Monday, December 04, 2006

Manipulating Scripture and Gospel Quotes to Share an Adventure

Proverbs 16:18 – Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I got in my car after work. I decided that I didn’t really feel like cooking anything, so I made my way to Costa Vida to pick up a sweet pork burrito with black beans, not very much rice, and smothered in their mild tomatillo sauce. After parking, putting my keys into my pocket, and exiting the car, I wondered how people ever seem to lock their keys in their car. It just seemed like a very dumb thing to do. Duh. I’ve never done it! What kind of person locks their keys in the car?

I came out of the restaurant and put my food on top of my car to unlock the door and open it. What kind of person drives off with their food or other belongings left on top of the car?

Doctrine & Covenants 38:30 – ...but if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.

My car, Esther, had been beeping at me for a few days. She was starving and needed fuel. I had been debating whether I should gas her up before the Thanksgiving holiday. Some friends were giving me a ride to my holiday destination, so I didn’t actually need to gas her up at that moment. She was going to sit around for a few days, anyway. I decided to gas her up in spite of it not being necessary, thinking that if I got home late on Saturday I probably wouldn’t remember to or want to go gas her up before Sunday. Besides, I still had a few minutes before I needed to be getting home to meet Sarah for our dancing appointment. I still had time.

Marvin J. Ashton – Who among us hasn’t felt the chains of bad habits?

The pumps seemed to be rather busy. I realized that it was probably because it was actually a reasonable time to be gassing up one’s car. I usually gas up around midnight or at least at a time when there’s no station attendant working and I’m the only person wanting fuel. Or maybe they were busy because of the nearness to Thanksgiving? Who knows? I got out of the car, throwing my keys into my purse and thinking that I would just have to be sure not to lock the car as I got out, like I usually do.

Isaiah 55:2 – …and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.

As I stood out in the cold while Esther was being filled, I thought of the hot burrito waiting for me in the car, blithely unaware that the burrito would be lukewarm before I delighted in its fatness. I was also thinking that the guy next to me at the pumps was pretty good-looking. I would have to come at a reasonable hour to gas up Esther more often!

Psalm 119:78 – Let the proud be ashamed…

As you have probably guessed by now, I locked my keys in the car. Duh. My parents were out of town for the holiday already, so nobody was at home. The good-looking guy had already driven off with someone, who I presumed to be his wife, sitting in the passenger seat, so I couldn’t ask them for a ride or if they knew how to break into cars. I looked around at the others who were at the pumps that night. I felt very stupid.

Doctrine & Covenants 121:38 – Behold, ere he is aware, he is left unto himself, to kick against the pricks…

I formulated a few plans in my mind. Plan B was to find someone who could check to see if, by chance, there was a door unlocked at my house. Then they could get my spare set of keys and bring them to me. Plan C was to somehow contact my aunt and uncle to see if they had a spare key to my house. I vaguely remembered giving them a spare at some point when my parents lived out of the country. After all, you never know when you may be locked out on accident. The problem was that I didn’t know if they still had it or if they even knew that they had the key! Plan D, the last plan, was to get some professional help.

James E. Faust – Increases in
technology, scientific inventions, and medical miracles have been marvelous and incredible.

Yes, I did have a Plan A. I decided that since probably everyone locks their keys into their car at some time in their life, the station attendant might have a ready solution for me. I knocked on the glass. The guy sitting at the back of the cubicle-esque edifice walked over to me, and I told him that I locked my keys in the car. He told me that they used to have a slim-jim, but they had gotten rid of it because of all those new-fangled cars (okay, so he didn’t use that exact terminology) that are so hard to get into. Enter Plan B. I asked him if he had a phone that I could borrow. Apparently they had gotten rid of that, as well. Good thing the man had one of those new-fangled cellular telephones!

James E. Faust – Electronic marvels can actually bring some pitfalls.

Now, who to call? Problem #1 was that I didn’t know anybody’s phone number. That’s what cell phones are for! I didn’t have to have anything memorized! Okay, so really, whose number did I know? Ah ha! My neighbor! I knew her number because I was friends/former roommates with her daughter! Yeah… I got the machine. Of course I got the machine! I called from someone’s random phone! Okay, okay. Umm… Oh! I could call my friend who I was supposed to meet at my house! She could have been wondering where I was! Oh wait, I had no idea what her cell number is. But, I did know her home number. I called and got her cell number. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer. I left her a message to check my house doors if she was nearby, but otherwise I would be walking home.

By this time I decided that the attendant was probably wondering if he would ever get his phone back. I snapped the phone shut and sent it back through the tray to him. “Thanks, and is it okay if I leave my car here?” If it weren’t okay, I really couldn’t have done anything about it, anyway.

