Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Abomination

This is a photo I took of the new one as we were driving

We possibly stopped for this one.
I'm not sure.
I've taken a few drive-by's lately.


Cash said...

How sad! I mourn for the fallen marquee. But, really, can you blame them for wanting a new one that can't be scrambled and can be read at night?

Cardine said...

I can't blame them for that, but I hope that they start to use it for something more besides the time, date, and temperature. It's a fantastic tool for advertising sporting events or other school activities. You can have multiple ones blinking at the same time! Hopefully they figure that one out.

banana said...

So, it is true, afterall. Some things have to change, I guess. Here is a recent reminder I had of our good old high school days: I went to a biotech symposium today, and there were teachers from all over the state. Two of my 'peers' from Canyon View came. --Sorensen and Lamb. What a strange perspective to be in the same workshops as some of the faculty from my old high school.