Thursday, February 09, 2006

Questions Answered

This post is dealing with questions that I've had that I have had answered in the past week or so:

Q: Is there any way to prevent the occurrence of my opthalmic migranes?
A: Yes.

Q: What is it?
A: Prescription drugs, but they should only be used in extreme situations due to the side effects of the drug.

Q: Insert question here.
A: Five.

Q: If I order a bacon burger at a restaurant and ask that the hamburger be substituted with a veggie burger, will they still put the bacon on the burger if I don't specifically mention that I still want the bacon?
A: No, they will assume that I am a vegetarian, and apparently it is weird to want a veggie burger for any reason other than being a vegetarian. It is also weird to still want the bacon when you order the bacon burger as opposed to the regular hamburger. Also, if you specifically mention that you still want the bacon, the person taking the order will be confused for some time, and you will have to explain and reorder at least four times before they will understand that you want a bacon burger with a veggie patty, instead of a hamburger patty.

Q: Who would pay to go see Thunder Down Under or Chippendales?
A: My visiting teacher, and she wrote a Haiku about it.

Q: Will my ankle ever heal?
A: Doubtful.

Q: Are there some restaurants that are just too gross to ever go to again, even if you didn't eat breakfast, and it's the only restaurant for an hour?
A: Yes. Yes, yes, YES!

Q: Do the characters on LOST constantly change personalities from week to week?
A: Why, yes. I mean, no. I mean, yes. I mean, the island is evil. I mean, I love all people. No wait, I will punch another survivor because it is my turn this week to show how I am actually unstable for this one episode or else someone will punch me or beat me up and try to sabotage everyone's plans. Everyone's against me!

Q: What is the population of Dumpsville?
A: You.

Q: Should I be doing something else besides writing a post for my blog?
A: Indubitably.


tearese said...

what are the side effects of your medicine? What happened to your ankle?
I don't know that they changed personalitys that much... Sawyer just hates himself, so whenever he realizes people are liking him, he feels he has to sabotoge it or something. IT goes with the underlying themes of repentance and redemption; he's one of those fellows that believes he's done something bad and can't be forgiven, so why bother trying to be good? Or something.

Cardine said...

I actually don't have medicine. ...just the medicine to help reduce the migranes has some pretty bad side effects. I don't know what they are, and I don't care because my migranes don't happen very often.

I twisted my ankle trying to do an around-the-back and under-the-leg lay-up.

Yeah, I just had a frustrating LOST night. It just seems like the personalities are really subdued in the episodes that aren't highly involving that person and then when they are the main story of a particular episode, their stronger personality traits come out. I can't wait to find out if Libby was the psychiatrist or the patient in the place where Hurley was. Where is your bet?

Cash said...

Cardine, there are multiple writers for Lost, and they don't all contribute on every episode. Lots of times one writer will be assigned to write one specific episode, and then the next week's episode will be written by yet a separate writer. This makes character continuity more difficult than if one person or one team wrote every episode every week. Perhaps this knowledge will make the character changes more forgivable. Plus, if you were stranded on a tropical island with complete strangers and an endless supply of tank tops, wouldn't you see some erratic behavior in yourself, too?
Also, I love that you ordered a veggie burger with bacon. Hilarious!

Cardine said...

Why, yes. I would be going crazy if all there were to wear were tank tops, but they couldn't have an entire episode about how a female goes crazy because she can't find a decent shirt to wear so that her pastey-white skin doesn't get burned by the hot island sun. I would be about as popular as Shannon was.

Yeah, some veggie patties are actually quite tasty. I've had some that weren't that good, but I suppose that's the risk you have to take sometimes. I would be vegetarian if it weren't for the meat. Hee hee.

warnser said...

I love the bit about the veggie bacon burger. MMMM sounds delicious.
But where would a person get such a thing?
(I mean, assuming that you could actually convince the server that that is what you wanted).

I sure it is funnier when you're not the one invovled, but knowing what might occur, I might enjoy watching the confusion.

ahh yes if it wasn't for the meat, and the eggs, and the fish, and the ice cream, vegetarian is would be great.

Ok I probably couldn't and wouldn't do it,

I like meat, but I certainly don't need a ton of it. Ï

tearese said...

Remember that psychiatrists contributed to the foundation of the Hanso Project (like Skinner,who came up with the idea of pushing buttons for rewards...)If Libby is a psychiatrist, do you think that she might be involved with the project at all?
I think a bacon veggie burger sounds quite tasty.

Cardine said...

I guess that Libby COULD be a part of the project, but I don't think she's been on the island the whole time. Especially since we know that Hurley stepped on her foot; therefore, I sorta doubt that she is a part of it.

I was actually expecting her to be more of a part of the show in recent episodes. You know, I thought she would be the psycho-analyst who is always comforting people like Charlie or giving her opinion on everyone's behavior. Perhaps survivors would go to her to get her to talk to people. Too bad the 'lesser' characters aren't in more of the episodes. I think it would flow more, but I could see how it would be really expensive to make shows like that.

Every time I read the new comments on my blog, I get a craving for a bacon veggie burger. I will have to do a new post soon, just so I don't have to be tempted so much.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading this!!!

Cassie said...

Wow, you guys are deep. I never get that much out of an episode of lost. There is always so much going on its hard to keep track of everybody. Very Impressive.

tearese said...

but do you think he really stepped on her foot, or that she made that up as a cover-up? Afterall, she was probably sitting in the tail section, and Hurley was the last one on the plane...but I guess she would have to have been there to know that he was all sweaty and such. So nevermind

Cardine said...

It's true that the person's foot who he stepped on was in the front of the plane. Maybe Libby was in the bathroom, also. Food for thought.

I do seem to recall that he did step on the foot of a blonde lady, but it could just be a false memory that has been formed due to suggestions of the show and conversations about the show. You know how that can happen. Maybe we could see if someone who has season 1 on DVD will check on that.