Matthew 7:2 – For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measure to you again.

The good thing about the walk home is that it gave me a chance to think. I thought about how God was teaching me how people lock their keys in their car. All you do is put or leave your keys someplace in the car, get out, lock, and close the door. It’s really quite simple. If I can do it, anyone can do it! I also thought about the last time/only time I had walked that path before. It was in 2002. I was on a date with Ricardo, and he was telling me about how he liked science fiction and about his aspirations in life. I wondered what Ricardo was up to these days? I hoped that he was doing well. He was a nice guy. Not for me, but still a nice guy.

Genesis 27:29 – Let people serve thee… and blessed be he that blesseth thee.

Suddenly, there was a car turning around, obviously for the person to pick me up or at least talk to me. After momentary confusion, I realized that it was Sarah driving her sister’s car. She had gotten my message! (Sarah, feel free to insert your side of the story in the comments.) We drove to my house, and she told me that she had checked all of my doors, but they were locked. I wasn’t ready to go to Plan C yet, so I informed her that we were going to try to break in or perhaps check to see if there were any windows open.

Matthew 24:33 – So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

Yeah, of course there weren’t any open windows. It was cold outside. It was also dark. Sarah’s sister was really quite prepared with multiple flashlights in her car. Her battery preparation wasn’t quite as admirable, but we’re not all perfect, are we? I had only seen someone break into a place once before, unless you count in the movies or on TV, which I don’t. Sarah was also inexperienced in the art of breaking in.

3 Nephi 27:29 – Therefore, ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and unto him that knocketh, it shall be opened.

I made some feeble attempts at breaking in. We decided that we needed to find some better tools, so Sarah went back to forage in her sister’s car for items. I decided that now would be a good time to pray. Surely, if I asked in faith, it would be given me? So I asked that we would be able to break into my house, explaining how it would be a very nice solution to our problem. You see, God is quite reasonable. I figured that He knew that it would be a nice thing for us to be able to get in. Sarah shortly came back. I continued to try to get in, but I was not skilled in the art of breaking in. Sarah tried it, and before long, we were in!

Psalm 149:3 – Let them praise his name in the dance…

I was so grateful. Even if it hadn’t been Thanksgiving that week, I still would have had the spirit of Thanksgiving with me after that experience. We were then able to rescue Esther from the gas station. She was filled, and I was soon also filled , only with lukewarm burrito, instead of gasoline. But best of all, Sarah and I were able to dance. Now I’m just waiting until I leave my food or some other item on top of my car and drive off. It could happen.


Jill said...

The keys locked in the car - that's one of my nightmares, especially since I only have one set of keys for my car right now.

julie said...

First of all, and most importantly, I am SO glad you were able to fit "blithely unaware" into this story! It brings back good memories of this past weekend.

Second of all, I love this scripture/quote/story format! You're so very clever!

Finally of all, (tee hee), I've lost count of the times I've locked my keys in the car. The last time was last year, at the UPS trailer, with the car running. Fortunately, a random guy was able to get the door open. Whew!

julie said...

I lied. There's one more 'of all'; I like the new background. :)

Cardine said...

Yeah, locking keys in one's car isn't a very wonderful experience.

Thanks for the compliment, Julie, about the blog. I actually want comments about my new avatar. Is it too freaky or weird or ugly? I'm not sure if it worked like I was hoping it would with the red tinting. Comments, people?

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, what a great story teller. That was awesome! I have locked my keys in a couple of times, but never since I have a spare. One time I was an hour and a half from home and the same distance from my daughter's during the deer hunt (which is important because that's where the sherff of this small town was). My poor hubby had to drive to Meeker to save us. My daughter and I sat on boxes in the gas station. We also helped herd some cows down the road. For some crazy reason I didn't lock the camera in the car so I got pictures of the cow herding. Isn't life strange?

Love your new winter look. I don't know what avatar is so I can't comment on it. I thought the guy dancing was amazing.

Framed said...

I have done this too many times to count. So I have spare keys in my purse, in my desk, at my mom's and at home. I thought about putting one in a magnetic box that hooks under your car but never got around to it. I just bought a new car and only have one set of keys. EGAD! And Walmart can't make copies because the key has some kind of computer chip in it. Now I'm in a panic until I can get some new-fangled copies made.

Cardine said...

An avatar is this =>

It's the picture next to my name. Is it okay?

Cardine said...

By the way, thanks for the comments. I thought people might be able to empathize about locking keys in places.

Anonymous said...

I liked this version of the story better than when you originally told us. Your new "avatar" is kindof freaky. But, then again, I rather like it. Where did you get it done?

Cardine said...

Jess - I probably highlighted different details in the live version. Sometimes I struggle with storytelling. I was happy with the way the written version turned out.

