched by them and lectured for weeks after and I was just a messenger (and a passenger)!

Cardine said...

Thanks for being the "kill the messenger" person, Cash. I learned that it is not good to freak out over bad stuff happening and to not kill the messenger and to not wreck my mother's car.

tearese said...

hey...I'm the first commentor that is not family. IT is 3:37 pm, monday. IT was good to see you last week, even if it was only for five minutes! I've filled out this email before , I think.

julie said...

In my defense (for not being the first to comment), I have been out of the office all week and haven't even looked at a computer since Sunday morning when I came to type of quotes to give out to my Sunday School class.

booklogged said...

Oh, cardine, I loved reading your list. It makes me smile. You give such witty answers and it helps me know you better. About the Jeopardy game I created for classroom reviews, I will send a copy with Julie's mom one of these weeks. Are you a teacher?

Cardine said...

I'm not a teacher, but I am just curious as to how you work the Jeopardy! game. Do you click on something, scroll to the correct slide, or what?

Maybe you could e-mail the power point to Julie and then she could forward it on to me or else she could give you my e-mail address?

Tearese, yeah, this is the e-mail you sent me a while back.

Julie, I expect you to always be on the computer, waiting to read my blogs. The prosecution rests.

Cassie said...

It is 12:01 am. I will vouch for Julie's abscenteeism from the computer. I am her alibi should it ever come to court.

Framed said...

Cardine, I liked this post. I may have to copy it. (i said on my blog that I don't have any original ideas) I am impressed that you could answer that many questions in 14 minutes. You must be a quick thinker as well as light-fingered on the keyboard.

julie said...

Thanks, Cassie, for your offer to be a witness for the defense, if the need ever arises. (Heaven forbid!)

Refi said...

I read from 3:20 to 3:27 ish (time is rounded since I'm reading multiple blogs at once, I don't know why, I switch around a lot) How fun to have a BELT, thats what mom and I had for lunch two days ago lol ^.^

liz said...

I am so excited to try egg on a BLT! it's like a rockin eggs benedict! SO excited. yum.

and we can't find the b. cherry choc chunk ice cream anywhere- we love it too at our house!

warnser said...

Wow this ole thing is still around
I think I saw it like eight years ago.
but it has changed a bit.
I would have to say Warner Brothers.
but it's not a very good question.

I think it is funny that you were "the first comment"

so often the messenger dies.
so what was the missing question?

Cat or dog?
Run out of gas?