Monday, December 07, 2009

Because I'm A Slob Sometimes

You know what should become more popular and socially acceptable? Wearing aprons or bibs when you eat. I mean, I never want to get stuff on my clothes, and just a napkin on the lap somehow does not suffice. Especially when I'm eating angel hair pasta with tomato-based sauce. That's like death to my clothes. Delicious, saucy death.

And also, did you know that I think that aprons are kind of cute? Even the really ugly ones? Truly, I do.

So, what is your secret or not-so-secret pining and hope that you'll happily receive as a present for Christmas this year? Mine is either a blender, a toaster, or a hand mixer. I think there's a good chance I'll get one of those because I hinted around about it to the person in my family who has my name this year. I never thought I'd be so excited about small appliances.

Or is there a secret pining that you have about wanting to give someone something? Most of what I wish I could give is either too expensive or ... well, intangible for me to give. I guess I could just pray for these people to be able to have these gifts.

Does anyone else just feel happy about life lately and especially about Christmas? Anyone? Me! I do! I guess I am very aware of a lot of my blessings this year, and especially relating to other people. I am very fortunate to be associated with tons of cool people, and that's rad. Yes, rad.

Also, please enjoy the Christmas-themed stuff on my sidebar if you are that kind of person.

Sincerely, Cardine

p.s. I am doing the movie post again this year, but it could be late. Please be patient.


DaveandRuth said...

You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

My secret pining is to receive Harry Potter 6 & 7 on CD by Jim Dale. Super entertaining.

And world peace.

Jess and Dusty said...

I am so excited for Christmas this year too! I don't know what it is..... but I'm having a blast. I too love aprons. I feel there are so many cute ones out there. Maybe you should start a new trend.

tearese said...

fact: we all wear aprons when we eat meals together, not just the kids. And I always spill.
I want a Doctor Who T-shirt because Thain and Joseph already have one. Good thing,because its the only present I'm getting from Joseph as far as I know.

Miranda said...

I am also very excited, not just because of the approaching nuptials, but because I found out that it is just going to be my sis and I at my mom's on Christmas morning, no kids. This will be my first Christmas--except during my mission--without children present, and I am secretly really excited for a calm Christmas morning. :)
Does that make me a bad aunt? Maybe. But I'm ok with that.
Thanks for being one of the most RAD people in my life.

Cash said...

I'm giving a family member a blender for Christmas, Cardine, but it isn't you!

Cardine said...

Ruth - Thanks!

Sarah - I hope that you receive all of that.

Jess - I think aprons are already somewhat of a trend. My problem is that I wear the ones that would be considered non-cute. But I like them.

tearese - I almost always wear an apron, too. And it gets nasty after even a week. I've thought of starting to watch Dr. Who. I'll tell you when I do.

Miranda - I am excited for you to be married soon, too. Thank YOU for being one of my cool associations.

Cash - Our family member is lucky, then.

julie said...

I was feeling very upbeat about Christmas until just barely. Then it hit me...all the things I need to do and I only have 2 weeks to do it! Really, I just need one or two free evenings to be able to accomplish everything - the problem is finding one or two free evenings! :)

Actually, this year has been really good, Christmas spirit-wise. I'm finally letting a lot of things go that usually get me frustrated this time of year. Woohoo!

And, I love aprons, too. All sorts.

And, I also get excited about small appliances. I hope you get some!

banana said...

A friend of mine just got a brand new bosch mixer for Christmas from her friend who just had an extra one sitting around the house. I wish I had a friend like that.

P.S. I found that book I was calling you about. Thanks for the great suggestion!

Anonymous said...

hello. i was randomly googling my name when i was bored and your blog came up first! we have the same name, its pretty unusual...i was wondering how u got yours?! mine was a happy mistaken coupling of th o and l in caroline. :-)
oh and in regards to the xmas sister has just moved out so any small kitchens appliances i see i will be buying for her!
cardine, uk

Cardine said...

Julie - I hope I get some, too! (Hee hee hee...j/k)

banana - I wish I were a friend like that. :)

cardine, uk - Thanks for googling your name and stopping by! It seems we have a lot in common, such as our names and including that I will be in your country sometime this week!

I'm sure your sister will enjoy the small appliances. It's nice of you to get some for her. Have a merry Christmas!