Thursday, January 05, 2006

As Promised and Later Than Expected

Ah, the wee hours of the morning. I am definitely very productive during this time of the day. Or... rather, this is when I end up doing a lot of productive things because I like to play during normal hours, and all of the stuff I wanted to get done ends up being pushed back until those fine, wee hours. This is one of the reasons I can never quite get to sleep at a normal hour.

So, here's a photo of the blue cords (as promised). Not a great photo, I know, but I had a hard time working with the model (me) and the camera person (also me). They are actually quite fine-looking pants, if you can't tell. I've probably worn them twice or so times, but I never got around to posting the photo (later than expected).

Well.... that's it for this entry. Maybe I'll go vacuum or get my laundry out of the dryer.



julie said...

The picture looks great, the pants look great, and you look great! Have a great time on your vacation!!!

tearese said...

oooh, nice. Again, have you been working out? I myself have been enjoying my new jeans (As mentioned in my blog). Its been almost a year since I could wear pants that actually look like they fit me, and are normal. I don't even care if they're a bigger size than I used to wear. So how many cords do you have now?

tearese said...

So what is that book about, on your main page? (Bridge to Terabithia)? I like the picture.

Cardine said...

Thanks, you guys are so nice. My recent craze is Pump It Up Exceed on PS2, so I suppose that is a work-out.

I have technically eight pairs of cords, but two pairs of them are worn out, but since I love them, I put patches on them, so six are actually wear-able to most functions. I wear the old patches ones when I'm not going anywhere important. I pretty much wear cords most of the time.

Bridge to Terabitia is actually a banned book in some school systems (also award-winning). I haven't figured out why it would be banned because I don't find it to be bad in any way. It's about a 5th grade boy who meets a neighbor. They play in the woods and pretend like they are kings and queens (their kingdom is basically inspired by the Narnia books). It's a great book for older elemetary kids, but I like it, too.