Monday, November 20, 2006

Allie's Chicken Enchiladas

Allie sent this recipe to me a week ago. Incidentally, I met her husband this weekend. I hope he sent the message to her that I said thanks for the recipe. If not, Allie, thanks for the recipe!

Allie's Chicken Enchiladas

So. . .each and every time I make this it is different. Here’s the basic recipe plus most of what I used for the Family Matters club. Enjoy!

1. Oven to 350. Spray a big baking dish a bit.
2. Over medium heat in a pan:
· Some butter
· Some chopped green onions
· Half t. garlic powder
· Small can of diced green chiles
· Can of cream of chicken soup (but I’ve also used heavy cream when I didn’t have soup and it was GOOD)
· About half cup sour cream (improvise!)
· My additions: hot sauce until it tasted good, ground cumin, coriander, chopped up garlic and chili powder
3. Mix this all together. Scoop out about one quarter of this into a big bowl. Add a can of chicken breast (this works TONS better than shredding your own) and some shredded cheddar cheese (I use TONS of this as well). Stir.
My own additions were: large can of black beans, olives, and red onion
4. Fill up some flour tortillas with the mixture and line them up (seam side down of course) in a pan. Pour the rest of the mix on top. This is also really good if you just pour a can of prepared enchilada sauce on top. Add some sharp cheddar cheese.
5. Bake about 30 min. Top with yummy avocados, red onion, cilantro, WHATEVER!!

Allie says: After just a couple rounds of baking this, you won’t need a recipe. I love it because I can seriously whip these up in about 5 minutes and put them in the oven. . .and they are WAY better than anything frozen that would take that long.

Cardine says: I like that this recipe is so flexible. This is a lot like my mom's recipe, as well, but there are a lot of suggestions so people can make it according to their own tastes. Thanks, Allie!


Anonymous said...

This one sounds delicious, too. UMMMMM... It makes me hungry.

Allie said...

So, no, he did not say anything. :( But I'm sure if I mentioned a few little buzz-words like 'enchilada' or 'blog' when he comes home tonight he'll give me a..."Oh yeeeeeah" and let me know.

Give that nephew baby of mine a little squeeze!

other said...

Cardine, I hereby request a new photo of you on your blog!

Cardine said...

Other: Thanks for the suggestion. I do need to get around to it. I hope you realize that I'm not going to put my face on the web, so the new photo might be of my elbow or something.

I also request a new background and color scheme for my blog. I'll probably do all of those at once.

Anonymous said...

I'm Ital which means I already eat too much.

But my sis is super into this. The word is passed