Sunday, April 02, 2006

General Conference Edition

In case you don't know, 9:00 isn't sleeping in to me. The time has to be around 9:30 or 10:00 or perhaps noon to constitute sleeping in for me. Ah... general conference. It's the only time when I can get out of bed during the prelude and still make it in time for the beginning of church. Going to church in one's pajamas is so delightful. I grab my soft, blue blanket and head downstairs for the big pillow, so as to listen to the prophet's words in comfort.

Unfortunately, this isn't the scenario on the Saturday of April's conference because I work that day. So, conference entails plugging away at taxes as I listen to the conference over the internet. Sometimes I don't pay attention when they announce who is speaking, so I have to rely on my voice recognition skills to know who is speaking. That's fine when it comes to the First Presidency or the Twelve Apostles (even perhaps the Relief Society Presidency), but beyond that, I'm pretty clueless. I can, however, pick out whether it's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing or some other group, such as the BYU mixed chorus or whatever that was Saturday afternoon.

Ah, Saturday evening. Actually, I don't really have any traditions associated with Saturday evening. The one part that I enjoy is that I can go to stores or any place in public looking like a heifer, and I don't feel badly about it because I surely won't be seeing any datable males while I'm out. ...and that's what I did (went out looking like a heifer). I wanted to stop by Deseret Book because I've always wanted to go to Ladies' Night. I didn't want to go because of the deals or the treats (remember, I'm not eating sweets this month), but more because I wanted to see who goes to these nights and to see if it resembles shopping around Christmastime. It did. It actually reminded me more of my university days and the first week of school in the bookstore. The lines were soooo long. Ugh. We (my mom, Banana, and Ewan) were in and out in five minutes, the entirety of which we were trying to get through to anywhere. I must say that I was the only heifer in the crowd. All the other ladies were dressed to the nines. Nice for them.

The next stop was Wal-Mart. I sprained my other ankle, and I had to get another wrap. I learned that I have very flexible feet, but apparently they aren't flexible enough for what they were trying to do. I also picked up some ingredients for the all-too-delicious breakfast pizza. Mmmmm... breakfast pizza. The rest of the night was spent wasting people in Rummikub, troubleshooting my computer, and reading a little Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

Okay, so what's with losing an hour of sleep? Hello! Who thought of that? Daylight savings, shmaylight shmavings. I think they're brilliant in October, but I can't stand them in April. Fortunately, like I said before, I can sleep until the prelude and then get up and be on time for 'church.' Sure, church is technically longer during general conference, but I get to wear pajamas. No nylons, no heeled shoes, no dresses, skirts or slips. Just pajamas. That's worth the extra hour. For sure. Not to mention that the speakers are fantastic. The big pillow is awfully nice, too. So nice, in fact, that I dozed off a few times, much to my dismay. I may have to listen to conference again tomorrow at work, just to see if I missed anything, which I'm sure I did. They're building a new temple it Niceville, Florida? What? I'm kidding. By the way, I got revenge on Banana yesterday for when she used to tickle my feet or side or ear when I'd fall asleep when we were younger. She had her eyes closed, so I tickled her feet. Mua ahahahah ahahah!

Okay, so seriously, don't you just sometimes like to be lazy and do nothing? Like, ... stay in your pajamas all day and not shower? I love it. I did break down and shower tonight, but I went almost the entire day without showering. It was great. I seem to vaguely recall that we watched that new Ensign edition of the Joseph Smith story on DVD in English and then in Spanish after conference. I didn't actually watch it because I was snoozing away on the big pillow, but I did hear the whole "Vi una columna de luz" part, and I was like, is this Spanish or English? I was delirious.

And then we played Scrabble, and then Seek, and then Boggle, and it was great, and I ate breakfast pizza, and I loved this weekend. Loved it. Thank you for your time. I hope your weekend was as great as mine.


julie said...

Yes, I love going to "church" in my pj's! This conference I put together a puzzle, so I just listened to conference. I don't know who spoke most of the time (I have limited voice-recognizing skills), but I enjoyed all the talks. This was the first puzzle I ever put together by myself, so I'm proud. I also stayed awake the whole time! Usually I manage to sleep through at least one talk per day. I didn't shower Saturday, either. It felt gross by the end of the day, but it felt wonderful to be lazy and just lounge around all day. I love conference weekend!

