Thursday, December 11, 2008

Living Alone

I know that I don't actually live alone, but I have been pondering the pros and cons of living alone a little bit lately. And since I did a post on living with one's parents, I thought I should do one about the pros and cons of living alone.

  • When you're sick, you have to make your own chicken noodle soup
  • If the plants are to survive, you are the one responsible
  • It's kind of annoying to cook for one person
  • You have to get the mail everyday
  • Even if you're sick, you still have to shovel your driveway
  • Sometimes it's lonely
  • You are in charge of everything yourself
  • All food offerings of Christmas have to be devoured by you... or regifted
  • When all the Christmas decorations are up at your house, you have nobody to sit and appreciate it with
  • The house is all dark and foreboding when you get home at night
  • You can't use other people as an excuse if you don't want to do something at your house
  • Nobody has dinner waiting for you when you get home
  • There is nobody waiting for you who is excited to see you when you get home
  • There is no automatic social life at home


  • You can blast the radio, play the piano, and otherwise be loud at night without disturbing anyone else
  • You can use the washer and dryer anytime
  • You can pick whatever you want to have to eat for whatever meal
  • If you put something somewhere, it stays there until you move it
  • The thermostat gets set where you want it to be
  • It's easy to be by yourself if you want to be
  • You are in charge of everything yourself
  • No need to worry about cleaning up after anyone else
  • You get to choose what to eat when people give you Christmas food offerings
  • Your friends are more likely to come over
  • You don't need to make time to give sufficient attention to your roommates
  • Ability to sleep where ever you want
  • You get your own bathroom(s)
  • An automatic social life at home

Do you guys have anything to add?


Mellissa said...

On your pro side - I totally agree with the one about things being left where you set them. With three kids and two cats, things very easily "mysteriously" disappear.

On the con side - Shoveling snow and having to take care of yourself when you are sick. I truly hate both of those things. I admit it, I like to be babied when I'm under the weather.

julie said...

I've long been an advocate of living by myself. However, I am really enjoying my roommates. I never have to take out the garbage, only have to put away the dishes some of the time, and get to regularly hang out with people I really like. They are perfect for me because I get a lot of the pros of having a roommate and, since they leave every weekend, I get the pros of living alone. Yay, me!

tearese said...

the first half of the list was really depressing. It made me glad I chose to have roommates in Seattle, instead of looking for my own place. I never would have met anyone!
I must say that I sometimes miss having things stay cleaned up, and things put where they go. But if I had to cook for myself, I'd just have potpies and hotpockets everyday because I'm too lazy. Ask my former Cedar roommates!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I think you hit it right on the head!

I continually consider getting a roommate to offset another con - paying for everything yourself; also lately I've been feeling really lonely.

But, the pros of living alone... are so good! I'm getting spoiled. I'm spoiling myself.

Cash said...

Con: You have to weed the garden and/or flower beds yourself.

Pro: There is always a spot for your car in the garage.

Cardine said...

Well, I think that all of these comments prove that there are pros and cons to both situations of living alone and having roommates.

Cash: YES. Both of those are quite true.

Dana Cheryl said...

You founds a few that I would have missed like the thermostat. lol!

Emily said...

I don't think I would like to live alone. I like to be around people too much. I get lonely when no one else is around. Though not having to clean up anyone elses junk would be a plus, I think for the most part, living alone would not me a good choice for me. Plus, I would probably never meet any new people if I did.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I lived by myself for a couple years after finishing college, I really enjoyed it. Plus it was nice that when the house got dirty, it was just picking up after myself. I get really annoyed finding messes around that my husband has created. However, it is nice to have a built-in friend to watch movies with and another person to cook for.

Now if only he would just have a meal ready for me sometimes...

Cardine said...

Yes, the built-in friend thing is really good. That is definitely one the pro list for having a boyfriend.

Sparkliesunshine said...

I live with my parents right now so I welcome the time when I don't live with them.

As for living with myself....I don't know if I could do it. All of the pro side things I think I could enjoy, but the con things would be very big cons for me.

I think that goes into the whole me not knowing how to just be by myself having been in relationships for so long.

Found you via glossyveneer, btw.

warnser said...

I have often found myself in this situation. Not necessarily all alone, but pretty close. I was the only person in an apartment complex, I don't exactly have typical roommates, and I have had roommated that left town every now and then. I have mixed thoughts about living alone, and I'm sure my perspective is even a little different. I really hated it when I was not "at home." living alone in a place without friends was about pretty uncomfortable/ unbearable. I really hated it.

I have to admit I'm confused by the friends comment. They are more likely to come over? I doubt that Julie having roomates, or you having parents, would stop me from visiting, but if there are multiple people to visit, that's usually where I would think people would go.

also point #11 excuses are lame, why not just tell people the truth, that you don't want to have something at your house.

But on the whole I tend to agree with the list. There are pros and Cons.

Also, though, I think a goodly number of these things can go from one list to the other. Like the thermostat, it doesn't matter if you have roommate's if you are captain of the domain. Sometimes you can pick these things even with roommates.

Yeah I prefer living with people, especially if I have a fair share of input/ control. Ü

Cardine said...

Sparkliesunshine - I recognized your name from glossy. Thanks for stopping by!

warnser - I knew you would have plenty to say on the topic. :)

Wendy said...

I totally love the ability of complete control. ALso having the own bathroom.

I actually have never lived completely alone, so I don't know how that feels. But I imagine it would get really lonely.

julie said...

Warnser, I'm glad you don't let my roommates get in the way of you popping by my house. Oh don't pop by my house. :) I hope you know you'd always be welcome.

I've given this some thought - living alone vs roommates. I really feel like I've been blessed with a good roommate. I'm hoping she stays awhile because I really enjoy getting a rent check AND I enjoy her company (and Jeff's). I'm not sure, though, if I'll get a roommate when she leaves. Could I get this lucky a second time in a row???