Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carne Asada Bike Racks

Life is enjoyable. I really treated myself well this summer. Well, I may have spoiled myself a little too much, but I think that everyone should do that every so often. Probably the only thing that I felt lacked a little bit in my life this summer was hiking and time in water, whether it were a beach, lake, or swimming pool. I didn't do nearly as much hiking as I would have liked. I suppose that's what happens when you have a job (I appreciate that I have one).

One recent addition to my house is this:

That's right. A bike rack. I solved the problem of where to put my bike by buying a rack and a cover. That way I can put it on my back porch and cover it so it's not in the weather. It's not as good as a garage, but it'll do for now. Also, I put it together all by myself and am proud of it.

The very same day I made the following:

That's right. Carne asada fries. Do you love them? I do. If you've never tried them, you must. You just pile on a plate the following ingredients:

French fries (I got frozen ones and baked them. Shoestrings are the best.)
Seasoned steak bites (I just cut up whatever cheapo steak-like meat I find, add salt and pepper and cook it on the stove top.)
Grated cheddar cheese
Pico de gallo (I don't care for cilantro, so I just put tomatoes and onions on there.)
Mexican cream (Or if you're me and only have sour cream in your fridge, sour cream.)
Your favorite liquidy salsa (I prefer Herdez Salsa Verde in a bottle, medium.)
Lime (Or if you have no lime in your fridge like me, lemon.)

Seriously, just pile on the ingredients to your taste, and you'll really enjoy this. They're like nachos but not. I like to mix it together to get the blended taste.

The whole family can enjoy it! It's a party in your mouth and everyone's invited! Etc. Just try them. For me.

And also, I hope you've enjoyed the summer and have had at least a few relaxing times. Did you build anything like a bike rack? Make a favorite recipe? What did you do?


Lisa D said...

I have to laugh that you aren't a cilantro fan either. I think our time in Texas must have ruined it...I prefer no cilantro but love your creation!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love Carne Asada fries! I'm glad you're still making them.


julie said...

I have never had carne asada fries but they sound and look delicious! Will they have them at Red Iguana?? :)

Cardine said...

No, Julie. They won't. But they do have them at Alberto's/Alvaro's/Roberto's etc. Also, the enchiladas at Red Iguana are divine.

Lisa - The fries are no diet Coke/Flamin' Cheetos/sopa fideo.

Flaur - Make them tonight. Or your homemade apple pie. Mmmm... apple pie.

Anonymous said...

Did I build anything like a bike rack?... I don't think so. But the other night I tried to fix my door bell... and now it's a bit worse.

Make I a favorite recipe? Yes. I made this gooey, sugery, fattening thing that I call Clue Cookies. I can never stop eating them when I make them.

I also made some pesto from a mix I brought back from Italy. It has pinenuts in it and it was good!

Anonymous said...

What sort of sentence structure was that...? Make I a favorite recipe? Ha!

warnser said...

mmm, nice pics. And now...
I am hungry.