Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anticipating the LOST Premiere and Thus Exhibiting Nerdiness

Are you planning a LOST celebration for the premiere of Season 3? I have some dinner suggestions if you are.

First, make sure you are having a Dr. Marvin Candle-light dinner. You may want to have a vase of Evangeline Lilies as a table decoration.

Possible Beverages:
-Hanso-da Pop or Danielle Rousseau-da Pop, such as:
-DeGroot beer
-Jin-ger Ale
-Mr. Eko-ca Cola

or perhaps some Oceanic-Spray Juices

I don't drink, but if you do, you may later want to consider some sort of Jin or Cock-tailies.

For starters, I recommend the:
-Oceanic Scallops
-Lockes and Bagels
-Mr. Ekold Avocado Soup
-Hurley-fy greens with Ranch (lots of Ranch) or perhaps some Kelvinaigrette
-Michael (kale) braised in garlic and olive oil

For a main dish, may I suggest:
-Cornish Hen-ry Gale
-Jack Shephard's Pie
-T-Boone steak (Yes, that's Boone.)
-Charlie-broiled steak (be careful not to Burn-ard it) I admit, that one was just terrible.
-Pasta with either a Sun-dried tomato sauce or a Rose Alfredo sauce
-Evange-lean-cut pork with apples
-Mi-shell-fish Rodriguez with butter & lemon, including:
-Desmond Hume-ongous Coconut Shrimp dipped in a little bit of Artz, j/k, cocktailies sauce
-Lobster from the Atlantic O-Shannon Rutherford

Sometimes people want some veggies with their meal. You can serve:
-Libbeets with Asparagus
-Libbeans served with bacon
-Penelopeas and carrots

And lastly, for dessert, you may want to delight in:
-BanAna-Lucia Cream Pie
-Chocolate E-Claires
-Ice cream with Josh Hallowayfers
-Walt's Malt with Polar Bearies

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the start of season 3!


tearese said...

that was so funny! (although...have you noticed a lot of people who claim to be fans don't know a lot of the names? I was talking to people who say they watch every episode, and they said they had never seen a mention of the Hanso Foundation, and knew none of the names associated with it! Hello...pay attention! Plus, I'm appalled at how few fans recognise the numbers on my shirt, even when we're talking about the show :) Anyway)
My favorite was the Bit of Artz..hahahahaa!

dub said...

I don't watch LOST, but I do watch LDS General Conference, and I'm planning on exhibiting MY nerdiness in a similar fashion this weekend by hosting a theme dinner. We are planning on having Chicken Gordon Bleu Hinckley, Asparagus with Jeffrey R. Hollandaise Sauce, Monte J. Brough-el Sprouts, Gene R. Cookies, and perhaps L. Tom Perries and Cream. Yum! Can't wait! Wish you could be there......

Cassie said...

I am so excited for the season premiere. When I was in France a couple of episodes came on when we were watching t.v. and so I started watching it in French and telling my friends what was happening. I tried to stick in lines of what I knew they were saying but it was hard. But even in French it was good.

Cardine said...

Tearese, I'm not sure I would know what the Hanso Foundation is if I didn't keep up with the theories and stuff by reading about it online.

dub, I wish I could come. That sounds tasty! Instead, I'll be making dinner for everyone who is coming on Friday. Yay. Maybe I'll come up with clever names for enchiladas and the side dishes.

cassie, I'm so glad to hear that LOST is good, even in a different language!

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I'm looking forward to it as well. I watched the little recap special last night and I'm all geared up for next week. I'd love some "Ice cream with Josh Hallowayfers"!

sarah said...

I think I exhibit nerdiness by admitting that I've never seen a Lost episode! In fact, here's a story about when I first heard of the show.

My friend Joy started to tell me about it and I somehow assumed she was explaining a reality show. I kept saying, "but the plane doesn't REALLY crash." And she kept saying that it did. I couldn't understand... "did the people know it was going to crash before they got on the plane?" She responded that of course they did not. "How could they do something like that?... who would choose to be on that show?" Then she caught on to what I was assuming, "Um, Sarah, it didn't REALLY crash... it's just a tv show.... they're actors."

tearese said...

sarah, thats really funny.