Thursday, March 23, 2006

Updates on NCAA B-ball + No Sweets Month

Ah, the bracketology. Ah, the upsets. Ah, my upset bracket. The teams that probably hurt me the most this year were the upsets of Kansas, Tennessee, and Ohio State. I had picked those teams to go pretty far. I would like to commend UCLA on their excellent comeback against Gonzaga tonight. I saw the score when they were down by 12 with only about 6 minutes left or something like that and was pleasantly surprised when they won. I thought that I was looking at the destruction of my bracket there for a little while. Yes, I picked UCLA to win the ENTIRE thing. I was also scared about Texas. I picked Texas to go to the Final Four. They almost lost, but then they won. Phew!

I am pleased to report that all of my final four teams are still in it. ...for now. We will see about tomorrow. Will there be another upset? Go Georgetown. GO! I want to see a #7 in the Elite Eight. And let's just face it: it would be really, really sweet for #11 George Mason to go all the way, but #7 Wichita State isn't a bad pick, either.

I'm guessing that there are quite a few people who picked Duke to win it all. ... oops, and sorry to all those people. Poor, poor Duke fans (yeah... players, too). The Memphis/UCLA bracket is the only one that has the #1 and #2 team playing in the Elite Eight. Cool. I love upsets. Too bad I didn't pick the t-shirt team (Memphis) to win this last game. Yeah.... I picked Kansas. (Shoooooot.)

So, that is my update.

Sweet Caroline... wah wah wah... blah blah blah blah blah... I don't know the words.... (No comments about that line, please. I know it was lame.) Well, the no sweets month is going fine. Yesterday and the day before were sort of rough days for some of the people in my office due to a lost skiier, a familial death, etc. Well, what happened was an outflow of love from people which created an inflow of treats. There is this gigantic brownie with pecans and caramel over the top of it just sitting there, tempting me, mocking me, luring me. The funny thing is, I normally wouldn't even want any of it. The same thing goes for a lot of the treats with which I have been surrounded. I don't want them. I don't need them. I don't normally crave them. There's something about not being allowed to eat it that makes me want to eat it. Don't worry, I don't eat them. I am sweets free.

Brilliant idea (if I may say so myself) derived from the no sweets month: So... what should happen is that for an entire month, all of the bishoprics in all of the singles wards should get up and tell people that they shouldn't date for the month. They could call it a 'No Date Month.' It could be a challenge, sort of like the whole 'read The Book of Mormon' thing was, and people will get up and share their testimonies about how the 'No Date Month' has really changed their perspective about dating, and then we can have some people get up and say how hard it was because they aren't used to being dateless on the weekends. And then some people would get up and say that they already weren't dating, but this month that they weren't dating, they suddenly got a lot more out of not dating than they had before.

And then, suddenly after the "No Date Month" gets over, some people who previously dated a lot would maybe have realized that they don't have to date to still have fun and be a cool person. Perhaps some people would have craved dating all month (when they normally don't) and all of a sudden have felt the urge to date. Maybe there would be no change for some people in the amount of dating in which they participate, but perhaps their perspective about it will have changed. Maybe people would be happier. A collective month off of dating... hmmm... it could work. Don't you think?


julie said...

Wow, that really was a brilliant idea. I love it when people say their own ideas are brilliant. I'll go for the no date month. It will be hard, but I'll do my best.

As for NCAA, I didn't pick Duke to win it all, but I had them playing in the championship. Now I only have one team left from my Final Four picks. Go UCONN!!!!!

Refi said...

It's true that not being allowed something only makes it more desirable.

Oh yeah, that would be a shocker for the LDSSA to announce at a fireside! "And for April, we are having a 'no date' month! I repeat that no one is allowed to date for the month of April!" *girls' reaction: ToT We can't get dates as it is!* *guys' reaction: Yes! No pressure to date for a month!* (very stereotypical and not all reactions would be the same) And who knows, maybe it will encourage the guys to ask more girls out come May since they realize how many wonderful daughters of God they have to get to know when they kept stopping themselves since they couldn't date?

dub said...

Bring it up with the bishop for sure. I think it's not just a brilliant idea - it's inspiration! And at the end of the month, you could also have the dating equivalent of a special "break-the-fast" meal together. (Hmm. What would that be? A date auction?) Or maybe not.

Sarah said...


c jane said...
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warnser said...

I like the idea of a no date month,
Heck I'd like the idea of a no date year.

No dating for a month,
and no lurking thought that I probably should be. way way cool.

I don't know if it would actually improve dating in anyway,
but then I guess I don't really care.

One month with no dates?
I think I would enjoy that.
(see my blog, because oddly enough I mention dating there too (new post))

warnser said...

Oh yeah, and my teams are doing alright too.

tearese said...

I don't know what to say about this. Hmm.

warnser said...

Ha, HA, Ha...
I laughed as I watched everyone's teams get knocked off the podium...
and then it happened to me.
Der Real McCoy will definately beat me.
(but I'd still say that I'm doing well)

julie said...

I'm completely knocked out of the game, at least with my ESPN picks. With my family picks I still have one in the final four. My stepmom has one and my sister-in-law has two. GIRLS RULE! :)