Friday, May 26, 2006

Ask Cardine: Part III - The Transporter and The Da Vinci Code

Banana asked:

"What is your review of the movie, "The Transporter"? Would you recommend it to me? Are you planning to see the movie, "Di Vinci Code"?"

I thought that The Transporter was actually pretty funny, in a way. I had seen The Transporter II previously and had heard that The Transporter was better. Now, there's something that you should know about me. Sometimes I am a fan of gratuitous violence. Sometimes it goes way too far and is gross. I don't like to be grossed out. I am more of a fan of The Beauty and the Beast type of violence. So, perhaps they're at war in the castle, but the furniture is using its drawers, etc. to fight the war. And if someone dies, it's because they do something stupid, like fall off the roof. You know? Anyway, sometimes action flicks are great. This was not one of them. There was quite a bit of far-fetched, I mean, amazing stuff that the main guy did, though. There was a funny, very funny comment at the end, but I don't recommend spending time to see the movie. It's sort of a waste of time. I found myself thinking, "Why am I watching this?" while I was watching it. More specifically, I don't recommend this movie for you. I would recommend it probably to some other people if I thought that it were a movie that they would enjoy.

No, I am not specifically planning to see the movie, The Da Vinci Code, but I may end up seeing it anyhow. I'll likely rent it and exercise while I watch it.

Thank you for your questions.


Dub said...

I know that Banana's question about The Transporter was for Cardine, but I just have to put in my two cents. I would say that it is a movie that many guys would like, because it plays out their unrealistic fantasies. The main dude drives a cool car, shoots guns, and successfully beats up everyone who opposes him. He meets an exotic foreign girl who is semi-helpless and sweet and beautiful (yet also feisty), who bakes for him, and who also immediately removes her clothes and heads for the bedroom with him after their adventurous little swim together. I saw this with a room full of guys who seemed to enjoy it, and my opinion of all of them went down swiftly. Banana, I would not recommend it for you.

julie said...

I have no desire to see this movie. Nor do I plan on seeing The Da Vinci Code. I'm not opposed to seeing the Code, but I have no desire to see it. If I end up going, so be it, but I won't seek it out.

booklogged said...

Guess I'll skip this movie as well. I have to say that Da Vinci code was really good. I read, and immensely enjoyed, the book about a year ago. I thought they did a good job with the movie. My 17-yr-old daughter went and didn't quite get it, though she enjoyed the adventure and chase. I plan on going again with M.

Cardine said...

Dub, you should write reviews. That was fantastic.

tearese said...

Anyone see x-men 3? We got some five dollar off tickets (matinee is 7.50!) and it was pretty good, although the new characters were somewhat two-dimensional.
If you go, wait until the credits are over.