Sunday, March 06, 2011


Being single, it seems like I have a greater opportunity than my married counterparts to be around people who are sick of being single. Because of that, and because I spent a few minutes the other night looking at this website, I want to document the things that I love about being single, and why I don't think my situation is sad at all, and why I think people should stop talking so much about guys or bemoaning their singlehood:

1. When I wake up in the morning and find myself askew all over the bed, it's okay because I haven't stolen any blankets and haven't creeped over into anyone else's space. I can go to sleep and wake up without regard to anyone in my household's schedule.
2. I can eat whatever I want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't have to hear any complaints if I make something someone else doesn't like, and I don't have to be careful about anyone else's dietary needs or desires.
3. I have my own bathroom. Actually, I have three bathrooms to myself, unless I invite people over.
4. All toothbrushes in the house are mine and have not been used by anybody else.
5. I have the financial freedom to do what I want when I want (I don't have to consult with anyone about how to spend and what to spend).
7. I get to hang out with my single friends, and they're so cool and fun!
8. No poopy diapers. I know this isn't just a singlehood thing, but children (poopy diapers) and matrimony are positively correlated.
9. I can watch what I want on tv and have control of the remote.
10. The only nerdy and terrible movies on my Netflix queue are ones that I put there.
11. I can be as clean as I want and as slobby as I want at my house.
12. I can go a long while without shaving without anyone really being any the wiser. I should take advantage of this more often.
13. I can squeeze from the middle of the toothpaste tube, and nobody cares.
14. I can make constellations on my bedroom ceiling because I like them, and nobody makes fun of me for it.
15. I can watch all 50 Disney animated movies for a future blog post without driving anyone crazy, except myself.
16. Everything is where I put it.
17. I don't have to worry emotionally about that particular relationship. There are no fights or drama in my household, and I don't have expectations or have to worry about anyone else's expectations of me.
18. I can play the piano late at night.
19. I rarely wake up at night because there's nothing to wake me up.
20. If I want silence, I get it.
21. Plenty of time to contemplate and ponder (I really like this).
22. My stuff is mine. I don't have to share.
23. I always get the last piece of the cherry pie.
24. I can work for long hours without anyone at my house complaining and without feeling like I'm shirking family responsibilities.
25. People don't ask you to do stuff as much at church. They're just glad you're there.
26. Freedom.

So anyway, I'm enjoying life. I'm sure you are, too, in your situation. So, now my question to you is: what do you like about your situation, whether it be a situation of singlehood, parenthood, marriedhood, engagedhood, widowhood, divorcedhood, retiredhood, or childhood? Tell me, and please, feel free to gloat.


Mellissa said...

Your blog gets an A+ because you used the word "askew." I love that word.

I was going to comment, but then your post sparked my desire to blog this same idea on my blog. Thanks, Cardine. I needed to write again.

I would say that no one in our house uses another family member's toothbrush (ew, that's just foul) but last night Ben was helping Riley get his toothbrush ready, and his mind must have been in a whole other world because he stuck Riley's toothbrush in his mouth and started brushing away. Much laughter followed. :)

dub said...

I'm glad the Bechdel Test inspired you to count your blessings as a single person. It mostly inspires me to be annoyed with Hollywood, but I probably could stand to do more pondering and contemplation like you do.

What do I like about newlywed-hood? I kind of like that we're not really expected to participate in anything else at this point in our lives. Because sometimes it's nice to just stay at home at watch a movie together. Especially if it's a movie with strong female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.

Berty Bell said...

I'm not sure what my "situation" is since I live with my brother. Should I even admit that? ;) I love your netflix comment, but a little weirded out, or maybe worried by your disney movie comment. Love the post - singleness is pretty grand...I will think of it as I sleep in my own bed tonight and always.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post; I enjoy it when people use the internet more to spread good news than to negatively rant.

I also enjoy my single state. I'm very comfortable. So much so that I had to re-evaluate my testimony of marriage this weekend... and discovered... I still believe.

Cardine said...

That toothbrush story is great, Mellissa! I love it!

dub - I find the Bechdel Test to be interesting, but I try not to let it affect my enjoyment of any particular film.

Libby - You may actually enjoy the blog post coming up. Don't be worried.

Sarah - I enjoy ranting, too, but I guess I don't feel like ranting about being single. :)

tearese said...

I love it, and yes it is annoying for people to complain about being single, as well as people complaining about their marriage, though I'm sure I've done both at times.

Cardine said...

Me too, Tearese, except the marriage part. :)

rosann said...

Love your deep thoughts here Cardine!! I must admit one of the things I currently enjoy most about singlehood is that when I don't have time to sort and fold laundry the piles that begin to build from going through it to find clean clothes to wear are in nobody's way, don't get dirty, don't move, etc. So the piles can stay until I've worn everything again, have company or until I'm fed up with them!

warnser said...

Ah singleness. It's definitely not all bad, and I totally agree with some of your points, but I think some of them fit the 'living alone' category better than just the single category, because, I admit I won't play the piano... especially at night because I might disturb someone (and I want to play, or at least pretend to play).

warnser said...

Oh and I like that you asked people to share what they like about their current situation. Very nice.

B said...