Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When Old Slides Get Scanned in the Computer

Here is proof that I was a cute baby.
If you look closely at this one, you can sort of see Cash.
Look at those cute sausage-link legs!

I grew taller than my grandma by about age 10.
Lovin' Dub's dress.
Lovin' BJ's plaid pants.

The bonnets are fan-tastic!
I think I'm attempting the sprinkler dance in this one.
Banana is pulling such a banana face.


Cassie said...

Very cute! Those bonnets are awesome and you look so much like your mom.

tearese said...

your mom looks so young! those are fun pictures.

dub said...

I loved that blue polka-dot dress too. I had another one - almost identical - with long sleeves, but I liked the short-sleeved one the most. They were both hand-me-downs from a neighbor. (Yes, even the oldest girl in a family can get hand-me-downs!) I have no memory of these pictures. Thanks for posting them!

Cardine said...

Phew! I wasn't completely sure, dub, if that was actually you. You actually look a lot like cousin Lisa in that photo, so I wasn't completely positive you weren't Lisa.

Feel free to download the pics, dub. But, I'm guessing that we're all going to get a really nice DVD or CDs for Christmas that contain a lot of the photos. I hope, anyway!

julie said...

Love the pictures!!