Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Telling Fortunes and Nostalgia

Once upon a time, there were four girls who were on a high school German trip. These four girls shared a room. It was a rule that boys were not allowed in girls' rooms and girls were not allowed in boys' rooms, but these girls wanted to hang out with some of their boy friends on the trip, so they all decided to sneak into the girls' room. Unfortunately after the boys had sneaked into the room, the chaperone, who for the sake of the story will be called Dick Nixon, planted himself in the hallway pretty much right outside of their room. Basically, if the boys wanted to go back to their room, either they'd have to do a pretty dang good job of sneaking in there, or they would get in trouble.

The students came up with some distractions for Dick. One of them was for a girl to run down the hall saying "I'm Jan Brady!" There were other plans concocted, such as climbing out the window. Instead of this sneakery, the students decided to bide their time telling each others' fortunes by use of poker cards. Surely tricky Dick couldn't sit out there all night!

And so while they were patiently awaiting the time when Dick would go to sleep in his room, the fortunes were told of who each person would marry.

Years passed. Relationships came and went. One of the girls got married. The other three took a biking trip to St. George with two more of their friends. That night, fortunes were told and retold. Names came and went, such as Paul N.

Years passed again. There were more marriages from the male side, and possibly one declaration of gayness (but I'm not positive about that one). One of the girls was in a silly mood and told her sister's fortune one fateful night. Later, her sister called her up to ask how to tell fortunes in this manner. The girl explained the fortune-telling process. Later, the girl received an e-mail informing her that her sister had told a fortune to her roommate, and consequently, the roommated decided to implement the telling of fortunes in her writing class at the University of Utah. And thus we now know the partial history of this fortune-telling by poker cards. So, if there is a freshman at the U who offers to tell your fortune, you know from whence it came.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing me to relive beautiful moments from my past via your exceptional narration skills. Well done.

tearese said...

I remember Paul N! I don't remember what my fortune was. I remember once when we wrote predictions, I was going to Graduate school at USU, and would practically be engaged. Hmm. That didn't happen.

julie said...

Aahhh, good times. Good times.

I've told fortunes and had my fortune told so many times, I can't remember all the scenarios. Not that it matters, because none of them have come true.

Cardine said...

Julie, I don't remember ANY of my scenarios. But, yeah, good times.

julie said...

I don't remember whole scenarios, but I remember some of the guys I "married". All but one is now married, as far as I know.

julie said...

BTW, do you have to delete many unwanted comments now that you've done away with the word verification? I'm tempted to also abolish w.v., if it hasn't caused you too many headaches.

Cardine said...

Actually, Julie, I haven't gotten any junk!!! I think it's fine to abolish word verification.

I hope you have a good trip this weekend!