Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Month of Bacon: Some Bacon Images

Well, I'm going to have to kick it in gear. I have quite a number of bacon-filled posts to put up here for November, so you might be able to check everyday this week. Or maybe I'll mass-post on Thanksgiving or something.

Anyway, I have some images here to show you. The first was sent to me by my younger sister, Cash. Cash says: "If you can't eat bacon, wear it! http://inediblejewelry.com/breakfast_charms.html


Awesome. So very awesome. And yeah, it is totally out of stock. And that means it's popular.

Next image:

This photo is from a recent weekend excursion that I took with two friends and a friend's sister to Rosarito, Mexico. What you can see here: that red can is an apple-flavored soda. I really like apple-flavored sodas. I had two of them. And you can also see some of my arms (complete with my perma-scars) and... well, my chest. But please, divert your eyes from staring at my chest and look at the plate. You will see some broccoli and other vegetables. And what is this? Is that shrimp? Why, yes. Yes, it is. And it is no ordinary shrimp. It is shrimp that is stuffed with lobster and cheese and ... ... wait for it ... ... wrapped in bacon. That's right.

Surely there could be no better creation, right? Well, oddly enough, I discovered that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. I didn't really care for them as much as I should have, given the description.

Heh... whatareyougonnadoaboutit?


dub said...

Shrimp and lobster and cheese and bacon together sound really interesting. There's got to be a recipe somewhere that fulfills our expectations of this list of ingredients, although there's nothing yet on Allrecipes.com. Perhaps we can experiment in the kitchen this weekend.

What kind of cheese was used? Could you tell?

tearese said...

You go on weekend excursions to Mexico? you are definitely using this time in your life to the fullest! Lucky.

Cardine said...

dub - Yes, there will be much kitchen experimenting this weekend. Like... with me making the rolls. I hope they turn out okay.

I couldn't really tell about the cheese, no. It just really didn't work that well.

Tearese - I would like the weekend excursions to Mexico to be plural... like, more often, but they haven't been. There are benefits to every phase of life.

Booklogged said...

I was imagining a melting and blending of wonderful flavors in my mouth when you described that shrimp. That's too bad it didn't live up to the imagination.

banana said...

I have a great turkey-bacon wrap recipe. Do you want it?