Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking Back to 2005

So... thinking back on 2005, I realized that I had seen a few movies in the theatre this year. I've been browsing some of the all-too-popular 'top ten' movies lists of the year of some critics, and I decided to make my own. ...only it's not really a 'top ten' list because I surely forgot one or two that I really enjoyed, but here are (in no particular order of importance) ten movies that I enjoyed this year:

Disclaimer: If your self-worth is somehow attached to movies and whether people like the same ones you do, or if you get offended by negative comments about a movie that you LOVE, or if you don't understand that what I am sharing is, actually, my opinion, and not fact, you would probably be better off not reading this particular blog. Thanks. I warned you, and now I don't want any whiny or otherwise personal-attacks towards me because of my differing opinions. Thanks. Oh, but you can feel free to share your opinions in the comment section, even if they differ from mine, but if your comments are basically regarding movies that you enjoyed, it may be best to just create your own blog and make a link from my comment page to your blog. Thanks, again.

1 - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - I don't really feel like I need to explain why I liked this movie. I really enjoyed this book. I like the symbolism, the fantastically strange concept of talking vs. non-talking animals (which is explained somewhere in the series... A Horse and His Boy?), the one-sentence explanations of what happened over decades of time or regarding certain types of people, etc. I felt that the movie actually captured a lot about how I felt about the book when I read it. Two thumbs WAY up, A+++, 10/10. You get the drift.

2 - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - At risk of sounding like a Star Wars freak, I confess that I have liked all of the episodes of Star Wars. Sure, I disliked some aspects of the movies (I mean, does ANYBODY over age eight actually like Jar Jar Binks, or for that matter, the entire Gungan civilization?), but I have been sucked in by the storyline and the philosophy of it all. Episode III sort of ... completed it all for me, and I can now die at peace with the Star Wars knowledge I have gained from it (okay, that's WAY over-exaggerating, but... I liked it and was happy to have watched it finally).

3 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Yes, I am a Harry Potter nerd. Yes, I own all of the books in hardback. Yes, I went to the store at 11:55 p.m. to purchase #6 when it came out. Yes, on my vacation to Cancun, I spent some hours sitting around reading #5 after it came out. Yes, I sometimes wear a Quidditch shirt in public. Yes, I got Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in my stocking this year. Yes, I have looked at the store, and almost purchased a Harry Potter cake. Yes, every July 31, I remember that it is Harry Potter's birthday (I blame that on the fact that it coincides with the birthday of my sister-in-law, as well as her (and my brother's) wedding anniversary. It's all about association.). Yes, I liked the movie. Yes, it's true that it would have been hard for me to not have liked it.

4 - Batman Begins - This dates back to the mid-nineties when I developed a crush on Christian Bale. ... or maybe it goes back to the late-eighties when the original Batman came out. You know, the one with that one guy and the other older nasty guy with the disgusting grin. Anyway, I was obsessed with Vicki Vale's hairstyle and popularized it among my junior high class. My neighbor collected the cards that came in the bubble gum packages. Bonnie lost her bubble tape in the theatre before the movie began. I have a history of loving Batman (I didn't love Batman Returns or Batman & Robin due to bad delivery of the movies), and a history of loving Christian Bale, and I really generally and genuinely like Liam Neeson in many of his movies (even though he typically plays the same sort of character), so how could this have gone wrong? Oh, and I also think that Cillian Murphy is strangely attractive. By the way, I saw Red Eye, but the only comment I would have made about it is that Cillian Murphy is strangely attractive. Back to Batman Begins: I liked it. It was great fun, and I was proud that they started fresh with the Batman series. Yay.

5 - Hitch - Pants-wettingly funny. Yet, I did not wet mine. But, had I, I wouldn't be so ashamed to admit it. In fact, I would probably laugh, wet my pants, laugh again, do that weird, yet all-purpose dance that Albert so convincingly delivers, and laugh again, and then possibly wet my pants again because it is so funny.

6 - Pride and Prejudice - I love the A&E movie, and I would probably love the book if I had ever read it (I do own it, so I probably will someday), and so I really liked the movie. It was not without its faults, but heh... what is? I could overlook them. The crowd in the theatre during my second attendance to the movie left much to be desired (No wonder guys can't stand girls sometimes! The perpetual cooing at every line could drive a person to insanity! I swear there were twenty Lydia's in the audience.), and I really would like to give the added "U.S. ending" back to the British. I didn't really care for it that much. It was so silly, but, eh. Still good overall.

7 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - This movie was on the bitter edge of one of my claymation-type nightmares and sheer brilliance. There is a fine line between the two. Luckily, it stayed on the correct side and didn't stray into the nightmare side. No, I don't rave over the wonderful music. Yes, Danny Elfman is highly talented and should receive a gold star for most of his work, but I refuse to gush over the music or the movie. This movie should be watched in moderation. By the way, the Oompa Loompa guy was a little freaky to me, but then I met someone who reminded me of him, and since I liked the real live Oompa Loompa guy (humorous person), I ended up liking the movie one.

8 - Serenity - Shockingly good. No, I do not watch the TV show. Yes, some of the acting left much to be desired. No, some parts of the movie did not make much sense to the average person. Yet, still good. But then again, I used to like watching Star Trek:Next Generation back in the day when it was first on, so maybe I am one of those space nerd girls. I don't know.

