Sunday, February 03, 2013


Over the course of my life I've noticed something about myself. I'm not a very passionate person. A lot of people have something that they're really into, be it sports, cooking, art, music, crafts, their occupation, other various hobbies, etc. I'm just not very passionate. In fact, in a lot of ways I'm really fickle. So maybe I enjoy bacon. But guess what? I really don't want to eat bacon all the time. I only want it sometimes. I've noticed that it's hard for people to really anticipate what I like or what I'll think. They expect me to have constant feelings or opinions about a topic, but the fact of the matter is that I just go with how I feel at the time. I reserve the right to change my mind at any minute.

Yeah, I see how this is problematic, but there are also advantages to it. While I'm not very passionate about anything, I find that I am interested in a great many things. I think that I am a good and supportive friend for other people's passions. So maybe I'm not passionate about something, but the likelihood is that I am at least interested enough to support or go along with someone else in their passion. I think that's a good thing. And it's not that I don't know myself. I do know myself. I know that I'm not passionate and that I like variety and that I like to try a great many new things.

So anyway, where I'm going with this is that I was thinking about my travel plans for this year. I have none. I am wide open here. And I'm trying to decide what type of trip I want to take. Here are some options:

1. Go someplace with a lot of history: I had a coworker one time who thought I was stupid for taking trips to Europe. He couldn't comprehend how I could possibly have fun going to old places or museums. Well, I like these types of trips. I think you learn a lot about humanity by visiting different cultures and learning about history. I still have a lot of places to go and people to meet. I think I will always enjoy this type of travel. Also, I usually think when I visit Europe that I could live there. I really could.

2. Go someplace beachy: These trips are pretty popular because you can hang out in the sun, get a tan, play around in the water, and just all around relax. I definitely enjoy the activity aspect and relaxation aspect of these types of trips, and let's face it: I could totally use a tan.

3. Go someplace to see nature: This could be seeing wildlife or seeing something awesome about the face of the earth, as is the case with National Parks, waterfalls, vegetation, and other amazing aspects of the earth. I like to see what the world has to offer. There are so many incredible things all around us, and it's fun to take hikes or walks if necessary to see it.

4. Go where the activity or event is: Sometimes there are concerts or plays that people really want to see. I have wanted to see an opera in the Sydney Opera House, and there are sporting events that I think would be really cool to see in person. There is probably something that you've always wanted to do or see that you can't do or see where you live.

5. Go to amusement parks/major tourist attractions: I find amusement parts to be amusing and enjoy visiting them on occasion. Sometimes people just like to be touristy with other tourists. This can be a real vacation because it can really take you away from reality since the idea of these places is to be unreal and to let you escape.

6. Go someplace for the food: This is totally part of the reason I went to Japan. I love going places and eating their food. It's one of my favorite parts about traveling: trying the food.

I enjoy all of these types of travel, so the question here is: which type of trip would you pick, and why? And are you a passionate person? What are you passionate about?


julie said...

I don't consider myself particularly passionate either. I really like a lot of different things, too, but nothing that I'd devote extreme amounts of time/money/effort into. Food is probably the closest thing to passionate I get. :)

I like your travel ideas and can't wait to see where you choose to go this year. There are so many places to see and so many different types of trips, isn't it exciting?!

Happy travel planning!

KieraAnne said...

I would pick the Europe/somewhere historical option. I think it's always cool to see where things happened in person and there is always more to see even if you've been there before. If you've been to Europe, maybe go to Australia or New Zealand. I would also like to go to Disney World. 'Cuz...hey, Disney World. I wouldn't generally go to a beach destination. It seems kind of pointless to me. But I don't tan and hate sand and getting wet so maybe that influences my opinion. But really what are you going to do there? Sit around? You can do that anywhere...

banana said...

Go to Hawaii. You can get history (pearl harbor), beachy, nature and great food!

Take me with you.

..oh wait- I can't go. Sorry

Sarah P said...

I know your questions was not "Of those options, where should I go?" but I'll answer it anyway... Sydney! I mean, have you been to EVERY continent, yet?

Okay, so answers to the questions you did ask: I would see National Parks and work on my NP Tour goal.

I think I might have passionate spurts every now and then, but I'd have to do some deeper self reflecting to be sure, and frankly, I'm too lazy. ;)

Cardine said...

Maybe being lazy is my passion? Or sleep?

These are very good suggestions. In fact, Australia/New Zealand or Hawaii are pretty high on the list for me.

Cash said...

No, don't go to Hawaii! It's the only place I've been that you haven't. Can't there be one place on Earth with that distinction?!?

In all reality, you should go to Hawaii some time. It's paradisiacal.

tearese said...

now I know why we are friends. I am the same way too! I don't have strong passions about things, though I sometimes get angry when people have too strong of opinions on things. You know, like politics or a prejudice or something. Other people can have whatever opinion they like, but when they get angry about someone with a different opinion, that's the only time I really care about issues. Even though I hate arguing.
You have been so many places I will probably never see; it's awesome that you get to travel so much.
I have no idea where you should go. Maybe think about who you'd want to travel with, and see what kind of places they'd want to go?