Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just A Random Post

You know how there are a lot of things that you mean to do but don't get around to doing? Well, for me, blogging was one of them for this past month. I was going to try to do the 12 days of Christmas on my blog. Then, I missed that, so I was going to celebrate it Hannukah-style (for eight days), and then I missed that, so then I was going to just post a funny little thing on Christmas Eve about funny things or not-so-funny things to leave Santa Claus, like a bowl full of jelly. And then that didn't happen, so here we are in January, and I hardly even mentioned Christmas.

Christmas did happen in my life, though, and it was great! I really like the decorations around the house at Christmastime. I tend to hate doing the outside of the house (even though I think lights are very pretty), but I think that the inside is absolutely beautiful. I am sort of addicted to creche. I am lucky enough to live in a household where my parents have purchased quite a few of them. They're from all sorts of different countries, and I love to see the different depictions of the birth of Christ.

I also made some graham cracker "gingerbread" houses with some friends. Here are the finished products:

The left one is a pick-up truck done by Sarah. Doesn't the road look like ice or wet pavement? Mine is the one in the middle. It later snowed on my house. The one on the right is by Julie. It reminds me of a townhome or a house on Rainbow Row or something.

After Christmas Dub and I went to Disneyland and California Adventure. I had never been to California Adventure before. We had a delightful time, and between 8 a.m. to midnight, we were able to go on most of the rides we wanted to go on. We even saw the musical performance of Aladdin, which I thought was fantastic! I especially liked the flying carpet. We were on the balcony, so we had a great view of that. We even ran into my cousin and family while we were there. It's a small world afterall... he hee. he.

Upon returning back to our hotel from the park, I became ill. I have this awful respiratory infection or something. I hardly have a voice today and stayed home from work. I feel miserable.

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and a very happy New Year! I haven't made any resolutions yet. I wonder what I should resolve to do or not do?

Also, if you haven't noticed, check out Banana's Food Blog where she posted a recipe for enchiladas!


Jill said...

I'm sorry you're feeling ill. I hope you get feeling better soon. Glad you had a nice Christmas. I haven't made a graham cracker gingerbread house in a long time, maybe I should try that again sometime!

booklogged said...

Sounds like an especially fun Christmas, but it's so sad that you got sick. Hope you're back to better real soon. Love your graham cracker creations.

tearese said...

Nice houses. Those are the type of things that are fun to make, but then you dont know what to do with afterwards and it just ends up in your way for a few weeks. Or maybe thats just me.
Like, Joseph got me some smelly candles for Christmas. It was a nice gesture,and I burned one that week, but now Im annoyed because theyre in the way.
PS for some reason, every time I typed a comma the computer would go into this weird search window and wouldnt type it in my comment! Thus the lack of commas therein.

julie said...

Aaahhh. Making houses. That was fun. We do fun things. I'm so glad we are friends and will be doing lots of fun things together in the future.

Feel better soon!

Cardine said...

Julie - Speaking of fun, here is a hint for you about what I think we should do on Saturday. Can you guess what it is?

Anonymous said...

Cardine, you crack me up: "It's a small world after all!" That's hilarious. :)