Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Cornucopia of Thoughts

I actually started this exceedingly interesting blog entry about dating, but... well, I didn't like it, so I deleted it. So, instead I thought I would write a cornucopia of thoughts.

Thought #1: I really like oranges. They're delicious. I mean, there are obvously some oranges that are juicier or tastier than others, but basically, I like oranges. In general. Typically. Mmmm... oranges.

Thought #2: Aren't argyle socks great? Overall, I like the argyle pattern. We had this wrapping paper with an argyle pattern, and I really liked it. I would like to own an argyle-patterned skirt sometime. They need to sell some. I also like paisley.

Thought #3: So who really invented spaghetti? I mean, the obvious answer is: the Italians. So... I guess that is the answer, but the question should maybe be, who actually invented the noodle? Was it the Italians or the Chinese? ...or was it someone from elsewhere, but it never caught on in that location and then it caught on in China or Italy?

Thought #4: I enjoy literature written by Shel Silverstein. I am reminded of him because he has this poem called:


Spaghetti, spaghetti, all over the place,
Up to my elbows-up to my face,
Over the carpet and under the chairs,
Into the hammock and wound round the stairs,
Filling the bathtub and covering the desk,
Making the sofa a mad mushy mess.

The party is ruined, I'm terribly worried,
The guests have all left (unless they're all buried).
I told them, "Bring presents." I said, "Throw confetti."
I guess they heard wrong
'Cause they all threw spaghetti!


julie said...

The orchids on the side look awesome! I'm so impressed with all you've learned. Oh, Obi-Wan, please teach me! :)

tearese said...

Hey! remember on your birthday, when I got you this mini-cornucopia from the craft store, and inside I put a package of spaghetti and a pair of argyle socks! That was cool! Everyone was looking at me like I was the biggest weirdo, and they didn't get why you liked it.
I must say, I wish I had time to give creative presents still.
I would also enjoy owning an argyle skirt, about knee length. and matching knee-high socks.
Although, I suppose I should be more selective of my clothing now that I have a daughter to embarass.
My sister said that growing up she was always embarassed by my clothing choices. And here I thought they were the epitome of style. I especially loved the courderoy knickers and vest my mom made me in elementary school...even though they were never in fashion.

Cardine said...

Ding, ding, ding! The connection has been made. Yeah, I remember that. It was a cool present. I really like corduroys. In fact, I am wearing my newest pair right now. They are brown. I really like them. I wish corduroys were like jeans and you could purchase them at almost any time. They should be as common as jeans, in my opinion. That's how great they are.

Indy said...

I love corduroy pants too!!!! Although my favorite pair ripped. I think I will have to always love jeans more because they are more durable.

Cardine said...

Indy, were those the corduroy pants that we BOTH had the same pair from The Gap, and they're camel-colored? Because... I ripped mine that looked like that!

julie said...

Cardine, are those cords the ones you love? Were they on sale?! Yea! I've only owned one pair of cords and they did NOT flatter me. Sigh.

Cardine said...

Jewels, They're not THE cords that I've been waiting for to go on sale and been coveting, but they were my favorite cords that I purchased on sale last year. All of my cords are purchased on sale. Except, I have this black pair, but they were cheap, anyway. I've been noticing that the cords have been getting cheaper-made lately. they're thinner, etc. I hate it when things get popular and mass-produced so they forget about quality. Quality is what it's all about. That's my opinion, anyway.

Indy said...

cardine, they were the matching cords from Old Navy that bit the dust. Made me want to cry. Too thin.

julie said...

The dark purple border looks great! You are sooo impressive! :)