Tuesday, June 19, 2007

STT 2007 #2: Laughing Stock

Last weekend I went with Julie, Cassie, Alyson, and “Felicity” to the Off-Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake City. There is a comedy improv group that performs there. They do supposedly hilarious plays. I’ve never seen one, so I can neither confirm nor refute that assertion. However, we did see Laughing Stock, which is a program where they do different improv sketches.

Before I start I must say that I figured out that they gave me the student price. I am not a student. I haven't been a student for a very long time (as my sister recently told someone). So, I feel like I owe the group some more money. If you're reading this, Laughing Stock people, and you want your two dollars, feel free to e-mail me to make the request for that money and put in the subject line "I want my $2." Now, on with the blog.

I thought that Laughing Stock was, for the most part, funny. However, I didn’t like the game where all the players were supposedly the same celebrity (who ended up being Paris Hilton – BLAH). It ended up that the players had to say the same things at the same time. I thought it was a little painful. Okay, it was very painful. They should cut that act from the show. Other than that bit, the show was enjoyable.

One thing that I liked about Laughing Stock was that we could yell out suggestions for topics or whatever they needed for that sketch. Some of the people in the audience were kind of funny, too. I am in favor of crowd participation at comedy shows. I think that it can be a lot more enjoyable for the average person if they are allowed a chance to participate in a non-publicly-humiliating way, like by shouting words from their chairs.

Another cool part of the show was at the end – the players were out in the lobby so we could talk to them! It’s always fun to be able to converse with the performers of whatever show you see. I found the improv people to be mostly nice and liked our conversation. …except for that part where the announcer guy (Eric?) stood in my personal space. That sort of freaked me out because people don’t usually stand so close to me. Actually, it was weird for me to have a male talking to me of his own accord, let alone enter my personal bubble. I don’t even know how or why it happened. We were talking about elevation, and suddenly he was looming in my face and telling me his height. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just stuttered out my height with the voice of a mouse. I need to get out more often. I can't believe I was so shocked. Ah, don't worry; he's married. But, it was still shocking!!!?!?!?!?!

Basically, the show was fun, but I’m not sure I could go week after week, especially if they do that skit with all of them talking at once. It just seemed like it didn’t move quickly enough or something. I think it would be fun to see one of their shows. They sound like they could be really humorous.


tearese said...

I love'Better Off Dead.' I need to own that movie too. Not to get off the subject.

Anonymous said...

"Felicity" sounds like a happy name. :)

I finally understand what STT means. Didn't quite catch on until now!

Cassie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself there. It wasn't there best show, but I really enjoyed talking to them afterward which I have never done before. They really do need to get rid of that sketch. Why didn't I say anything, I was already being rude what would it have mattered.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Hee hee... $2.

When I was in college (which has been a LOOOONG time for me as well!) I had a friend that was in an improv comedy group. We went to their shows every week and they were always different. True, they often played the same 'games', but the audience participation always made it fresh. It was a lot of fun.

And I'm so sick of Paris as well.

Cardine said...

Tearese, "Better Off Dead" is totally on the topic of the blog. :)

Sarah, I guess I forgot to introduce my Summer Theatre Tour 2007 properly. Oops.

Cassie, I didn't think you were rude! Maybe next time?

Jill, yes, I am SO done with P.H.

julie said...

I agree with you and Cassie - why do they insist on performing that skit???? It's the only one that I've seen the three times I attended. Sigh. No one laughs, so why??? I enjoyed talking to the performers afterwards, too. I'd like to see their next play - what was it? Oh yeah, something about CTR? Am I right? Anyone up for a trip when it starts?

Indy said...

I had someone get in my personal space the other day. I was with my room mate and she introduced me to a guy in the bishopric from her old ward. I think it was because he was such a tall guy, but I felt like he was very very close. I wanted to back up, but I didn't want to seem rude. It was a big shock. At the end he gave my arm a friendly greeting squeeze. I wanted to run. He was just a big guy, so I don't think he could help it.

Framed said...

I went last weekend with Cassie and I thought it was funny, except for the same voice skit.

Thanks for clarifying STT. Unlike Sarah, I couldn't figure it out.

Julie, I think the new play is called CTR Man and the Marvelous Work and a Wonderwoman. Could be hilarious unless they all say the same lines in unison.

Framed said...

Who's Paris Hilton??