Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Because Vicki Vale Was Cool

Do you remember the 80's? To be more specific: do you remember the late 80's? I do.

The year was 1989. That year brought us such great musical artists as, New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, Paula Abdul, Milli Vanilli, and Martika. And who can forget such hits (even if you want to) as Eternal Flame, Listen to Your Heart, Right Here Waiting, Wind Beneath My Wings, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, and Look Away? I know that you're humming those songs to yourself right now.

In 1989 I began junior high. My art teacher had one of those cool CD players, and she had what appeared to be only one CD. It was Milli Vanilli. I can sing the entire album because we listened to that, and only that, every single day (Okay, I admit that my friend Andi gave me their cassette, so I had it, too. Come to think of it, I may still have that tape.). My project in art was a clay cheerleader. What can I say? I was obsessed with the tool that made those stringy things, and pom-poms were the only things besides hair that I could think of to make with it.

Speaking of projects, in shop class, I made such joyous things as a gigantic wooden paper clip and a bridge made mostly from popsicle sticks. We also had a project that was building a rocket that we could shoot off and would jettison a part that would parachute down to the ground. Anyway, I wanted to make mine cooler than everyone else's, so I splatter-painted it. I actually ran into
a splatter-painting site on the web through someone's blog. Was it yours? Well, I created this beauty (with some Paint tweakage):

...and it is rad. It is.

Now, 1989 was also a fantastic year for movies. It brought us such beauties as Look Who's Talking, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Back to the Future II, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Dead Poets Society, The Abyss, and Batman. For some reason, Batman was soooo cool to me. I've probably written about this before, but my sister and I went with some neighborhood friends to the movie. It was an adventure. One of our friends started collecting all of the trading cards. I thought that Vicki Vale was cool. I started wearing my hair like her.

Yes, I employed the small side-braid style. I was so cool because Vicki Vale was so cool (even though, let's face it, I was so un-cool). I wore my hair in this manner for most of my sixth grade year. Towards the end of the year, I decided that I was done with said hairstyle. But, I noticed that other girls in my class started wearing their hair that way, too. So then I felt like I was especially cool because I had started a trend (somehow I started it, even though I had actually copied it from Vicki).

Ah, 1989. That was a great year. That year was the birth of my Simpsons-watching. The pop-culture from that era was very ... rare. I am sure that you can look back to that time period with some fondness. I admit that there were some very awkward moments in there for me. I was, afterall, a pre-teen. That's a very hard time for girls sometimes. What do you remember from that year?

*This edit is for cash:


tearese said...

mY favorite song my sixth grade year was Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul. I still have it memorized, even the boy rap part.
My youngest brother was born that year...I'll add more later I'm sure.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Oh... the music. Music always plays such a huge part in my memories and that year was really AWESOME!

Tearese: I can probably still sing all of Opposites Attract, but I (fortunately) have forgotten the dance moves that Paula and MC Scat Cat so gracefully performed.

Framed said...

Batman was made that long ago??? I must be reallly old. I can't remember anything about 1989.

tearese said...

that was also the year S.M.(girl) slapped me in my core class, H.M.(girl) pushed me in the hall, and L.F.(boy) started to lead the boys in math class to be mean to me. That part of '89 wasn't so fun.
But in dance appreciation class we got to watch a cool movie about teenagers going to the big city to make it big as dancers. I don't think it was Flashdance, but I can't remember the title. It was awesome though.

tearese said...

oh yeah...and in p.e. I accidentally knocked a girl named jill over on the way in from class. She told the teacher that someone had pushed her over intentionally, so then I was scared to tell anyone it was me. I hope that wasn't you, jill-from-my-town.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

Not me. I was raised to never tattle on people, so I never "told on" people. But I don't recall you ever knocking me over.

Cash said...

In 1989 I went on a three-day elementary school field trip to Wisconsin. My assigned seatmate on the bus kept quizzing me about the New Kids on the Block and I didn't have a clue who they were. She showed me their picture in Bop and demanded to know which one I liked the best. I remember one of them looked vaguely like a primate and I didn't pick him. I wasn't into NKOTB's music even when they were all over the radio and Cardine purchased (or was given?) their Christmas tape. Remember that, Cardine? On the cover they were all wearing Santa hats and sitting on a sled all fancy-like.

I totally remember going to Batman with you and B&B&M. I remember bicycling up to the White Hen Pantry to get more Batman cards with C. You should totally post your school picture with the Vicki Vale braid. You were such a cute 11-year-old! And you were wearing flourescent colors!!!

Cash said...

Tearese, we watched that movie in my 6th grade dance appreciation class, too. (We had just moved to CC by then.) I believe the movie was Girls Just Want to Have Fun, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and a pre-teen Shannen Doherty. Talk about rad!

Cardine said...

Velcro: the coolest invention since Tab and the walkman.

Oh, maybe I will post that loverly photo of me. Ah, the White Hen Pantry. S and I liked to go get pickles there.

I'm not sure how I got the New Kids on the Block tape, but I do remember selling it to A.V. :)

Cardine said...

I can't believe you guys liked Paula Abdul! I didn't like her then. I was actually sort of a Madonna fan at the time, until we moved to CC and then when I found out K.G. in my class liked Madonna, I could no longer like the music.

I can't think of who S.M. and H.M. are, but I know who L.F. is.

tearese said...

cash-nah, I've seen that movie before on tv, and it was a different one. It was a group of like five to eight teens, with both guys and girls.
I remember a scene where the girls were scared to go into the apartment they were staying at, because guys were hanging out on the porch. They talked about where they should kick th e guys if they bothered them, and I remember thinking I couldn't believe we were allowed to watch this in school.

flaur said...

The only thing that I remember about the 80's is my hair. In 1989 I think I was still sporting side bangs.

Cardine said...

flaur - do Vicki's bangs in that picture count as side bangs? If so, you were so cool!

Cassie said...

Tearese, the movie you are thinking of is called Fast Forward. I loved that movie. In fact I bought it on VHS recently off of Amazon. Its quite a stupid movie but the dancing is great.

sarah said...

I'm not sure if it was in '89, but I remember in Middle School the day I kicked a huge kickball in the Annex gym and it went straight up and broke a huge lamp... it all came crashing down to the gym floor. Yeah... that was a fun day.

Oh, and L.F. became a problem for me in '94.