Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Greetings

Happy Valentines Day to all of my friends, past and present. Thanks for the good times.

A particular shout-out to boys/men in my life, even though some of you are probably married:

My first crush: I don't remember your name, but we had a good time at your birthday party. It was a shame that I moved later that day or the next day. I kept your gift to me as long as possible, but the weavels got to the beans in the bag, so I had to throw it out five years ago. Maybe it's a good thing that we were torn apart like that because I'm pretty sure your mom didn't approve of me. Remember how hot I looked in that colorful heart shirt and short shorts?

Second crush, Oliver: We met only a few days after my first crush and I were torn apart. You comforted me when I was crying because I was scared of the new place. Thanks. You are perfect in my memory.

Jon J: You gave me your old green eraser when you got a new one. That was nice. We had a lot of fun together, even though I got mad at you for mocking my artwork. They were puffed sleeves, I tell you!!!

John Paul: Catholic to the core, you always got me in trouble in school! The teacher told me that he always sat me next to you because I was the only girl who could stand to be around you. Where are you now? I am pretty sure you're not the pope. I was pretty ticked off that I had to go to the stocks just for sitting by you while you spouted jokes. Dirty, dirty jokes.

Bill & Cameron: I probably don't need to say more, but... Cameron, you were the only guy I ever got in trouble for sneaking over to your house. We also had fun times playing horse. Bill, my sister and I loved contradicting you, and you actually almost, almost got me interested in baseball. Ah, the fun times. I'm glad we can be updated yearly on each others' lives.

Mike, both of you: You made me laugh and got me to smile so much. The paperclip, the sweats, falling in the fire, our private jokes during play practice. Thanks.

Mark: Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so over you. You were a fleeting crush.

Howard: Hmmm... good times. Bad times, but mostly good times.

Mikhail: The answer was really 'yes,' but we were young and foolish.

Mud: You had a smile that could melt chocolate.

Wayne: The best getting-caught-in-the-rain moment of my life.

Tyler: You were in tune. Thanks for teaching me spades.

Jason: I still don't know... blah, blah, blah, blah.

Steve: I miss you.

Bryson: Still waiting...

Brian: Great conversationalist.

Happy Valentine's Day!


banana said...

I never knew how much my little sitter 'got around' when she was little. This post could be a bit shocking if I didn't know half the stories, already.

Cardine said...

Yeah, I thought you'd appreciate some of those (especially the one about Cameron). When Cash and I were discussing this post, she mentioned some other people who could have had spots on the post. There are so many fun/funny experiences that I had forgotten about!

warnser said...

Hey I posted my valentines day blog in red too. I know, I didn't actually post it on valentines day,but I'm pretty sure it's in red.

banana said...

Mom and Dad's house looks like paradise. When did you take that one? I want to go there on vacation. It would certainly beat all this snow we have here. Not to mention that there are fewer teenagers.

Cardine said...

I took the picture a couple of years ago. It was so pretty, I couldn't help but capture it.

Do I detect some weariness of work?

Cash said...

Banana, I'm glad you said that about the house. I saw the picture and immediately made it the wallpaper on my laptop. Great shot, Cardine.

Cardine, you should have talked about my old college neighbor Brian D. in your post. (I hear he's still available!)

Cardine said...

Cash - Funny you brought up Brian D. Dub was wondering if that's who "Brian" was, but it wasn't. Maybe I should have put something about him on there.

Ahhhh yes, Brian D. He's still available? I'm still available! We should date! :)

About the house: I'm surprised you can't make out the mohawks in the lawn. Surely our lawn-mowing friend left some for us!

tearese said...

wow. You knew lots of boys. I was friends with Shane who lived up the street, but he punched me in the tummy when Missy Wood convinced me to make fun of him. And that boy Micah in fourth grade who did my math for his spelling. I thinkI mentioned him before; he was a Jehovahs witness and couldn't say the pledge of alliegance.
With all the boys I liked later, I was too shy, so we never actually became good friends. Pity.
This post reminds me of that Alanis Morrissette song, "unsent". you know, "Dear Mathew, I like you alot. I realize your ina relationship with someone right now , etc, etc.

Cardine said...

Yeah (I actually really liked that song when it used to be on the radio), how about a blanket statement, stolen from that song to every Valentine of mine (those mentioned and not mentioned):

Dear ___________(Lou),

We learned so much. I realize we won't be able to talk for some time, and I understand that as I do you. The long distance thing was the hardest, and we did as well as we could. We were together during a very tumultuous time in our lives. I will always have your back and be curious about you, about your career, about your whereabouts.

c jane said...

Cardine- that was a fun read.
Great posting idea!

tearese said...

i like to sing that song in the shower..i have that album,but thats probably the only good song on it. joseph looks at me weird when i sing it.