Monday, November 15, 2010

This Is Our Cousin Barny

Well, since it's the week of another Harry Potter movie opening, I thought I'd make my list of the order in which I like the Harry Potter BOOKS. So, enjoy. And please share yours in the comments if you want!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I know this isn't the most popular book to like, but I was always a huge fan of Lupin in the books. I also really liked the introduction of the dementors. Probably my favorite part of this book was when Harry and Hermione use the time turner. I thought the plot was great and overall really interesting.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Really, the relationship antics in this book were hilarious. I felt like this was a meatier book than the previous ones. The plot got deeper and more complex, and this was the book where I felt like we were really getting to the climax of the series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This book almost had too much in it. I inhaled it in the 10 hours after its purchase, but mostly that's because I was so worried about having someone spoil the book for me. I didn't want to be around people until I had read it. Frankly, the camping part was hard to get through. But, really, it was awesome. I would say that this was the most adventurous and action-packed of all the books. There were a lot of sad parts in this book, but it was still good.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This book used to not be my favorite, but I think that since Tom Riddle became a bigger part of the story in book 6 and 7, I appreciate it a lot more. I also was annoyed by Dobby when I first read the books, but now I can handle him. I guess Hermione's SPEW group really changed my perspective about house elves. :)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

There's no debate about this. In this book Harry is angsty, angry, and whiny. I know that it's because he's channeling Voldemort, but really, it's borderline unbearable. The most recent time I read the book, however, I didn't think it was nearly as angsty/whiny as I previously had.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

This book probably should be higher on the list because it was the book that got me hooked in the first place! But, I also rarely feel like reading this book over again. I think it's because so much of the book is character development and the setting up of the wizard/muggle world. It's interesting, but not as action-packed. Still good, though. Really. And the innocence of it all is precious and something the latter books might lack.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

First, let me just say that this is still a good book. The whole Barty Crouch Jr. thing was pretty clever. But, it was so... out there that all of a sudden there's this Tri-Wizard Tournament thing. It reeked of hokeyness and maybe a little randomness to me. Still, though, it brought us some interesting side-stories, like with Rita Skeeter and Viktor Krum.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my list. Did you read the books? Which ones do you like best? Are you seeing the movie that's coming out this week?


Mellissa said...

I have read the books several time. The series is definitely a favorite. My favorite is also Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and my least favorite is also Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I also enjoy Lupin's character. And it drove me so so crazy in book four when Ron and Harry weren't talking to each other. I also agree that in book five Harry was angry and full of angst because of his channelling Voldemort, I also think he was probably hormonal, because what 15 year old boy isn't? ;)

I can't wait to see the movie, but we'll wait until the craziness dies down.

Anonymous said...

Yea for Harry Potter! :D

What a wonderful story! I guess that's all I have to say.

Oh, except I'll say that I don't have plans to see the movie. I'll probably see it. And it may even be while it's still in the theatre, but it'll just have to be a spur of the moment thing, because I'm not planning to go to it. I'm annoyed that they are splitting it into 2 films. I'm sure I'll appreciate the length, though - I do like a good long movie.

ps I just saw the new BBC Emma and enjoyed it. Didn't you do a post about these new Jane Austen films? I also saw Sense & Sensibility recently, and preferred it over the Emma Thompson one, although I really like Emma Thompson as an actress. I also saw Persuasion, but I still prefer the Ciaran Hinds one. Okay, sorry about that little Jane Austen tangent.

Nilla said...

I'd have to re-read the books cause I don't remember much... My sister did a post on this same sort of thing, you should check it out.

cash said...

Get out of here, Cardine. No way is book 4 the worst. Try again.

Cardine said...

Yes way. I have never really loved that one. What's your order?

Miranda said...

I am with Cash. No WAY 4 deserves the last ranking. 5 is just short of unreadable. Here is the correct order:
1 Half Blood
2 Hallows
3 Azkaban
4 Goblet
5 Chamber
6 Stone
7 Phoenix
No arguments.

Emily said...

I already told you what I think but here it is again.
1. Prisoner of azkaban
2. Half blood prince
3. Deathly hallows
4. Goblet of fire
5. Chamber of secrets
6. Sorcerer stone
7. the dreaded order of the phoenix
They probably change a little depending on my mood except order of the Phoenix. That book will always be last. :)

tearese said...

I am re-reading them right now. I read them the first time starting in 2001, and read them with Joseph starting in the last few I read with him, and I'm anxious to read them on my own and see all the stuff I missed. I feel like my memory of the books is fused with the movies, so its been interesting to see the stuff I forgot, and frankly, some stuff the movie made more interesting.
I agree the first book was a little slow..its a nice introduction, but not very complex in plot.
Azkaban is my favorite of the movies, so the book must follow in that position.
I remember the final book being hard to pay attention to, (Mostly because a lot of it was being read TO me, and thats hard with any book.) I hope its better when I reread it on my own. I remember being disappointed that Hogwarts wasn't in the book much at all, because the school itself is a big part of what makes the story enjoyable.
We hope to see the show on our anniversary in December, but we'll see if any theaters out here still have it then. If, not we'll sadly have to wait till Netflix gets it. Boo.
PS I just watched Robinhood Prince of Theives on TV yesterday, and I had no recollection that the bad prince was played by Snape.