Sunday, October 07, 2012

Goal List III

Something tells me that I need to revise my goal list because I am just not completing very many of them. I'm just not committed to completing them, I guess, and that tells me that I need to discard some of them and make new ones. Or maybe I should just do some more short term goals.

Here are the goals that I completed since the last time I updated this list:

1. Eat by myself at a restaurant: The other day I thought to myself, "This is ridiculous. I should just complete that goal and go out to eat by myself." It's kind of hard to do because I want to invite people to go with me. Well, I went and got sushi and felt like I should have invited people the whole time I was there. And then I realized that I had already eaten by myself when I was in Japan and Thailand. Oh well. I forget these things.
2. Go on The Price Is Right: Emily, Warnser, and I went down to the show the other day. We had tickets for a different taping, but they basically forced us to go to the Halloween episode, so when you watch, we are way back in the back not wearing costumes. It was fun. I will have to go another time as originally planned with Cash and Tino, and hopefully that time someone can get called on down. It was cool to go on the show for the taping.
3. Go on the entire length of the Canyon Trail in one trip: I did this with one of my friends. I enjoyed it because we always have good conversations, and it made the approximately 7 miles go by pretty quickly. My foot hurt me a lot after that hike, but fortunately, there wasn't anything really wrong with it. I just have small bones in my feet. That's not too surprising to me.
4. Go to Lagoon: I didn't go to the water park portion of the park, but I think I'll have to do that another time. Maybe someday when I have kids I can take them there, and we can go to the water park part of it. I don't feel like it's a high priority for me right now. But, I did actually go to the park and go on a bunch of the rides. It was fun.
5. Write something cool: I wrote a song, entered it in a competition, and didn't win. I like the song, and I am proud of myself for completing it, even though it didn't win. It was a good learning experience. I have another one partially written, but I am not really motivated to finish it right now. I'm not sure it's cool, per se, but I am counting this as completed.

Here are some things I accomplished that weren't necessarily on my official goal list, but they could have been on there, as they were things that I desired to do:

1. Eat octopus: I tried some in the form of sushi when I was eating by myself. I think I need to try it in another form. It wasn't bad, but I am told that it can be so much better, so I'd like to have it in a non-sushi form sometime.
2. Go to Japan and Thailand: I had a layover in Tokyo one time, and since that time, I've felt a longing to go out and check out the country a little bit more. That's one reason I was really happy to go this year. I really enjoyed Japan. I could totally live there sometime. Thailand was cool, too, and were I to go another time, I would probably want to tour the countryside a little more instead of staying in the city the whole time.
3. Hike Havasupai: I have been wanting to do this for some time. Hiking ten miles in and ten miles out was no small feat for me with a pack. I twisted both of my ankles on the trip, but I was able to still make it with just the soreness. I had a rough time with the switchbacks up at the end, though. I guess I should try to be in better shape. Also, it was really cool and beautiful, and I loved it. Maybe I should go again and take the helicopter out next time!
4. Buy a painting I enjoy for my living room: I bought one that I like, and I started adding more decorations to my house. I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm getting there. Decorating a home is like an eternal project.
5. Be in a bell choir: I really enjoyed it. I could probably do it again sometime, but it's just not a priority for me this year. I really think hand bells are beautiful.
6. Grow things in a garden: I have had a few potted plants, and they are growing but not very well. I need to tend to them better, but I forget about them most of the time. I grew tomatoes last year. This year I planted a couple of tomato plants and jalapeno plants. They haven't produced yet. I don't think I get enough sun where I live to sufficiently nourish them. Maybe someday when I have an actual yard it will work out better. I am going to try to grow a peach tree or two now, too. My parents have an awesome peach tree, so I'm hoping to be able to grow something from that and either sell it or plant it myself if I buy a new place at some point.

I can't think of what else I've done, but I'm sure I'm missing stuff! Probably some big ones, too. I have been having fun and enjoying myself with all of the activities I choose, and I hope to continue to do new and exciting things.

Here are the goals remaining.

