Monday, January 07, 2008


  • Today I actually shoveled snow outside. We had about a foot of snow last night. One of my neighbors plowed a bit off the sidewalks last night, so there was only about two inches on part of the sidewalk. I got the snowblower working, but only for about five feet. Then it stopped, and apparently I am incapable of starting it twice in one day.
  • Today when I got home from work, the entire driveway and all of the sidewalks were clear. I had only shoveled a shovel-width on the sidewalks so that passers-by didn't have to trudge in the snow. So, to the person or people who cleared off the rest of my driveway/sidewalk, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wasn't looking forward to attempting the rest of it.
  • Today my mobility increased from hobbling to limping. This is an improvement over yesterday where I began the day crawling and hopping. I have, once again, sprained my ankle. I landed on someone's foot during a game at a volleyball tournament on Saturday. This appears to be the worst one yet. Measurement of largest part of right ankle: 10.75 inches. Measurement of same part of left ankle: 9.5 inches. I have 1.25 inches of swelling. It is gross. And the bruises are fantastic. They range from the back of my foot to my toes on the right side, and I even have a beautiful bruise on the left side. My ankle is truly awesome. You know what's even more awesome? The doctor prescribed that I play more volleyball on it! Now that's a prescription I can follow!
  • IF YOU HAVEN'T READ HARRY POTTER 7, THEN YOU SHOULD SKIP THIS ONE. IT CONTAINS SPOILERS. SERIOUSLY. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED. Today for no known reason, I thought about Fred Weasley's death and how George would probably miss him a ton, and I almost shed a tear. Almost. Did you know that I own Harry Potter 7? Did you know that I can count at least five people who have read my copy, and I am not one of them? It's true.
  • Today, speaking of books, I returned a copy of "Freakonomics" to my coworker. Can you believe it? I finally read it! I thought it was really interesting and was reminded of my only crush on a professor from school. It was my Econometrics professor. Ah, the days.
  • Today I came extremely close to making what I consider to be a somewhat major purchase and chickened out. Twice. Currently, I have the courage to make the purchase, but unfortunately or fortunately the hour is too late to make it.
  • Today I accepted my inability to make a decent dish of Pad Thai. I have attempted it quite a few times, but I just can't quite get the noodles to be the correct consistency. It's a pity, too, because I think Pad Thai is tasty. Any suggestions? I'm looking at you, Cash and Horker P Slappy, because when we made it together it turned out just great. What am I doing wrong?
  • Today I got into my pajamas at 8:15 p.m. It's my first time wearing the pajama pants I got for Christmas. They are this lighter purple color (my bruises don't quite match) with silver sparkly stars on them, and I like them. It would perhaps be cooler if they were somehow glow-in-the-dark, but it's perhaps better that they're not. I'd probably scare myself after I turned out the lights!
  • Today I drank soda for breakfast. I don't normally drink soda, but Jarritos Mandarina was calling out to me from the Mexican aisle at the store. And then when I opened the fridge this morning and saw it, I somehow rationalized that Mandarina was, in fact, orange juice. And orange juice is totally acceptable for breakfast.
  • Today I blogged. Aren't you excited?


Cassie said...

My first thought upon reading this was how you justify owning a snow blower when you live in Cedar City, but then I remembered that you guys do get some snow because I have seen it. I used to drink soda for breakfast all the time and there were definitely no oranges involved.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I used to drink soda for breakfast far too frequently when I worked in TV. In fact, I drank caffeinated soda for about every meal and every hour in between because I never slept.

We never owned a snow blower in Cedar, just shovels. When we were in Cedar over the holidays we went to a movie and it snowed while we were there. That's when we realized that we don't have a scraper in the car anymore, but we had several sun shades. Interesting how the essentials change when you move to different areas.

My husband always teases me when I put my pajamas on at 8:00. I only do it about once a month or so, but it's always comforting.

Hope the ankle heals quickly!

tearese said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. Joseph sprained his a while back and is still complaining about it. There are no visible scars on it though, so I should refer him to your post so he 'll be quiet about it!
Ah Fred and George. How sad.
What? What were you going to buy? Huh?

Sean said...

I am jealous that you got to shovel snow!! No, seriously, I loved shoveling snow, and I got to over the break, but it would be nice to be able to do it more often, but that is mostly because we basically NEVER get snow, dang Texas!!

julie said...

I AM happy that you blogged! Yipee!

I don't shovel snow. I admit it. Having brothers spoiled me and I've never really done it, though once I tried last year while living with my mom. A snow blower would certainly up the attraction of snow removal. (Yes, Cassie, we get quite a bit of snow here!)

Drinking soda for breakfast is one of those privileges of being an adult, I guess. We get to eat/drink whatever we want.

Like Tearese, I'm curious as to what you were going to buy!

Looking forward to playing volleyball with you as soon as you feel up to it!

Booklogged said...

I am glad you blogged today! So sorry about your ankle and I hope it gets better soon. Lots of volleyball, huh?

When I was having sleeping problems I quit drinking diet coke in the afternoon/evening and started having it for breakfast. I figure there's lots of people who drink caffeine every morning in their coffee.

compulsive writer said...

I love this post!

Today we had the biggest and fluffiest snowflakes I have ever seen--it was beautiful!

Hope the ankle mends quickly.

Indy said...

Sorry about the bruise and sprained ankle. That doesn't sound like any fun.


Oh! Did you mention volleyball? Remember how much fun we had playing sand volleyball in the MTC? I want to play sand volleyball right now! -Dang snow!


Oh sorry, I got a little carried away thinking about volleyball! -Sorry about your ankle! I hope it gets better soon!