Sunday, May 01, 2011

About Me at Thirty-Three

The other day I went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. The fortune in my cookie read "Your future looks bright." Besides reminding me of wearing sunglasses, it kind of caused me to reflect on who I am and what I like. Since I have recently celebrated a birthday, I thought I'd document some things about me, but specifically what my five senses like.


Sometimes I like staring at other people's eyes. The other day I was staring at this lady's eyes and thinking about how cool her eyes were when she remarked that I have great eyes. I was flattered because while I like my brown eyes that have some green and orange streaks, people don't usually tell me that. Hers were blue and sparkling. I hope when I am her age (she was probably 60-something) I still have great eyes like she does.

I like bold colors, red being my favorite. I love the colors of springtime. Blossoms and other early growth can provide some great shades of green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, etc. Springtime reintroduces different color into nature after winter's blue, white, and brown, and I love that.

As far as art goes, I like impressionist-period work, as well as photography of architecture and nature. I also like work done by my friend Tearese because I feel like her use of different colors than I would expect is striking and really emphasizes attributes of her subject.

I also like watching movies. I like a variety of movies, and I appreciate a clever script and a fresh storyline. Occasionally I really like to watch old movies because in some of those movies they spent more time doing nothing. They were slower at getting to the point. A lot of movies these days are just so fast that they forget to really tell the story. I guess I like the variety.


I like live music and concerts. Live music always wins. As one of my friends said tonight, "With live music, you never know what will happen." And that's true. I like to be able to hear people's different interpretations of the same piece.

I am still participating in a hand bell choir, which I really enjoy. I have always thought that bells and chimes were beautiful. When I was little, I also thought that the harp was really beautiful and wanted to learn it. I consider hand bells to be up there in beautiful sounds with harp music. I enjoy that I've learned how to play the piano, violin, and bass guitar, and I hope to learn more instruments in the future. Music is awesome. Go make some music.

I wore earrings the other day for the first time in at least a few months. I always forget to put earrings in.


Sometimes I bite my lips, and I now have some discoloration on my lips from having bitten off too much of my lip. It's kind of embarrassing.

I endorse electronic toothbrushes. I've been using a Sonicare toothbrush, and I really like it. The first few times I used it I almost couldn't stand it because it tickled so much, but I think I've got the hang of it so it's tolerable now. My teeth do seem like they get much cleaner with that toothbrush. I floss daily. Do you?

As far as food goes, lately I've been enjoying thai food, fresh fruits, tortillas, cheese, salsa, yogurt, citrus flavors, chicken, bacon, basil, fresh mozzarella, salads, sushi, seafood, and pies. Bacon is still my love, but I've been trying to go easy on the bacon for fear of high cholesterol. The most regular cravings I have are for seafood and pies. I regularly crave fruit pie at night.


I've been sick this last week, and I think that I stink when I am sick, especially. I stink other times, too, but even more so when I'm sick.

I like to use nice smelling hand soap. I like Bath and Body Works hand soap, especially the kitchen lemon, country apple, and sweet pea scents. I also like their lip gloss, but the hotcakes flavor makes me want to eat my lips, which as you have already read, is bad.

I like the taste and smell of garlic and onions. I know that's weird.


I like snuggling in my blankets. I like the feeling of it being cold outside but still being warm in a cocoon of soft and nice blankets. I do not own a Snuggie, nor do I think one is necessary. Blankets are all you need.

I decided that I like my feet massaged. This is a breakthrough for me, since I generally think feet are kind of gross. I still haven't decided to like playing footsie, though. I don't want YOUR feet touching me. Gross.

The Sense of Humor (or "sence," if you like):

That joke will never get old.

Recently I've been watching Psych. I think it's really funny. They have a lot of 80s pop culture references and a lot of guest stars from 80s movies, and I think those are delightful.

I don't audibly laugh very much anymore, even if I think something is funny. I don't know what happened to my laughter, but it's really more of a thought inside my head that goes something like this: "That is very humorous and clever!" The end. I can't really explain it. When was the last time you truly heard me laugh out loud?

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about me.


Berty Bell said...

I did enjoy reading about you! All that food I just read about is making me hungry! How come you don't like the smell of bacon- I LOVE THAT SMELL! I also agree with you about the smell of onions and garlics. My sis gives me a hard time, all the time, about smelling like onions and garlics cause I eat them ALL THE TIME. Maybe I should stop eating those veggies, but I can't. :)

Dana Cheryl said...

Love the post! How interesting to sit down and think about those things your senses enjoy. Very cool.

You would enjoy Nashville, I think. There's live music everywhere and contrary to what most folks believe it's not all country. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cardine... I very much enjoyed reading this.

Without saying "me too" about everything you wrote, I'll just say a couple things:

Someone played a harp at a fireside the other night and oh... so beautiful... it was a harp and cello duet actually. Fantastic.

I thought about sending you some cherry cheesecake. But didn't. Sorry. That's sort of like fruit pie, though!

I like the smell of onion and garlic on my hands.

I don't understand your joke about "sence", but I wish I did.

And lastly... I don't know where my laugh went either. But, I hope we both find our laughter. Because there's something healthy about laughing audibly.

Great post. And happy birthday. :)

cash said...

Cardine, I get late-night fruit pie cravings, too! (If I indulged in them, I'd be the size of a house.)

Cardine said...

Libby - I like the smell of bacon, too, it's just not weird. Onions and garlic are, though.

Dana - Yes, live music on the street is always cool. That's one thing that this city lacks. Nashville would be good for that. I have been to Memphis (and Graceland), and I thought that town had some good culture.

Sarah - The joke is merely a reference to a photo of me in our senior yearbook.

cash - I might have a pie crust ready to go tonight. Maybe. It might be on my counter right now. :)

Cardine said...

And Sarah, thanks. Yours is in only a few days!!!

tearese said...

I wish I had come to read this sooner, especially since you mentioned me. Yay! I forget about blogs sometimes these days. It's okay I guess, because people forget about mine too.
I love how this post was put together. It was very insightful, and thought provoking.
I miss having a variety of food to choose from. Our local (40 minute drive)grocery store doesn't even carry bagged spinach. It makes me sad.
Also, the Indian restaurant in the "big city" isn't really authentic Indian food. And the "authentic" Mexican restaurant doesn't carry Horchata.That makes me sad too.
I also like Psych, very much. The writing is clever.

tearese said...

so...after reading the comments...I've noticed that "Sence" thing in the yearbook and your sense of humor. I remember laughing about that as well.