Cash said...

Cardine, I, too, have been feeling like a heifer recently, so Wen Diesel and I have decided to follow your lead and cut out all sweets as soon as we Peter Jackson the rest of our roommate's cookies. We can't start now, though, because those cookies are so good it's like they're made of something addictive like hot buttered crack.

tearese said...

We always go to the Stake Center for Conference here. A lot of members get it on Satelite, but I found I actually pay attention if I'm at church and not someone's house. However, with a baby I discovered its much more difficult!
Several of my notes have question marks as to who was speaking, as I missed the flash on the screen. One of those unknowns was my favorite talk too: the one about not picking fights with people who have differnt views than y ou do. I know many people who needed that one!
With the baby, we actually went to a side room with a tv, so it was kind of like being at home because we were the only ones in there. We let Elora play the piano too, she thought it was great.

Where did the phrase 'dressed to the nines' come from originally? ANyone?
I think I knew once.

What is in your breakfst pizza?

Your family plays a lot of games.

Is Ewan cute? (If your sister reads this, you should probably say yes)

booklogged said...

My hubby and I went to SLC for conference this year. We had tickets to the Sat afternoon session. It was raining and blowing--quite a mess. But it was great being surrounded by so many of the saints. We ran into some of our old high school chums that were there from California. That night we paid way too much for a not so great dinner and watched Memoirs of a Geisha in our sooo comfortable hotel beds.

julie said...

Did I read this right? You now have 2 sprained ankles?

julie said...

P.S. I won the men's NCAA tourny with my family bracket!! Go Florida!

Cardine said...

What, Julie? I thought you picked Connecticut? Did you pick Florida as the 2nd place team? I consider myself as having won. I picked UCLA, but in our ESPN group, I ended up at #4, but the three ahead of me weren't the first picks of the respective people, but mine were my first picks. I was really hoping my pick: UCLA would take it all. I'm completely out of the women's tournament. I didn't do so well on that one. I picked LSU or Baylor or something.

Oh, and yes, I'm supposed to wrap both of my ankles when I do physical activity. I'm sure they'll be fine, though.

Tearese, yes, my sister sometimes reads these, but yes, Ewan is really cute (and that's the truth!).

Breakfast pizza consists of biscuits, a sauce, and some sort of breakfast-y topping, such as scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, or whatever. Of course, there's cheese on it, too. My mom wouldn't eat any because it's too laden with cholesterol. It is a sort of breakfast heart attack, but it's really tasty.

julie said...

My family does it different than the online brackets. We don't pick who we think will get to each stage, we just pick two teams in each division and hope they make it to the end. So, we each had 8 teams. I had UConn but I also had Florida! That's how I won. Sorry to hear about your ankles.

Cassie said...

Despite my car troubles this last weekend (which some of you read about) I had a great time lounging about before and after getting my tire fixed. Then I hung out with my cousin Aly and then she, my mom and I went and saw Inside Man. So good by the way. But at the risk of sounding like my aunt, it did have some unnecessary language. But man that Clive Owen is hot. My mom doesn't really think so. Lets see then after the movie we went and played a couple of games at Aly's house one of which we played for the first time and Aly lost horribly. I think she only moved once or twice on the board the entire game. She has since vowed never to play that game again even though it was fun. The other game was better for her. Then on Sunday, mom woke me for President Hinckley's talk (I'm not much of a conference watcher, go ahead and judge me) Then I watched some dvds and killed time delaying when I needed to go back to SLC. It was a really good weekend.

booklogged said...

Cardine, your orange and pink page makes me smile :+)

Refi said...

I love Conference weekend. This time I was able to watch it from the comfort of my bed. Last Oct, I missed the Sat session for work too. I was so glad that they had the talks online so quickly so I could go back and read what I missed. It was so good! I'm going to have to do that for this conference too since the wind kept blowing our cable out during the sessions. But I am truely grateful for the opportunities like getting Conference modern technology brings us!

Oh yes! I love those lazy days! ... ^^; but then I feel guilty for not accomplishing anything...

Sarah said...

Yum... breakfast pizza.