Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cardine's Ghetto-created-because-El-Gallo-no-longer-is Enchiladas Montadas

So, I partially created these because I can make them during a commercial break during LOST. Yes, they are that ghetto. Yes, I am that lazy.

Cardine's Ghetto-created-because-El-Gallo-no-longer-is Enchiladas Montadas

2 corn tortillas
A bit o' Mexican Cheese
4 scoops of Herdez Chile Verde sauce
1 egg, froached

The process goes like this:

Take out your froaching pan. Spray it with no-stick spray and turn on the burner to heat the pan. Put water in the lid of your froaching pan. Get the turner and pepper prepared. Get a plate and put on 2 corn tortillas. Sprinkle on the tortillas in a line with that fantastic Mexican cheese you can get at ... Mexican tiendas?... Put on each tortilla 1 scoop of chile verde sauce. Put it in the microwave for about 1 minute. Crack egg into pan (you may want to do this earlier if your pan has heated up before you're done filling the tortillas.) and add pepper or whatever you like to froach eggs with. Put lid on the pan. While the egg is getting steamed, take out the tortillas from the microwave, fold them up, placing them seam-side down on the plate. Spread 2 scoops of chile verde sauce on top of the enchiladas. Put them back in the microwave for about 5 seconds, just to make sure the outer sauce isn't cold. Take it out of the microwave, turn off your stove, and put your nicely froaced egg on top of the enchiladas!

Cardine says: Actually, I said all of that. But, I should tell you that these are SO ghetto, compared to the Enchiladas Montadas at El Gallo. They used red enchilada sauce, and I usually ordered shredded beef enchiladas. Also, they're bigger, and they fry two eggs, instead of froaching one. Alas.


Jill said...

I didn't know El Gallo was gone. And what is a froaching pan?

Cardine said...

Oh. There's actually not a special pan. Basically, it's a frying pan with a lid so you can steam the egg. Somehow I think it's more healthy than just frying the egg.

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting term - froaching. Did you make that up? Someday we'll be seeing that technique in ALL the cookbooks.

Cardine said...

Actually, that term comes from my former roommate, Flaur. We called it steaming, but she called it froaching (mixture of frying and poaching), and it sort of stuck with me. Putting two words together to make a new one is all the rage!

Framed said...

Whew, I knew I didn't cook much, so I didn't want to embarrass myself by asking what is froaching. Anyways, I'm enjoying the enchilada recipes.

Anonymous said...

Cardine, your Enchilada month is funny. But, by the way, its not November anymore. :) What's your next gig? Your quizzes are funny, Grainne. Talk at ya later