Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Strangest Dreams

I am a dreamer. I have always been able to imagine stories in my head both when I'm awake and when I am in deep slumber. In the days when I used to have trouble sleeping when I was younger, I would try to lull myself to sleep imagining some ongoing stories with myself as the protagonist. I would think about my next visit to Disneyland or perhaps living in another era. Perhaps I was a pirate or living in the 1800s. Sometimes I used to insert myself into a movie and then the movie plot would change because I was there.

But anyway, I typically will have strange dreams when I'm actually sleeping and not be able to remember them about an hour after I wake up. It's a pity, too, because some of my dreams are sooooo zany and probably pretty hilarious. Or at least I think that they are when I wake up.

For example, I woke up today, and I had had this really intense dream about mayonnaise. Seriously. I can't remember exactly the details, but the center character in the dream was mayonnaise. Why I dreamed about mayonnaise? I'm not sure. I did have some with my tuna for lunch today. I also recently heard or saw a really weird commercial that was about Miracle Whip calling mayonnaise boring or something. I didn't really pay attention to it and a 30 second trip to YouTube yielded no results, so I'm not entirely sure what it entailed. I can't imagine that it would have forced me to dream about mayonnaise's creamy, fatty goodness.

Anyway, what I want to know is:

1 - Do you prefer mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, either, or neither?
2 - Do you dream?
3 - Do you remember your dreams?
4 - What is a really weird dream that you've had?


Mellissa said...

1. I prefer mayonnaise, but I'll eat Miracle Whip in a pinch.
2. I do dream.
3. Yes, I usually remember them, they're frequently strange, and I tend to shout, laugh, and/or cry and wake myself up from them.
4. I had a dream that aliens were bombing Wal-Mart and I was trying to get out of the store with my two gallons of milk. Everyone was running around screaming, and there were no cashiers so I just ran for it without paying. I didn't care about the aliens, I just knew my kids needed milk. Apparently the managers were more concerned with my shoplifting than with the aliens because they started chasing me.

My mom has nutty dreams, too. I think it's hereditary.

Graves Family said...

1. I prefer Miracle Whip because I grew up on it. My husband prefers mayo because that is what he grew up on, so I have eaten a lot more mayo since we got married.
2. I do dream.
3. I use to remember them when I was younger, but I think I'm too tired to remember them any more.
4. I can't think of any right now. If I do, I'll get back on and post.

KieraAnne said...

1. I prefer Miracle Whip although we've called it mayonnaise forever which has created some confusion in the past. Luckily Patrick also likes MW so we don't have to buy two different kinds.
2. Yes I dream..even more vividly when I'm pregnant.
3. Sometimes I remember them, sometimes I don't...usually within the first hour of waking up is the best time to remember.
4. I can't remember any 'crazy' dreams at the moment...I've been up too long. ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Either (Miracle Whip is higher on the list than mayonnaise).

2. Yes.

3. Only about as long as you indicated.

4. Like I said, they easily leave my head. Sometimes I can remember dreams if I tell people about them, but then I only have the memory of the telling and not the actually dream.

I have had a couple dreams that were pretty personal (I would tell you, but not ALL your readers) that I felt like were answers to a problem in my life. That was pretty cool.

I tend to have recurring dreams with elevators. It's never the same elevator as far as I can tell. Once there was an elevator that opened in a swimming pool. That dream actually had a deeper meaning for me too. I like finding meaning in my dreams.

I just did a search for dream interpretation and discovered: "Mayonnaise-To see or eat mayonnaise in your dream, represents disappointment in your waking life. It also indicates the occurrence of insults and disrespect in some situation or relationship."

So, there you have it... does it seem like it fits? I really hope in this case it's false.

dub said...

1. Mayo.
2. Yes, I dream, but only sometimes. It depends what's going on in my life and what I ate before I went to bed.
3. Usually my memories of my dreams are gone within a few minutes of waking up.
4. I occasionally have hallucinations about really large spiders in my bedroom when I'm almost asleep. Does that count as a weird dream?

tearese said...

