Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Tourney Challenge

As of right now I am in 1st place in my group! According to the espn stats, I am in the 94th percentile. It won't last long, though. One of the teams that I picked to be in the finals is already out. Check it out:

I don't feel too badly, though. I don't really follow basketball enough to have a really good idea of who is going to win or whatnot. Besides, strange things happen every year. Some games are absolutely cuckoo. Sometimes it makes me wonder if they're rigged.

1 comment:

warnser said...

ahh yes, I remember that moment,
it was pretty sweet.
All I have to say is at least I can always beat s-jones.
I'm pretty lucky they joined this year!
other than that, I'm pretty much out,
but how 'bout those control piks, I think I have learned a 'valuable' lesson.