1. Eat brains
2. Learn how to knit
3. Learn how to crochet
4. Learn how to weave
5. Be able to play all of the hymns well
6. Make the shot in pool where there's four balls that go in different pockets
7. Get above 150 points in bowling (I may have actually done this one; I can't remember)
8. Try on lace-up pants
9. Go on a walk with my sweetie's hand in my back pocket and mine in theirs (I think I'm going to kick this one off)
10. Make out at the 'C'
11. Go to the birthday ball and dance
12. Go latin dancing
13. Go to an NBA game
14. Go to a Monday Night Football game
15. Take a hula class
16. Go surfing
17. Go to all 50 states (I still lack Alaska, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island)
18. Go to Australia
19. Get up and exercise before work for a whole week
20. Go sky diving (still a lesser goal)
21. Go bungee jumping (still a lesser goal)
22. Go to a Red Sox game in Boston
23. Learn how to play all of the primary songs well
24. Figure out the Rubik's Cube - getting close to this, but I'm not quite there.
25. Read all of the Jane Austen canon - I read P&P, S&S, and I'm on MP right now. I am stuck with no motivation. I'd rather read other stuff, I guess.
26. Get a manicure
27. Go to IKEA and eat some Swedish food there
28. Ride in a helicopter for fun
29. Fly (steer) a plane

I just don't feel very passionate about them right now. The ones I feel the most passionate about are the travel ones, and you can only do so many of them in a year, due to time and money. At least I'm like that. Maybe you're richer than me with more time to spare. Somebody needs to light a fire under me because I'm just not very motivated right now. I need to ponder this and figure out what I really want to work on right now and really work on it. I've been working on some things in my house and on making some foods that I've never tried to make before. That has been somewhat interesting. I need to shake things up a little. I think I'll work on that. I think I'll work on shaking things up.


Ruth said...

I am just glad to find out I am not the only one who has not made out at the 'C.' Although it is a goal of mine too.

dub said...

I'd love to join you for Swedish food at IKEA sometime! I've tried a number of their menu items already. It may sound silly, but I feel a connection with our Swedish ancestors whenever I eat there. I also like going to the IKEA food market and checking out their pastries and canned fish. (Caviar! Herring with dill! Salmon pate in a squeeze tube!) You will love it.

julie said...

I love goals! You've accomplished some pretty cool things. Woohoo! I love that you went on The Price is Right. I wish one of you would have been called down - that would have been uber exciting. Maybe next time.

You know what I think? I think it would be cool if you would add "Visit Julie in Ogden" to your next goal list. :) Maybe we could get Joy and Sarah to meet up with us, too!

Someday, I'd love to go to your house and see your decorations. I agree, it's an eternal process and I'm not very good at doing it. We have a few things on our living room walls and several prints that just need to be framed. Yes, I still have that one from our cruise ages ago that still needs to be framed! Plus a few more from my cruise this summer. Sigh. All that to say...I totally understand. :)

I'm glad you're having fun with the activities you choose. You can't get much better than that.

Cardine said...

Ruth - I am surprised you've never done it before! It's a good goal, I think.

dub - I know I will love it. This is why we need to go. I asked Mom if she wanted to go with me last time we were up, but she just laughed and wanted to go shopping & to your house. Ah well.

Julie - Of course that is always on my goal list. I think I will come up sometime in the next couple of months. I just need to look at my schedule and pick a weekend! Honestly, I can see myself coming up a few times before the end of the year. And yeah, I want to see Joy and Sarah, too!

that girl who pretends to suck spaghetti... said...

Love the goal list. I am such a fan of making goals, keeping, and doing them...well that is a goal for me to work on - doing them! Just so you know the eating at IKEA is not all that great. Their swedish meatballs are kind of chewy? But, that's not really the word I want to use....they're different. Good luck on meeting these goals! :)

tearese said...

I like reading about other people's goals, as it reminds me that I should make some too. I love that you've written a song and entered a competition. I used to like writing, and I always won stuff in the REflections contest for writing. I've been thinking of starting up again, but I don't feel motivated because everyone and their mother is writing a book, and I don't want to feel like I have to compete with that. But on a smaller scale, I could do something too.
I love your other goals too. I've been to North Dakota, to the Bismarck Temple. My brother Dain has lived in Japan for three years; he always posts pretty pictures on facebook.
I agree, you've done some pretty cool things!

Lisa said...

Love your goals! When you are up my way I can teach you to crochet (at least how to crochet the edges of blankets and burp clothes) and then we can grab lunch at IKEA...I actually like their meatballs but I prefer them when I cook them :) It would be fun to see you anytime!!!

Anonymous said...

ny time you choose to come back down to Texas, well my part to be more specific, I'd be happy to take you up and let you fly" the plane. As a matter of fact I'd let you take us off, the landing part is a wee bit more tricky but we could work on that as well. So now you have a standing offer when you decide to mark that off the goal list.