I told this random guy from Canada named Oliver with a really cool avatar that I coveted his avatar, and he offered to make one for me. He made it, probably six months ago, but I never dared put it up until now. And I severely cropped it, too. But, it's a good sort of freaky, right?

Jess said...

Yes, your avatar is freaky in a good sort of way. You really look at at it instead of skimming it over. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I like your avatar. and if interesting people from our graduating class were lurking over your blog and wondering who you were, it might make it easier for them if they had an idea to begin with. And people who don't know who you are probably wouldn't guess it from the pic.
So... Joseph locked the keys in our car after work at 11:30 last week while the car was running, and it took him and another guy an hour to get the car open, even with a slim-jim.
One time I locked our keys in the car when we were at the grocery store, and we had to call people in our ward who were listed in the phone book. Luckily, Joseph keeps his car keys seperate from his house keys, so I was able to get a ride home to retrieve my own keys.

Of course, those two key incidents are nothing compared to the half dozen times Joseph left the lights on and ran down the battery. But thats another story.

Anonymous said...

here's a tip, call the police and they'll unlock your car for free!

Cash said...

This is embarrassing for me to admit, Cardine, but when you initially told me that the gas station didn't have any Slim Jims, I assumed you were talking about the jerky.

Also, your eyebrows look a lot thicker on your avatar -- kind of like Jennifer Connelly.

Cardine said...

Tearese - I'm not sure lurkers could figure it out from that picture, but possibly?

Natalie - Great suggestion. I had also thought of that, except that our police department doesn't do that. They call a locksmith and then you get to pay. At least, that's what I've been told.

Cash - I understand your confusion about the Slim Jims, considering it is me writing this. I was going to make a quip about it in the blog but decided not to.

Also, I have always preferred a substantial brow. Not quite Brooke Shields, but yes, substantial. I think my eyebrows are naturally thinning. D'oh!

Anonymous said...

oh sorry, i thought all police stations did it for free!! isn't unlocking doors more important than crimesolving? I think so.

Cardine said...

Natalie - I think I'm going to do an investigation into this. I'll let you know what I find out when I do.

p.s. Thanks for reading/commenting, and WELCOME!

Jill said...

I like your avatar. It's mysterious. I'm not sure if lurkers could figure it out either. It seems really obvious to me, but then I know who you are!

tearese said...

whats with the comments changed to 'anonymous'?

Cardine said...

I'm guessing it was a bad transition? I just switched to the beta. They should be fine from here on, I guess.

Cardine said...

Oh, dang it! The avatars are missing, too!

Brandon said...

Funny story. You're almost as good at telling stories as Adam Carolla. You could consider radio! Seriously, though it was a good laugh after my first law final which happened to be a grueling 3.5 hours. I have locked my keys in my car once or twice. Not since I've had a remote though. A tip: the dealership should be able to make you a key from your VIN if it's normal business hours. It usually isn't, though.

Cardine said...

I had to look up who Adam Carolla was. Did you know that you can nominate a jerk for his jerk list via a jerk hotline? I think I'll have to come up with someone to nominate!

I have been on the radio, you know. I was a sub twice for a radio show. Maybe I should do a blogcast. I just made up that word. It means a doing a podcast for my blog. Then I wouldn't have to type!

Yes... the remote. Maybe I should use that, instead of locking my keys in the car.

PS Do you have a blog? If so, I wanna read it. E-mail me your blog address.

PPS Good luck on the rest of your finals!

Brandon said...

Yes I do know all about the jerk list, it's my favorite time of the week, and it's tomorrow morning. Awesome! Adam provides almost all of my entertainment for the day every morning while I'm getting ready for school.

I don't have a blog, but thanks for the luck on exams, I certainly need it.

sarah said...

Sorry to those of your readers who were actually interested in hearing my side of the story. Even though I don't have anything really too interesting to share, I will anyway: I was on my cell phone doing a survey when Cardine called in. I didn't recognize the number, so I let her leave a message. When I discovered it after the not-too-lengthy survey, I got right to work looking for an open door. The rest was explained by Cardine.

My favorite comment was from Cash: "thank you for using your powers for good."

compulsive writer said...

I have a confession. I have locked my keys in the car before. One time I locked them in the car with my baby. I'm pretty adept with a hanger, however, and I got in.

I also frequently lose my keys. And my cell phone. And my favorite pair of earrings I bought in Finland. I'm gifted that way, I guess.

Enjoyed your blog. Glad the burrito was still lukewarm. Laughing over the Slim Jim confusion--understandable as it may be. Obviously NOT lurking.

How's that?

Cardine said...

Great! I didn't even realized you commented here! Welcome to my blog, Compulsive Writer! I am going to check yours out!