Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Inspired By Coldplay

There is something really mesmerizing about Christmas lights. The LED ones tend to kind of bother my eyes. I don't really like looking at them. The classic ones, however, are really pretty. I can easily sit around in the dark with only those Christmas lights on and just stare at them. Do you do the same thing?

My neighbors had two Christmas trees and gave me one of them. I got it late one night and was having a get-together the next day and wanted to decorate it. Since I wasn't going to go to the store, I just scrounged around my house to find decorations. I had two strands of white lights, two bolts of white and silver ribbon, some olive wood ornaments which I hung with scraps of small ribbon. I only had enough ribbon for eight of them. I had four ornaments that had been gifted to me during various Christmas seasons, a random starry piece of string, some reused gold and white ribbon (for the star), and a red ribbon.

I was also given 12 rolls of green and red paper that have Christmas stories on them. I chose to stick those in the tree. I also got the excess silver material from a dress I just altered and wrapped it around the base for the skirt.

The result? Well, it looks like I threw it together, which I did. But the interesting thing is that I don't care, as long as I have those white lights on the tree. Enough white lights can make the tree appear beautiful, almost no matter what else is on it. And when I leave my blinds open, it looks great from the parking lot.

So basically, lights are awesome. I love them. Come sit in the dark and look at the lights with me. You'll love it. And besides, friends can listen to endless love in the dark.


dub said...

Sounds delightful. I'd love to see a picture.

Anonymous said...

I love your poll. :)

And I would enjoy seeing a photo as well. I agree with you about the classic lights... I love Christmas lights. And Christmas trees.

And I think it's fantastic that you threw one together.

julie said...

I agree! I love Christmas lights. My tree is pre-lit with white lights. My decorations are red/white/silver and at night, with just the tree lights on, it really looks silvery and pretty.

For outside Christmas lights, I prefer colorful, though. I don't mind the use of white lights, they are kind of elegant and simple, but I really love a house that has lots of colors, even if they don't use a lot of lights.

I hope I get to see your tree when I'm there this weekend.

sar said...

Its great to me that you just had lights somewhere in your house, although I admit to being very partial to the colored kind myself. I will also admit that I do not have any form of Christmas decoration up myself. I wonder if thats one of the reasons it doesn't feel like it could possibly be Christmas yet.

Cardine said...

You guys are lucky! I have the colored lights outside my house! I don't really know what to do with the outside, so it's just one strand, but it makes me happy enough.

Also, I have the most windy parking lot this side of the creek, so I've already lost some of the beauty to the wind. I think I need to replace two bulbs already.

Laurel said...

Okay, your tree sounds really cool, but your Happy Gilmore quote made my day. Merry Christmas!