Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ask Cardine: Part II - Pet Peeves

Booklogged also says, "I've always wanted to write a post about my pet peeves. Do you have any?"

Yes, I have probably quite a few of them. Here are ten of my pet peeves, in no particular order:

1. The grouping of people into general categories based on traits that really, likely have no correlation with the reason that a person is grouping them. A recent one I heard was: Oooo, those rich, white males... they hoard all of their money and don't give to the poor single mothers. What? Does gender or race really have anything to do with it? Shouldn't the anger be towards those who are rich (or, at least, have more than they need) and don't give (i.e. are selfish), to the poor, without regard to race and gender? Is a rich, asian female who hoards all her money without giving to a poor, married male better than the rich, white male? Grrrrrrr... Another popular one is: Oh, how I hate those (insert political party name here)'s. They are so(insert huge generalization here).

2. Crusaders for homeschooling or people that think that they are better because they have been/are/will be homeschooling.

3. When there's not a right turning lane and there's enough room for one.

4. When I go to a restaurant and they get my order wrong. I said no cheese, not no onions!

5. When LOST goes more than five minutes past nine, and I only set the tape to record until 9:05. Grrrrrr.

6. When I drip food on myself or write on myself and don't have time to go home during the day to change my clothes.

7. Shopping for jeans. I'm not sure they make them for me. Most of them aren't long enough for my legs, unless the waist is too high or the crotch goes halfway down my thigh.

8. When I am forgetful, especially when it's something REALLY important. Someday when I eventually get married, I'll probably wake up that morning and get ready for work. It is all quite embarrassing.

9. Being friends with a hundred married males and the inability to get much acknowledgement from the single male population. Actually, I like the part where I'm friends with people (females, too!), but I get frustrated by the obvious lack of balance in the area of females or married males vs. single males, meaning, I want more attention from the single male population, in general.

10. When people are blatantly rude, impolite, or hurtful to others. It's just so unnecessary.


Cash said...

This is actually a comment about how you look like the girl from the Tower of Terror at California Adventure. I think you look like the girl who is in a portrait in the lobby of the ride -- next to the farthest "left" elevator. She's not a main person in the ride or anything, Cardine. She's just a painting in the lobby. But, yes, you do look like her.

Framed said...

I love this post. My pet peeves go in cycles. Right now I am peeved at negative people. They just suck your energy right out. I admit I can be negative occasionally, but I hate it when I'm trying to be very positive and someone rains on my parade.

julie said...

Some of my peeves: being late, people who don't get into the left turn lane until they turn, the plethora of catalogs I receive - unasked for, and people smoking outside my living room window.

Cassie said...

My pet peeves are people who won't tell me if they have a problem with me or something I'm doing. I can't fix it if I don't know! Or people who tell others about it hoping that it will get back to me. (sometimes I am guilty of this) More: weeds, rock dirt (dirt as hard as rocks), canceling of tv shows that I am into.

Cardine said...

Cassie - they didn't cancel Roller girls, did they?

Julie - I am also peeved about the people who smoke outside your living room window.

Framed - Funny that negative people are one of your pet peeves. My entire post was negative because it was about my peeves.

Cash - I guess I will have to go to the Tower of Terror myself to see if I really look like the girl in the lobby. End of July or August? Maybe we could wait until CA schools start to avoid large lines?

sarah said...

How do you feel about loose shopping carts in parking lots? That happens to be one of my pet peeves. People are so... lazy... sometimes.

Cardine said...

Loose shopping carts are a pet peeve, especially if they're taking up a good parking spot!

booklogged said...

A few of mine: inconsiderate & thoughtless people, fanatics, not finding things in the places they should be because someone didn't bother to put them back, needing more sleep than 4 hrs. a night, knee pains, and losing my mind. Add to that losing my waist. Wow! That felt good to vent.

julie said...

Cassie, I must say that I don't mind if people don't tell me they have a problem with me. That way I can blissfully think that everyone loves me! No, really, I understand what you're saying. It's annoying if someone expects you to change something they don't like but they never tell you. Actually, it's annoying if someone expects you to change, period. I'd better stop, I feel a soapbox coming on!

Refi said...

I feel for you especially on 5 and 9! Although its usually the first 30 seconds of Teen Titans that will be cut off, and they always start the episode before the theme song, so I miss the part that sets the stage ToT. Then for guys, its good to have married friends but yes balance...or lack of...something wrong with the picture.

tearese said...

I used to watch teen titans. And I was excited when on Smallville there was an episode with Cyborg, because I knew who he was. (both are shows that my husband is into.) anyway.
Yeah, the other day this lady in my ward was telling me how she's taking her kids out of public school because they don't learn anything anyway and the teachers are horrible.
I like this lady, and have nothing against individuals who homeschool (okay, I don't agree with it in general) but I felt somewhat insulted because my moms a teacher and my husband is studying to be one. And I'm worried about her kids having her as a teacher.
But I didn't say anything.
I also hate the random shopping carts at the grocery store.I hate people walking too close behind me at the store too. Thats a big one.

tearese said...

oh yeah...I hate people changing lanes while on their cell-phones. They almost never signal, and the three times we've almost been hit, the drivers weren't even aware that they were almost in an accident. Sorry if you have a phone you talk on in the car, but I am against that in general as well.

tearese said...

oh, Cardine, I hate shopping for clothes in general. I am always excited when I have a plan to get something new (Because I do it rarely) and inevitably, I come home angry and annoyed with no clothes in hand. Pants are a big one, but on mothers day Joseph wanted to get me new church clothes as a present. I am always complaning that i pretty much only have two outfits to wear to church, and both are falling apart.
So, we spent three hours one saturday and three the next going between stores, and I still don't have anything. What can I get that isn't like a 16 year old or a 50 year old? And doesn't cost over 35 dollars? I don't think it exists.

tearese said...

I think I like the phraze, "In general".It has a nice ring to it.

Cassie said...

Cardine: yes I do believe that Roller Girls has been canceled. So sad. But now I may have replaced it with a new show and with a new group of people. Its "So You Think You Can Dance" The first episode of this season was on last night and it was hilarious (auditions).

Julie, I don't mind people not telling me things that I do that bug them either until they have told someone else and that person then tells me. The third party confrontation is my pet peeve.

Its funny reading all of your pet peeves because I think I am guilty of most them.

Framed said...

Sorry, Cardine, I don't see pet peeves as negative, venting is always a positive uplift, isn't it? I was aiming at people who can naysay anything you plan or try to change for an improvement or suggestions you want to try out. They never offer anything constructive but can find something wrong in anything someone else comes up with. I find this type of negativity most often at work and at church. So annoying. My family & friends won't always agree on things, but we always have plenty of suggestions.

Cardine said...

Ah, the anti-change suggestion shooters. That is annoying. It can seriously stifle innovation. Agree.