Monday, March 27, 2006

The Veggie Bacon Burger Returns

Dear people who read my blog sometimes,

Remember that post when I went off about how when I order a veggie burger with bacon, they get confused and can't comprehend that I want meat with a veggie patty? Well, today I ordered the veggie burger with bacon. Another person who was with me ordered the hamburger with bacon.

Q: Guess what!?

A: They came back to the table to clarify whether the other person wanted a hamburger or a veggie burger! Pretty good, eh? Of course, then they mentioned that it was weird that I wanted bacon on a veggie burger, but the clarification was for the meat burger! And THAT is a breakthrough.


warnser said...

That's pretty tricky,
maybe they are learning.

booklogged said...

Funny story! Can I ask why you order a veggie burger? You're obviously not a vegetarian if you're going to eat the bacon. My brother is a vegetarian and I made a really yummy veggie burger for him. Is there a place around that makes a good veggie burger?

tearese said...

was it the same restaurant as before? thats pretty funny.

julie said...

That's great! Makes me hungry, too. Yummmy! We'll have to go there soon for lunch.

Cardine said...

Booklogged: I order a veggie burger because I think that it is tasty, and sometimes the thought of a hunk of hamburger isn't that appetizing. It seems as though there are a lot of restaurants that have veggie burgers if you ask for them.

Tearese: No, it was not the same restaurant as the ones I was referring to in my previous post. I like to get veggie burgers at this particular establishment, but I haven't gotten a veggie bacon burger there before. I usually opt for avocado and cheese on top, but this time I got avocado and bacon.

Julie: Yes, we will have to go there sometime for lunch. I am craving a veggie bacon burger right now.

Alyson said...

I've never tried a veggie burger before. I agree that sometimes a big chunk of meat doesn't sound appetizing, but to me a veggie burger has never sounded appetizing. I guess I'll have to give it a try sometime.

Cardine said...

I'd be careful about trying it. Some of them aren't very good. You'd almost better try a bite of someone else's before ordering one as your meal.