Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ask Cardine: Part VII - The Missing Link

I have six brothers and sisters. All seven of us were born between 1969 and 1979. We all went to universities after high school. Four of my siblings went to the same school. At some point during their schooling they each lived in the same apartment complex, not all at the same time, but at varying points. When my youngest sister arrived at that apartment complex, someone exclaimed that she was the missing link between my brother and sister who were living there at the time. Aparently they don't look alike, but my youngest sister was the missing link.

There is
this site where you can upload pictures of yourself and they will "Find the Celebrity in You." Basically, it scans your face and tells you what celebrities you look like. Cash asked me which celebrities I came up with, and when I tried it the first time, these were the answers I got:


What do you think? Do I look like them? Anyway, I found it interesting that my top two were of different nationalities than me. I also found it very flattering because the picture I chose was not exactly a great picture of me, and both of these females are quite pretty, in my opinion. And now, for all of the humor, I will now list my other results. Some of them are pretty low percentages, but I thought it was interesting. I used three different pictures and this is what I got:

Photo #1:
Rani Mukherjee
Zhang Ziyi
Macaulay Culkin
Michelle Yeoh
Beyonce Knowles
Lucy Liu
Denise Richards
Shannen Doherty
The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson)
Judit Polgar

Photo #2
Mariah Carey
Gemma Ward
Denise Richards
Lana Turner
Song Hye-kyo
Jessica Alba
Sofia Coppola
Jang Nara
Miranda Otto
Anne Hathaway

Photo #3
Rani Mukherjee
Carole Lombard
Nicole Kidman
Nicky Hilton
Katrina Kaif
Timothy Dalton
Hrithik Roshan
John Cusack
Naomi Watts
Gillian Anderson

Interesting, eh? I thought it was pretty fun. I kept the settings so males could come up. I think it's funny that way. I have done other photos, too, and I get a few repeats, such as Zhang Ziyi and Denise Richards. Rani Mukherjee comes up quite a bit, too. I don't necessarily think that I look like these people, but it was a fun thing to see who would come up. It's also interesting that my sister and I get some of the same people. But, I don't think she got The Rock. Perhaps I am the missing link between Mariah Carey and The Rock or Shannon Doherty and Jessica Alba.


Cash said...

I have this theory that the program scans your nose first. That's why the majority of your celebrity look-alikes show pictures at the same angles. You may actually look more like other people, but the program can only scan the nose from the angle you provided and the angles it has in its celebrity database. Look at the two celebrity shots you posted, Cardine. They seem to have the same angle on the nose, huh? Is that close to the angle on the photo you provided of yourself?
I used a picture of me at 19, and the program said I looked like Charlotte Church, Isabella Rosselini, Rani Mukherjee, Miranda Otto, and (ouch!) Billy Bob Thornton.
What's worse? The Rock or Billy Bob? Discuss.

Cash said...

P.S. I tried it with actual celebrities that are in the system. It worked pretty well most of the times. Tyra Banks actually looked the most like Tyra Banks. Chelsea Clinton looked like herself second only to Julia Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton looked mostly like himself. Ewan McGregor, on the other hand, wasn't even on his list (and I know he's in the system because he popped up when I tried a picture of Tino). Take that for what it is.

Cassie said...

I got Rachel Hunter and Christian Slater. I think its my cheek bones.
But otherwise don't think they really look like me.

Cardine said...

cash: Billy Bob. I'm sorry, but ... well, he's creepy. And his name is Billy Bob. Sure, The Rock isn't that great of a name either, but Dwayne is his real name, and he probably at least has some sort of collection of people who think he's HOT. Billy Bob? I'm not too sure about that one.

cassie: Fantastic that you did it. Rachel Hunter? Nice.

tearese said...

You do look kind of like the two you posted. You have a kind of Olive tint, don't you? Maybe its just the dark hair. I think it will come up Julia Roberts for me, but that might just be self-flattery. I'll let you know.

tearese said...

what if you came up as Olive Oil! That would be so funny. I want to see who everyone is as a cartoon.

tearese said...

hmm, the site wont let me register...its like the button doesn't work? Maybe their server is slow or something.

tearese said...

I think you're right about the angle and lighting of the picture determining the matches. I did five or six pictures, and they all got completely different results, but the celebs were in the same lighting/pose as me.
The first one I got Andie MacDowel and Liv Tyler as the best ones.
The second, I was squinting at the sun, and all the results were men and boys! Prince William, Imre Kertesz...oh, I got Kirsten Dunst on that one.
Later I got Kate Winslet, Eliaabeth Sjue, Cameron Diaz, and Nicole Kidman. Not bad.

tearese said...

okay, okay, I'm almost done. Now look at some of the great ones Joseph got!
Nelson Mandela, Marvin Gaye, Hillary Duff ! , Kurt Russel, Kathy Bates, Elizabeth Taylor ? , Jeff Goldblum, and, get this...Steven Jay Gould (he's an educational writer.) I bet they're related.

Cardine said...

That's fantastic that he got Steve Jay Gould! Lovin' the Hilary Duff one. You got some pretty good ones I think.

Also, yes, I agree that if you have a tilted head in the picture or an open mouth or something, you'll get pictures with the same. I think that's why they say that it works best with straight on pictures.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

When I did it a while ago, the only results I remember are Anna Kournikova, Julianne Moore and River Phoenix. Weird results. But I should try several different photos at different angles and see what the results are.

tearese said...

So Idid Elora...She got Drew barrymore, Dakota Fanning (twice), Tyra Banks, Donny Osmond, and TONS of Asian people. I think its the ratio of her baby eyes to her face compared to that of the Asian culture.
Oh, and I did Joseph again and he also got Dakota Fanning.....and Kiera Knightly! Hahahaha.
Okay, Ill stop commenting now.

sarah said...

That was very entertaining. I tried a few pictures (some recent, some not too recent). Here are my favorites - they became my favorites partially because I actually know who they are (I don't know a lot of celebrities):

Robin Williams
Michael Jordan
Josh Groban
Judy Garland
Helen Hunt
Hilary Clinton
Neil Armstrong

warnser said...

I love that McCaully Caulkin came up so high on your list,
but then who am I to talk,
I got Elton John, and Colin Powell.

I think it is funny and appropriate that most celebs come up as themselves.

Also I see what cash says about noses.
thanks for sharing

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