Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Woes of Shopping

I don't really like clothes shopping. It's like I feel like I should be able to walk into just about any store and find something that I like. Unfortunately, my body has too many variables to really make shopping an easy thing: my limbs, my shape, I hate anything at my true waist (it looks terrible), I like to be modest, I believe in comfortable shoes, I don't like any kind of brand visible on my clothing.

You can see how clothes shopping could be a difficult thing for me. I know I'm not the only girl out there who doesn't like or has a hard time shopping, so it's hard to really complain. We are all built so differently, and I'm sure it's really difficult to make clothes to fit all of the body types out there. And it's especially hard since you can't really tell who will like what styles.

Another inherent problem with this situation is that I tend to wear the same clothes all the time. For a long time. If the shirt or pants are still intact and don't have stains, I'll probably still wear them. This mentality is rough when your sisters tease you about a certain shirt monstrosity that you've been wearing for years. I have a skirt that I've been wearing for about ten years now. It's an awesome skirt because it doesn't need to be ironed. I can throw it in a bag, and it will come out looking just fine. I used to wear it with the shirt monstrosity.

Then that creates a problem for when I walk in my closet, look around and hate everything in it. If almost all of my clothes items are old, it's just depressing. Periodically, we all need something new, even if it's just one item.

Because of this problem, I have decided to trick myself. I've done it a few times without really planning it, but I think I'll start planning it. When I have to go shopping, I try to find at least one thing that I like. I usually buy more than one shirt at a time, so it has worked well with shirts. After shopping, I wear the new shirt. I feel like a new, cool person when I have the new shirt on, like my wardrobe is not nearly as pathetic as it really is. And then I wait. I don't pull out the other new shirt until I walk in my closet one day, look around and think to myself, "Ugh, I don't want to wear any of these same old shirts again today. I wish I had something new." And then, viola! I have a new shirt still in the bag! (I keep it in the bag so I can't visibly see it and count it as mine during the routine of picking out something to wear.) And then that helps my mood. I feel new and cool again, only I've used one shopping trip and made two awesome periods of time out of it, instead of expending it all at once!

So, that's what I do to curtail the woes of shopping. Do you think I'm crazy? Or do you do something similar?

Okay, so I was going to be done with this post, but I decided that I want to mention that my dislike of shopping has affected my dating life. It's amazing how guys can be really judgmental about whether a girl does or doesn't like to shop. If the guy likes to shop more than I do, I think to myself, "Yes! He is awesome! Maybe he will go shopping for me and buy me clothes that will magically fit!" But of course, that is not realistic. This is probably more what the guy is thinking, "Wow, this girl has no taste in clothes and wears the same thing all of the time. This will never work if I like shopping more than she does." It probably makes the guy feel more like a girl (or causes him to think I'm really a man) because for some reason we have adopted stereotypes as a society with regard to gender and shopping. And stores tend to reflect that stereotype because, well, have you seen the clothes section for men? There is very little variety there. The styles don't change as much as they do for women, and really, you've got a choice between collared button ups, polos, and tees. Sad. End rant.


dub said...

You didn't actually get rid of that shirt monstrosity, did you? It had so much character. Maybe someday when you have a daugher, you will want to let her use it for dress-up!

tearese said...

I agree it's hard to find clothes that look good. I don't hate shopping itself, I usually don't have money so I don't shop. I don't mind getting clothing if it actually fits me and looks good, but like you I am tall, skinny legs, my feet are somewhat wide for their size...all the other variations that we all experience, that make popular styles not look good.
Speaking of stereotypes, I hate the stereotype that all women like to get clothing and jewelry. Seriously, every Christmas I have to have a long talk with my husband about NOT buying me clothes (which I'd rather pick out myself) or jewelry (which I've never worn much). He just can't get rid of this inane notion that that's what girls want, even though he's known me for eight years and should know better by now! It's so frustrating to me. The end.

Erin Shakespear said...

LOL! Love this post.

Hmmmm, for the most part I love shopping. Well, I love the idea of it. But when it comes down to it, it can be hard to spend money on myself. And I totally get the picky thing, too. I have a hard time finding clothes that I either like, look good on me and/or don't make me feel like I have to pull and tug all day.


But I love how you trick yourself. You are one Awesome Chickadee! And I miss seeing you on a regular basis. :)

julie said...

I like shopping for clothes a million times more than I used to when I weighed 300+ lbs. I may still have odd body variations (caused by lots of loose skin) but it's infinitely easier to find cute clothes now that I'm thinner. Easier equals more enjoyable. That said, I still don't do a lot of shopping. Maybe twice a year I'll go on a mini shopping spree to get a few new items in preparation for the upcoming season. That will keep me going for several months.

I like your way of surprising yourself. I don't do that, but every fall/spring I enjoy pulling out my winter/summer clothes and get the sensation of having a whole new wardrobe to work with. Yay!

julie said...

P.S. I don't remember a shirt monstrosity and I've seen most if not all your clothes (except stuff purchased in the last year). Maybe I just didn't realize it was a monstrosity because you looked good in it!

Cardine said...

Dub - I found the monstrosity in my closet! Future generations will be able to wear it for dress-up!

Julie - You probably wouldn't remember it since it's been about 6 or 7 years since I've worn it!

The changing seasons is a great way to get over old clothes funk!

Tearese - I get you with the jewelry thing, but I do admit that I enjoy a good item of clothing if it fits and is cute! Then I don't have to go shopping!

Erin - I miss seeing you on a regular basis, too! I should stalk you at your writer's group. I can always go for some tiger stripe cake!

Anonymous said...

I like your tactic! I may have to try it sometime.

Yes, I'm thinking it's about time I head on over to the local DI to see what gems I can find.

Short story: I have a yellow dress that I love to wear. I found it at DI a couple years ago (and first wore it as a Halloween costume). It is homemade, which is awesome. But, sadly... it keeps tearing right by the seams. Not the seam itself, but just next to it. So sad....

Mellissa said...

I don't hate shopping altogether, but I do have a hard time finding pants. I have shortish legs, but the short variety are too short and the regular variety are too long. I also have a smallerish and high waist, and rounder rear end, hips, and thighs. In order for my pants to get over said rear end, hips, and thighs, I need them loose enough. Once they get to my waist, there's usually a gaping hole in the back. Oh, well.

Ben and I like shopping equally, so it works out well for us. We like picking things out for the other person, which is good because we both tend to get in our own rut of buying the same styles over and over again. He's actually really good about picking out stuff I would like.

You are amazing that you can leave a new article of clothing in the bag for the next time you're tired of your wardrobe. I couldn't do that.

Dana Cheryl said...

I hate shopping too. I'm glad I'm not the only girl in America that's not a fan. I've found that I have to buy my clothes at higher end retailers like Eddie Bauer, Anthropologie and online retailers like Blue Canoe. Then I still have to get them altered but at least they last for ever. I've had one shirt for 11 years and I still get compliments on it all time. The less shopping I can get by with the better. Please post a picture of the shirt monstrosity.