Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yes, I Moved

It's funny how you can start the new year with no plans to change much at all. I had just decided to not buy a townhouse in December and was settling on living in my parents' house while they served a mission, but then... well, here I am. I moved last week into a basement apartment with two university-attending gals. In fact, the university is less than a block away. Weird. I don't go there, but I have one of the sweetest locations if I were to attend this school.

Stats with regard to my moving out:

1. I finally get to use that quilt that I made in Young Women.
2. I have a mini-fridge in my room.
3. I broke out the refrigerator conversation magnets.
4. I took out my lava lamp to enjoy its groovy glow, but it didn't actually work!
5. I have set my alarm for 7 pm twice since I've moved here.
6. I scrape every time I leave the driveway.
7. I am okay with bare walls.
8. My sister who moved into the house in my place was very kind to give and loan me lots of stuff, which saved me from a considerable amount of shopping. I appreciate that a lot.
9. My goal is to spend $50 or less on groceries each month. For March and April. Then I'll re-evaluate.
10. My life is not very different now from what it was before I moved.
11. I feel that the hanging bar in my closet is about a foot too high. And I'm tallish! (5'9")
12. My new bed suffices. It can never--nothing can ever replace my former bed, but it suffices.
13. I have too much crap, moving stinks, and family and friends who help are awesome.
14. I miss having a sewing machine available. Not that I used it much, but ... it's nice to have.
15. I totally miss the piano.
16. I should buy a keyboard.
17. No, my old room isn't clean yet.
18. Neither is my bathroom.
19. No, I didn't bring my crazy pajama pants.
20. I might still.
21. I am trying to follow Dub's example by having a dish that is constantly supplied with tasty chocolate candies.
22. The current dish contains Reeses Eggs. They are delicioso!
23. I filled an entire huge box with just my DVDs. I have too many DVDs!
24. Bathroom sinks without drawers should be against code.
25. This place has spiders.
26. I hate spiders.
27. I'm moving out before the Fall.
28. I don't know where I'll go.
29. I'll worry about that later.
30. Thanks for making it this far.


Anonymous said...

1 What was it about your two different beds that caused you not to use it before now?
2 What do you keep inside of it? Do you have a mini-fridge because it came with the apt or because you don't feel like you have enough space in your other fridge? How many roommates do you have?
3 Write a poem for me.
4 How unsettling.
5 Is that because you wanted help waking up from a late afternoon nap, or because you accidentally set the wrong time?
6 Scraping is obnoxious. Good thing it's warming up... oh, do you mean you scrape ice off your car, or... oh, I get it, nevermind. That's obnoxious, too.
7 Is it against apt code to hang anything, or you just choose not to?
8 Banana, right? Very nice of her.
9 I really dislike paying for food.
10 I hope to say the same re: my roommate moving in.
11 Better too tall than too short.
12 I have no response to this.
13 I agree (not about you, but about me).
14 What have you wanted it for so far in your new place?
15 I agree.
16 I love mine.
17 Are you cleaning it completely out... or storing some stuff there... are there people living in that room now? What's the situation?
18 Meh, Clean schmean.
19 Have I ever seen those? Maybe I got used to them and they have ceased to be crazy.
20 I have no response to this one either.
21 That's hard for me... something happens to them... like, they keep melting or something.
22 Hmm, I don't believe you. You better send me one so I can be sure.
23 Burdensome, yet fun.
24 I agree. And they should be a certain size. Mine are on the small side.
25 Yikes.
26 Why?
27 Why? Are your roommates moving then, or is the place too infest with spiders?
28 Wanna move to Logan? I think that I'll have a spot for a roommate in Aug.
29 Good idea. Sometimes I forget to live in the present, due to my consuming thoughts for the future.
30 Same here.

Cash said...

Reese's eggs? Gross. May I suggest Swedish fish? Or if you're hooked on Reese's, you could always go with Reese's Pieces.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Your mention of Reese's Eggs reminded me that it's Easter time and I should go buy some of those for my hubby... he loves them. Of course, maybe I should buy them for him later on... I bought him 2 boxes of Candy Cane Joe-Joe's for Valentine's because it was the last of the christmas merchandise at Trader Joe's. (Terrible, huh? Christmas clearance for Valentine's.)

Anyway, I saw that you moved when you mentioned it in your Facebook status. Are the roommates a lot younger than you? I think it's kind of cool that you did this rather spontaneously, keeps life interesting!

KieraAnne said...

We just moved last week as well. I agree moving stinks...we have way more dvds/vhs' than that...way too much.

dub said...

Moving is inconvenient, but it's usually so worth it. I hope you enjoy your new digs.

I think the candy dish works best when it's wrapped candy. Sorry, Cash, but I think Swedish fish will get nasty sitting in a dish. Why don't you like Reese's eggs? I'm salivating right now as I type the words.

I'm excited to come visit you somewhere different, Cardine!

Cash said...

Dub, I can see how individually-wrapped candy is superior. But I don't like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or its other forms (eggs, etc.) except Reese's Pieces. The taste is different and weird and the texture of the whole thing gives me the willies. It's not even a love/hate relationship like the one I have with both black licorice jelly beans and black licorice gum drops. (Licorice itself -- black, red, vines, Nibs, apple-flavored pull'n'peel, all of it -- makes me nauseated just by smelling it.) I just don't like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and its offshoots. But doesn't everybody have a candy that they flat-out don't like? Dub? Cardine? Anybody? What about you? Aren't either of you a closeted Lemonhead hater or something?
(I like Lemonheads, myself.)

banana said...

I can not stand Bit-O-Honey.

Dana Cheryl said...

I'm so glad that you blog. Otherwise I'd have no idea what going on in the world.

I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. I love those Reeses things you've got out. Too bad I can't come and visit for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate Three Musketeers.


Cardine said...

Sarah - I may have to call you to respond to what you have written! Thanks for the comment!

cash - Really, yes. You know how I like Reese's of any sort. I agree with banana. Bit o' Honeys are gross. I also don't like Big Hunk or Payday. Or black licorice. Or Twizzlers, really. Or those Halloween orange and black wrappered candies. There could be more.

Jill - I think that Easter has some of the best candy. With Cadbury Mini Eggs alone. Buy your husband some of those.

Kiera - Yeah, I know a lot of people who moved around the same time. I guess you notice when you move yourself.

Dub - I agree. Swedish Fish wouldn't be that great in the dish.

Dana - I think I'll come visit you tomorrow...

Flaur - I thought I remembered that about you!

Tino said...

The only things I don't like are Dubble Bubble chewing gum and standard red Twizzlers.

Cardine said...

Twizzulers is NOT the taste.

julie said...

I'm glad you got moved in. I would love to come visit, when you have a moment. I know you're crazy busy!

I love Reese's, too. And, I love the Halloween orange and black wrapped candy! Mmm. I'm not sure I dislike any candy. I'll think it over.

Sarah, I loved your comment! Very funny. Especially #6. I laughed out loud. :)

tearese said...

Our sink in our last apt had no where to put anything, no cupboards, etc. this one has a little more space. And two sinks!
I hang things on the walls first thing when I move. I think people think I hang to much stuff on the walls. Sometimes I think so too, but its an obsession.
I love those eggs. Mmmm.
I'm trying to guess where you live, since I'm somewhat familiar with the area.

Jess and Dusty said...

You could eventually come live in our basement apartment. That is, if you can stand living underneath us. Yes, we have a little boy who occasionally jumps off of the furniture and throws tantrums. But it's open in May! :) You could even lay out in our backyard.