1. miracle whip,but JOseph likes mayo so we have both.
2. YEs or you'd go crazy, I saw it on Star Trek and Star Trek next generation so it must be true.
3. Not very often anymore. When I was in HS and college, I used to keep a dream journal and remembered great detail, I don't at all anymore.
4.I used to always have end of the world dreams where one could see all the planets really close in the sky above the earth, and sometimes a black hole. This year I saw the season four finale of Dr Who and it looked JUST LIKE the dream I used to have. It was freaky.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

1. Ick.. neither.

2. I suppose I do dream as I've been told that I talk in my sleep at times.

3. Nope, don't remember dreams most of the time.

4. I know I had a dream as a little kid that the Incredible Hulk showed up in my room. All he did was stand in the corner and it scared me, so I woke up. But it's still a pretty vivid memory.

julie said...

1. Depends. Mayo for tuna sandwiches, Miracle Whip for sandwiches made from leftover turkey (not the deli sliced turkey). On any thing else, I can go either way.

2. Yes I dream. In color.

3. Yes I usually remember my dreams. Sometimes all day, sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes I'll forget I had a dream until I'm doing something and out of the blue I remember it.

4. Sorry. Am brain dead today and can't think of any really weird dreams. I know I've had some doozies recently but none come to mind.

Cash said...

I feel like the top half of the allergy poll was made specifically for me, Cardine. And I don't care whether it's mayonnaise or Miracle Whip as long as there are no globs. Globs of mayo to me are like egg gogglies to you.

banana said...

1. Don't eat either mayo or M.W.
2. Yes, I dream.
3. I can remember them, sometimes.
4. Since I was in grade school, I've had a reoccurring dream about saving you, Cardine, from the bullies around us. I had it every few months when I was little, and now I have it every five years or so. It always comes with a throb in my head. Sometimes there is a man-hole involved and sometimes our old dresser drawers fall into the man-hole.

Cardine said...

I love that you guys actually answered the questions.

Mellissa - That is a fantastic dream. I actually did see them chase someone who was shoplifting across the parking lot once. But there were no aliens.

Graves Family - I put one of the allergy options on the poll for your benefit. Can you guess which one?

Kiera - That's cool that dreams get more vivid during pregnancy. Maybe someday I'll get to experience that.

Sarah - Yeah... it actually did fit. But it's okay. That's life. Cool elevator that opens into the swimming pool!

Dub - Yes. Huge spider hallucinations totally count. I have a problem with feeling phantom spiders crawling on me.

Tearese - I love that you brought up Star Trek. It's just awesome.

Jill - The earliest nightmare that I can remember was of the Incredible Hulk! It was so scary, and he was chasing after our van. I remember waking up from it and making my mom sleep in my bed with me because I was so scared of it.

Julie - Do people often not dream in color?

Cash - Ew. Gogglies. *shudder* I admit that I just started typing out allergies that I know people have. What better place to start than with your own family?

Banana - I have never heard about this recurring dream before! And I'm in it! You must tell me more!

Also, I used to have this one recurring nightmare. It was about the end of the world. I hated it because in it, I was actually a cowgirl, and it was a Sunday, and I was at a bowling alley with my illegitimate child drinking beer. Then wham! End of the world. The illegitimate child wasn't drinking beer. I was. The child was an infant.

Graves Family said...

Cardine- Would that be dogs because of my allergy to my new puppy?

Cardine said...

No, but I'm sorry you have allergies to your new puppy. It was actually ice cream. Sometimes people have allergies to ice cream that make it so they can't hear. :) :) :)

B said...

Mayonnaise. Miracle whip makes me gag. One time I went to the beach with my cousins and my aunt made turkey sandwiches for lunch. I was so hungry and took a big bite and almost threw up. I asked her if that was mayo and she said it was miracle whip. I had never had miracle whip before and I never will again.
I dream and can usually remember if I do. Days that I don't remember a dream I will just assume I didn't dream, whether that's correct or not. When I was a child I had the same nightmare that ended in me crashing a car into our house whenever we watched the Wizard of Oz. I even watched it years after like when I was starting to become a teenager and had the dream again. The next morning I thought the dream was familiar and then I remembered whey. I still refuse to watch it for fear of having the same dream.