Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mmmm... Enchiladas!

November is Enchilada Month here at Cardine's Blog! To celebrate, I will be posting various recipes for enchiladas. I only have a repertoire of a few of such recipes, so please, be kind enough to send me your favorite recipe for enchiladas. If you don't, I may be forced to go on the web to find other people's recipes for enchiladas and post them. This is a scary thought because I won't have tried them before posting them. Or I could post my "Cardine's Too-Lazy-to-Cook Enchiladas Montadas" recipe. That's a scary one, too.

So yes, I am begging you to send them to me. And, actually, I really like to get recipes from people. Especially if they send me something that is their specialty. Oh yeah. Send the recipes to cardinesblog*at*gmail*dot*com, and please tell me how you want to be credited on this site and if you would like your blog to be linked from the post.

Thanks a lot, and (Insert a word that sounds all authentic-y Mexican to you readers here. Perhaps:) Disfrutalo!

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