Monday, May 22, 2006

Ask Cardine: Part I - The Headless Cupid

Wow. That was fast. I was like, I'm sure nobody has checked my blog and commented yet. Wow.

Booklogged asked:

"What is The Headless Cupid about? Did you like it? Would you recommend it?"

My response:

The Headless Cupid is a book by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. The book is written in third person from the perspective of a boy whose father recently remarried. His new wife brought a daughter into the family with her, and the daughter is fixated with the occult. I am just in the middle of the book, but I think that I am now really getting to the plotline (strange stuff is starting to happen).

I like it so far. I had to stop reading it the other night because it was starting to creep me out, and I don't like to be creeped out at night because I don't have a sister at home anymore whose room I can go into when I have watched a scary movie or whatnot.

I'll let you know if I recommend it after I'm done, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it because I'm a fan of other works by Zilpha (we're on a first name basis).

Thank you for your question. I will be addressing the other submissions shortly.


booklogged said...

I feel honored that you answered my question first. Although reading all those other suggestions, I can see mine was probably the easiest. I think you may have opened Pandora's can of worms asking for suggestions, but you sure did get some fun ones. You have material for thousands of posts. That's great for us, your avid readers.

Cardine said...

Wow! I have avid readers? Cool.

By the way, I finished the book. It was a fun, short read. I recommend it if you are able to bear reading about the occult, etc.

tearese said...

I didn't know Pandora had a can of worms.

booklogged said...

You're so right, Tearese, Pandora had a box. I tend to get my idioms mixed up.