Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creepy Betty

The most creepy and foreboding thing is happening. Hotels.com is doing this promotion where they are having people make themselves into Claymation! Ew! Scary! Can you imagine? They are going to have these Claymation commercials and we are all going to be subjected to it! Ugh!

I am so scared that they'll put the commercials online for me to watch while I'm exercising/watching The Price Is Right. I would have to consider not watching The Price Is Right if that happens. I've almost had to quit watching it because of those awful Geico commercials. Especially that woodchuck one. I have to plug my ears and go to the happy place whenever that comes on. I want to chuck wood at the woodchucks to get them to stop.

So anyway, just to be weird and shock you, my blog readers, and perhaps because I may or may not have made a resolution to get over my fear of Claymation/3D/stop-action animation/cross-dressers/people with too much plastic surgery, I have turned myself into Claymation on their site. I put on ears that would make some of my British ancestors proud. I hope you like it. They also have a name generator that give you a vacationy name (they gave mine Betty Relaxson), and they have a sort of Mad Libs. I chose mine to be kind of about a yeti. Of course I would pick a yeti because I like that word. Yeti, yeti, yeti. Oh, and also because it's an abominable snowman. Oh, and also because if I ever see someone wearing an overly furry outfit, I will always think of it as a yeti costume because of the movie "About A Boy."

Oh yeah, right. I was going to show you myself with big ears and whitish-blue lips in Claymation form. Enjoy creepy me!


Miranda said...


Mellissa said...

I don't have the claymation phobia like you do, but seeing you as a claymation person was a little bit weird.

I haven't seen the Geico commercial with the woodchucks. But then again, the only TV I watch is PBS. :)

Jill said...

Claymation is creepy... and the clay version of me is definitely odd. It named me Sami Tanzania. When I was really little we had a dog named Sami.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you for facing (literally) your fears.

tearese said...

what? I love the woodchuck commercial. But not as much as Joseph. He literally stops whatever he's doing when it comes on, waits openmouthed for the farmer to yell at the woodchucks, then bursts out laughing like its the first time he's ever seen it. Its rather annoying, actually.
Though I do hate the Hotels.com commercials. Quite a bit.

Cardine said...

Miranda - Best comment ever!

Mellissa - Have you been watching Downton Abbey? I'm totally into that one on PBS.

Jill - Curiously, I am going to Tanzania this year. I looked yours up. I liked the hair!

Sarah - Thanks!

Tearese - I guess there's no accounting for tastes. At my office, we have disagreed about which is worse: Progressive or Geico commercials.

banana said...

At least they give it a new name so that you don't have to claim it as yourself if you don't want to.

The blue lips are a wonder. Did you add them or was the picture you used tinted blue in the area of your mouth?

Cardine said...

banana - This wasn't the kind of activity that involves uploading a photo of yourself. You create it from various options they have. Pretty much, I had to have big ears because that's all the ear choices they had. They also didn't really have any lip choices for me. I chose these because they were the closest shape, but definitely not the right color. Although, I'm flattered that I did well enough in my likeness that you thought it was from a photo. :)

txflyboy said...

Give the BBC's "Wallace and Grommit" series a try. It's claymation but very well done and witty. There are 3 movies in the collection.