9 - Just Like Heaven - You can see my previous blog about this one. It may have just been the mood I was in or something, but I liked the movie. It was completely far-fetched and otherwise a sappy, girly, dramatic, romantic-type movie, but ... it sucked me in, and I liked it.

10 - The Greatest Game Ever Played - If anyone can make watching golf into an enjoyable time, I give them a "good game slap." Pure genious. This can go in the same bin as The Legend of Bagger Vance because, well, I liked them both, and they both involved golf as a part of the movie; although, I think that there was also a political statement that was trying to be made. I overlooked it, which is why I could enjoy the movie. It wasn't the greatest movie ever made, but I began to believe that it was the greatest game ever played. And then I watched one of those Great Moments in Sports History bits on TV, and I decided there are a lot of greatest games because who can weary of a game-winning basket or touchdown or goal or ace or put or tackle or whatever the game may be? ...and this is beginning to be the longest blog ever written.

Okay, okay, so I have some honorable mentions:

King Kong - I really was not looking forward to seeing this film. I actually had planned to somehow wiggle my way out of seeing it. The plot of King Kong has never really interested me much. I am giving the movie an honorable mention because although it is (probably nearly unanimously) WAY too long, I felt that the overall delivery of the movie was pretty decent. I was grossed out for some of it (and I don't think I should be grossed out at a movie), but in recognition of its flaws, I was still entertained, and mostly enjoyed the thing. For the record, I did not cry at the end. If it would have been really good I probably would have cried.

The Interpreter - I typically can't stand Nicole Kidman, but somehow I mostly enjoyed this movie. It was probably because we went to the midnight showing of the movie, and when someone's watch hit midnight, the entire back row (except for me) and some of the rest of the theatre sang happy birthday to me, above the noise of whatever pre-movie commercial was playing on the screen. I hate public acknowledgement on my birthday, I hate Nicole Kidman, .... so ... I liked it? I guess two wrongs CAN equal a right.

Lords of Dogtown - Full of brain-numbing poo, regarding a topic of which I have practically no knowledge or interest(skateboarding), starring the perplexingly-popular Heath Ledger, yet somehow... enjoyable.

Dear Frankie - Actually the reason that this is on the honorable mention list is because I saw it at, like, number one or two on someone else's list. Okay, so this movie was not without its charms, but ... well, one of the people I watched it with fell asleep during the movie. Not that movies have to be really captivating in any way, but it is nice to have things that HAPPEN in the movie. Nevertheless, for those who stayed awake for the movie, it was good, clean, fun, and could be shown at almost any gathering, except for a hip-hoppin' party because it would crash the good times and people would start dropping like flies. There, I've said it.

War of the Worlds - Well, most of the glory of this movie actually belongs to H.G. Wells. ...and to all the people in history who, during the radio broadcast of the story, believed that aliens were actually taking over the world. I just had to see the movie. I'd never read the book, never heard the radio broadcast, never seen the 50's (or any other decade) movie, and I was looking forward to it. It was gross in some parts, to be sure, but I still enjoyed the concept of the movie. Fantastically clever. I will not mention how I feel about any of the actors because any opinion I make is sure to land me a few differing comments, and I would rather not have the comments center around this movie or its participants.

Chicken Little - Thought I was going to hate it but ended up enjoying it.

Sahara - Entertaining. Despite many aspects that were going against the movie, it was highly entertaining to me, and I found myself smiling at the end of it. Incredibly unbelievable.

The following is a list (although not complete) of movies that I really could have missed in 2005 and been perfectly happy: Into the Blue, Ice Princess, Stealth, and The Longest Yard. Naturally, these movies were not completely, entirely horrible, but ... I could have missed them.

Whew! You actually made it!!! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading my garbled opinions and photos to accompany them.


tearese said...

We got the chronicles of Narnia two Christmases ago, and I quite enjoyed the series...despite hating The LIon the Witch and the Wardrobe when I first heard it in my sixth grade class. Haven't seen the movie yet though.
I greatly enjoyed the final starwars actually made me cry to see Anakin turn so evil for what he thought were good reasons; the scene where he kills all the 'younglings' was the sadest. The emperors persuasion over Anakin made me think of paralels with the way Satan influences people little by little. But still, the originals are the best (We got those for Christmas this year.)
I think I need to see Harry Potter again, and I would enjoy it more. I was too distracted because it was our first time leaving the baby with a sitter, andI was worried about her the whole time.

banana said...

I got through the entire blog. You have some good comments. Thanks, I always like to hear about how other people liked movies. I went to fewer movies durning the year than what you had listed on your top ten list, I think. Now, I know what to see in the dollar theator or as rentals.

Also, thanks for not giving away any vitally important information about the outcome of the movies. That is an evil worth a wet-willy.

julie said...

I really enjoyed Batman Begins, too. I'm glad they started over, without worrying about what had happened in previous movies. I have also had a crush on Christian Bale for a couple decades! Hottie! Many of the movies on your list I haven't watched, so I can't make too many comments. I enjoyed reading your opinions of them, though. :)

warnser said...

Ok, so it's official, there is not a single movie on your list that I have seen. Actually not a single movie on any of the lists. I haven't even heard of every title on there. Though there were a few that I did really want to see. I did see some movies this year, but um they didn't make the list.
but I do like the disclaimer.
no I really do, I think it's funny. really.

sarah said...

I agree with Tearese about HP4 (about giving it another chance) Perhaps I was a little too attached to the true-story-line of the book. But, I guess you already know my feelings on the matter - since I have already spoken of them in person.