Monday, May 26, 2008

Photo Blog

Hello. Today since I went through my old photos, I decided to take some long-awaited photos for you of things that apply to past blogs or just random stuff around the house that I think are of interest.

This is a photo of my various corduroy pants. I was wearing the cream ones, so I had to stick my leg in the photo.

This is a photo of a cabbage patch doll that my mom made me for Christmas one year. Look at how cute she is! Her name is Amanda Kay, and she is wearing a sailor outfit. She is hip and has red long beads around her neck.

This is a photo of my bass guitar.

My mom has some sort of shrine to all of my married siblings. Their photos are on the wall in frames. It just doesn't look right to have four photos on the wall, which is the number of married siblings that I currently have, so she has a fifth frame that's just waiting for the next marriage. Seriously. This is how it looks currently. It just sits there empty and waiting.

This is the mask that I got at the birthday party that I wore to the masquerade ball.

And this is the dress, gloves, and mask together.

Here are some foods that I enjoy. L to R: Yakiniku sauce (for Japanese stir-fry), yogurt (my favorites are cherry, pina colada, and raspberry), maraschino cherries, Jarritos Mandarina, cocktail sauce (I like it with shrimp, but I already ate all of the shrimp).

My mom finally got the Edison from my grandma's house. It's just been sitting there forever, and now we have it at our house! It's so fun to listen to records on it. It sounds so... so... authentically old.


Cassie said...

Your dress looks really pretty. Our grandma has an old record and radio player as well. I'm not sure where it went though. Fun stuff.

tearese said...

what a fun post. The mask looks way nicer than I was picturing. My grandma had a record player like that at her house too. I like your pants, except I would never wear the pink ones...but thats just me. Your cabbage patch doll looks just like the ones my mom made my sister, my oldest brother and I for Christmas one year. (His was a boy).

julie said...

I really like your dress, too. I'm sure you look great it in. The mask looks a lot cooler than I pictured it, too. My mom made me a cabbage patch doll, too!! Her name was Betty; she had blond pigtails and a green gingham dress. I loved her.

Cardine said...

Cassie - Thanks. I liked wearing the dress.

Tearese - Thanks. The pants are actually red. Something is whacked with the photo color.

Julie - Also thanks. So cool that we all had homemade Cabbage Patch Dolls. I wonder if it was all the rage for Homemaking?

Cash said...

I love that Mom tried to make our dolls look as much like us as possible. Alas, your hair never had quite that much red in it, Cardine. I still look like my doll, although Georgia Sue has been suffering with a dangerous case of dandruff (cotton) ever since we put her in the washing machine.

Remember the sailor outfits Mom made us? Did we have them when she made that outfit for Amanda Kay?

I loved identifying where you shot all those pictures: my old bedspread, your leather jacket, your bathrobe, etc. Very unique.

Have fun on your vacation, Cardine! Think of me slaving away at work when you're strolling through Copenhagen.

julie said...

I hope you're having fun on your trip!!!!

Jess and Dusty said...

Holy Cow! I haven't checked your blog in awhile, so I had lots of reading to do. thanks for all of your random sharing. Way too many corduroy pants girl. :) I haven't seen lots of the lesser known Jane Austen films either. Even though you didn't recommend them, I might check them out.

Indy said...

What fun pictures. I loved the picture of the old record player. Listening to it does sound fun!!

By the way, I am sorry that I forgot to call you before I left town to make arrangments for car pooling. My brother came into town and we all went to Moab. After I got back home, I started to think about things and I realized that I had forgotten to call you to tell you my new plans. : (

Brandon said...

My fiancee said her mom made her a "cabbage patch" doll that looked just like yours. What is up with everyone having a homemade one? I never heard of that before.

Indy said...

My aunt made two cabbage patch dolls for my sisters. They looked just like Cardine's too. Maybe it was a thing in the eighties.

Sarah said...

I've got a blonde one with pig tails, too!

(hmm... Google/Blogger identifies "blonde" as incorrectly spelled - with the red-underline/spell-check thing... and yet, Google and Blogger are "real" words)

compulsive writer said...

That dress and masque are totally cool!