Sunday, February 19, 2006

about a girl

A person's life is like a TV show. I am the star of the Cardine show. The Cardine show is an ensemble drama. Guests come and go, and there are also quite a few regulars on my show: my family, my coworkers, my friends, my neighbors, etc. I like it this way, except that I need some sort of neighbor who just drops by unexpectedly. Or a friend like that. Or something.

No man is an island (John Donne), but watching about a boy made me actually feel like it would be nice to be an island every once in a while. According to Will from about a boy, an important part of island living is to be one's own activity director. If that is true, this is what my life has turned out today:

Getting out of bed, including hitting snooze: 1 unit
Getting ready for the day: 2 units
Sacrament meeting: 3 units
Sunday School: 2 units
Relief Society: 2 units (Time pondering why a person would play a John Bytheway talk in Relief Society: 1 unit)
Socializing after church about people who never leave their beds and strategically place everything so that it can be reached without having to get out of bed and perhaps lose and then find a sandwich every once in a while: 1 unit
Making and eating lunch while solving the sudoku puzzle: 2 units
Beating my mom at Rummikub: 1 unit
Miscellaneous wandering around the house, including putting on warm socks: 1 unit
Talking to sister on the phone: 1 unit
Posting an entry on my blog: 1 unit

It's amazing how the day fills up. No wonder I feel like I really can't get anything done. No wonder I feel like there's no time to cram in a job. I've got too many activities in there. Surely there should be some time in there for just ... spacing. Or perhaps there should be a unit or two for someone to carefully dishevel my hair. That sounds nice. So, now I ponder: how can I live an island life, but not get to the point of being so lazy that I put everything I need in reach of my bed? Well, becoming filthy rich would help. Since that's not happening anytime soon, maybe I could be like Will from about a boy and live off of the proceeds of my parents' labors. Oh wait. I'm already sort of doing that.

So, then maybe I need to quit my job and commence with my island living. But, I feel like that's teetering on the edge of the lazy bed person. I also don't think my parents would continue their support of me in this manner, and I would have to live with the eternal pestering question of if I am ever going to get a job. Hmmm... this is the dilemma. So, maybe I shouldn't be an island. Maybe I should just visit island life every once in a while. Maybe I just need to take more frequent vacations to the island. That's one of the reasons why I liked Belize so much. There was an island. I didn't have to do anything. My activities went something like this:

Playing volleyball with Belizians: 2 units
Walking along the beach and taking photos: 1 unit
Laying on a beach chair under a palm tree: 1 unit

See how great that is? I should fit that into my life more often. Maybe my day should go something more like this:

Getting out of bed: 1 unit
Getting ready for the day: 2 units
Breakfast: 1 unit
Going to work: 6 units (In my dreams everyday would be a half-day, except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays)
Eating lunch with an attractive young man who is a good conversationalist: 2 units
PIUE: 3 units
Playing sports or a community service activity: 3 units
Blogging: 1 unit
Dinner: 1 unit
Miscellaneous activities with friends: 6 units
Reading good books or other research: 3 units
Getting ready for sleep and time for whatever else I want to do: 3 units
Sleeping: 16 units

Now, that sounds like a plan. Somehow I've got to rearrange my schedule so that I can accomplish this. Maybe my problem is that I need to come up with a more realistic schedule of activities for myself that includes all of these items, just in varying degrees of what I just planned. Perhaps, the work part needs to be a bit longer (shoot). Perhaps I will have to cut out the friends activities somedays. Hmmm... this has been a great thought process. I need to schedule my activities to correspond better with my ideals of island living.

No man is an island, but I am going to create my own paradise.


tearese said...

I'VE seen About a boy. it was interesting. I think I would have liked it more if my roommates didn't lagh at the boy's mom trying to commit suicide. How is that funny?
sometimes i think i live on an island... its just me and the baby about 12 hrs a day, with no way to get anywhere else! Then I get so into analysing 'lost' that its like I live on that island. It's very confusing.

tearese said...

about your book pick: I remember reading "the girl with the silver eyes" in second or third grade. I know I really liked it because I remember the exact spot in the East Elementary Library where it was located. it has to do with psychic ability, right?

Cardine said...

Yeah, sometimes the people and circumstances in which you watch a movie are what actually affect whether you like it. That's sad that they laughed at his mom trying to commit suicide. That's not very funny. But, her "yeti costume" is.

Yeah, the main character in "The Girl with the Silver Eyes" has telekinesis, basically. I always thought it was cool. AND how she had silver eyes. Silver was always a really mystical and cool color to me when I was little. Whenever I wrote stories and the character was cool, they had something that was silver-colored. When they weren't cool, there was no silver.

warnser said...

I think my activity scheduler, is pretty weak. I could use a little more of the good stuff in my schedule.

Cardine said...

PIUE = Pump It Up Exceed

I find the game to be very agreeable and possibly healthy. It exercises my legs, heart, and cognitive abilities of processing visual and audible commands.

Maybe, Warnser, you should try to plan your day in "units," instead of the typical use of hours or minutes. A "unit" is basically about a half an hour, but not to exceed 40 minutes. I am going to try it. I still haven't rearranged my schedule to correspond with "units."

warnser said...

Ah yes "pump it up exceed."
I can't believe I didn't get that one.
I agree PIUE can be very beneficial to a person... I'm not sure about a person with an unhealing foot, but on the whole, I agree, it is a great activity on many levels.

Units huh?
I guess I could try it,
I might not,
but I could.
Thanks for the info.

julie said...

Thanks for clearing up "units" - I was a bit confused. If you don't mind, someday I'd like to borrow About a Boy from you. I know quite a few people who loved it. Maybe I will, too.

Enjoyed chatting with you last night! :)

Cardine said...

Yes, the conversations were very enjoyable. I'll have to get you "about a boy" this weekend. I hope that's it's not the case of a movie that everyone really likes, so then you have high expectations, and then the movie can never live up to the hype.

Sarah said...

Sometimes I wish I could live a life with zero work units.

Then I realize work is good and it makes a difference if I have money or not for lots of other things. And it's also beneficial in other ways (physically, mentally, etc.)

But still... the 8-5/M-F thing can get pretty old.

julie said...

I've thought a lot lately about the idea of being an island. I've decided I would like it if I were an island, as long as my island were in canoe distance of my family and friends. I like having a lot of alone time, but I wouldn't be truly happy if I couldn't easily spend time with the people I love.

julie said...

I skipped my last class today so was home earlier than normal. Instead of studying like a good student should, I watched About A Boy. I liked it more than I thought I would. I love what Will said at the end, about still being an island but part of an island chain. It went along with what I said in my previous comment. Yes, I enjoyed the movie immensely. Thanks for lending it to me!

Cardine said...

I'm glad you liked it. Although I can't typically stand guys like him in real life, it was pretty humorous to watch him make the baby seat all trashy, and I also get a huge kick out of the dead duck part.