Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spielberg and Rockwell

Happy Valentine's Day! Don't have a valentine? Consider me your valentine. I choo-choo-choose you!

This post doesn't actually have that much to do with Valentine's Day. I guess I can make a tie to it, though. I usually have a famous person "crush." Well, back in the 90's, one of my crushes was Christian Bale. That is your Valentine's Day reference. You'll see how this ties into my post later.

I can't even remember what brought up the discussion, but my coworker and I were somehow discussing Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms paintings. We were talking about how Steven Spielberg sometimes creates homages to his paintings in his films and how "Empire of the Sun" (the tie-in: starring Christian Bale) has a scene like Rockwell's "Freedom from Fear."

I watched the movie last night, and I decided to post the two. I also accidentally rented an R-rated movie and didn't realize it until the string of f#$&*! and nudity. Yikes!

Norman Rockwell: Freedom from Fear
Artwork from artchive.com

Here is a shot of from "Empire of the Sun."

Photo courtesy of aiming my camera at my computer, which was playing the movie.

PS Google, I love how you change your logo, depending on the holiday or whatnot, but... did you forget the "L?"


tearese said...

The stem is the L in the logo. I haven't seen that movie, but I knew the painting you were talking about before I saw it. I like Norman Rockwell, even though his work has become kitch for calendars.

tearese said...

ps I always had Hollywood crushes on older guys for some reason. As a kid, I had a crush on Dick Van Dyke. Then I liked Tom Hanks and later Jeff Goldblum. And who didn't like Sean Connery?

Cardine said...

Yeah, I love Norman Rockwell. I'm thinking of getting a book with some of his work in it, but I want to find the best one. It's hard to find out what the book has in it online.

I can sort of see how the stem is supposed to be the "L," but I'm just not buying the presentation.

Tearese, you go for older men, eh?

Anonymous said...

Nice comparison. I am not familar with either painting or movie, but I like discoveries such as this.

"Googe" has out-done themselves this time!

julie said...

I wasn't familiar with this picture, but I'm a fan of Rockwell's. Also didn't realize that Spielberg pays homage to R in movies. Very fascinating.

On the other hand, I am quite familiar with the movie and really like it. I remember watching it in 6th grade (on TV?) and falling for Christian Bale big time. Was thrilled when he showed up again in Newsies, etc. Too bad he did American Psycho because I only saw one scene (on TV) and it FREAKED ME OUT! I still like him, though. He made a good batman.

Sorry, I just realized I was babbling about Christian Bale. I could keep going, but I won't.

Happy Valentine's Day! (I may or may not see you at yoga tonight.)

compulsive writer said...

About crushes: I only have crushes on people in certain films and then in other films I find them totally unappealing.

You know what's funny (or maybe sad?) I search Google all the day long at work and I didn't even notice. Is there something wrong with me?

And suddenly I'm having an intense craving for chocolate dipped strawberries.

p.s. still laughing over the line about needing to tinkle's time has come and the dog chewing on someone's foot.

Cardine said...

Julie, I didn't see you at yoga. I was the only student there. I guess all the yogateers had Valentine's Day plans.

compulsive: Thanks! Can you tell I wrote it rapidly right before midnight? It is silly beyond belief.

Jennifer B. said...

I liked your entry in CW's contest--it was clever! I'm impressed you threw it together just before midnight. My favorite: the dog chewing on you foot caption. Hilarious!

Framed said...

I have a biography of Rockwell that I haven't read yet. It only shows three of the Freedoms. But there's a whole slew of other paintings. I wonder if there is a definitive book that shows them all.
When I was young, my crush was on Paul McCartney. I still maintain that I would have been better for him than Heather. Recent events show how right I was.

Cardine said...

Thanks, Jennifer B, and thanks for commenting!

framed, if you ever find anything close to a book that has "all" of the Rockwell work, let me know. There is some, I know that I don't think exists anymore because of how prolific his work was in that day.

banana said...

Thanks for laugh about the missing L. Now that googe is so huge, I am sure they are above such things as editors.

I can just see it: the big guys are worried about their image. They like the strawberry, but they veto a questionable picture in place of the L idea that one of their artists had for valentines day. They just told him to "take it out". They forgot to mention to put the normal "L" back in, so the bitter artist conveniently forgets. This is how top-heavy corporations are created.

Tearese-- Did you ever see Jeff Goldblum in "In Search of the Double Helix"? He plays a womanizing Watson who 'accidentally' discovers DNA.

Alyson said...

I didn't know that Spielberg used Rockwell images, but that is really interesting. I may have to spend some time looking into it.

I always enjoy the google logo when they change it...the do so much better than yahoo. I missed this one. My favorite was the Frank Lloyd Wright logo; I think it was for some commemeration of Wright or something.

Cardine said...

Did you notice the one for the Chinese New Year?

tearese said...

I have never seen "in search of the double helix"...however, I am a fan of that great movie, "Vibes" with Jeff Goldblum and Cindy Lauper.

tearese said...

oh, and Translevania 6500; another classic Goldblum movie. Kramer and Gina Davis are in that one.