Friday, June 11, 2010

Bond Coolest Gadgets and Lairs

Alright. This is the last one. I know. It's sad. But, I think it's hilarious. Sorry I didn't find the photos for the rest of them. I guess I'm too lazy about it. If I had the movies, that would be another story. Thanks, again, Cash and Tino. Enjoyable! Also, I have added some movies to my Netflix queue.

Coolest Gadgets

1. Poisoned knife in the shoe used by Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love

2. Flying jetpack as used by Bond in Thunderball

3. Underwater car used by Bond and Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me

4. Pipeline chute used to smuggle a defecting Russian outside the Iron Curtain in The Living Daylights

5. Little Nellie aka a mini-helicopter with ammunition that fits in a briefcase in You Only Live Twice

6. Elevator that shoots you into shark tank as demonstrated by Bond and Stromberg in Atlantis in The Spy Who Loved Me

7. The ghettoblaster as demonstrated in Q's laboratory in The Living Daylights

8. Milk bottle bombs used by Necros in The Living Daylights

9. Dr. No's fire-breathing tank that looks like a dragon in Dr. No

10. Dr. Kananga's trick coffins in Live and Let Die

11. Razor butterflies used by May Day in A View to a Kill

13. Q's walkie-talkie broom in Licence to Kill

14. A miniature motorboat disguised as a crocodile used by Bond to get to Octopussy's lair in Octopussy

Coolest lairs

1. Blofeld's volcano lair with trapdoor piranha pond in You Only Live Twice

2. Karl Stromberg's underwater lair Atlantis in The Spy Who Loved Me, including a getaway hatch stocked with caviar and champagne

3. The 45-degree-angled sunken ship used as MI6's Hong Kong headquarters in The Man with the Golden Gun

4. Scaramanga's island funhouse in The Man with the Golden Gun

5. Octopussy's Greek- and Indian-inspired island of beautiful women in Octopussy

6. Sanchez's cocaine factory/Aztec-inspired meditation camp in Licence to Kill

7. London's closed/condemned underground now used as Q's storage unit in Die Another Day

8. Goldfinger's country house that has a dungeon and furniture that revolves to reveal Operation Grand Slam in Goldfinger

9. Alec Trevelyan's underwater lair and immersed giant satellite in GoldenEye

10. Blofeld's cloning facility in Diamonds are Forever


Ram said...

nice.. :)

Annie Monie said...

Now, as the book "LASER: Light of a million uses" rightly points out, the uses of a LASER light source are plenty, but what are you buying it for? You might have seen professors dangling a pen during presentations and using it to point at screens. Well, that's the simplest form of a LASER light and it is commonly used as a pointing device at slide shows and presentations.

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