Sunday, April 15, 2007

Generation W

Of course you've heard of Generation X and Generation Y, but have you heard of Generation W? No? Probably not. It's a term that my coworker made up to refer to the generation of single people today. There's a lot of symbolism in the chosen letter that represents this generation.

One of the symbols is that W stands for wussy. He thinks that we are wussy. I agree, and I admit that that particular adjective has escaped my lips numerous times in the past year referring to other people in my demographic. I think it's true. I mean, an apostle gave a talk about dating. Why would this be necessary? What is wrong with us? Why are people incapable of going on dates?

Because they're wussy, that's why. With the widespread use of the internet and cell phones, it doesn't make it any better, either. People have lost the ability to socially interact in non-awkward ways. If you ever visited my church meeting for young single adults, you'd see what I mean. It's like everyone's scared of each other. I have never seen a group of people that are so much in need of getting grabbed and kissed. It's pathetic. It's almost as if all the talks of morality and "no hanging out" have completely robotized the population. Males cower into their groups while hot girls sit by themselves and don't talk to anyone. There are no conversations that lead to anything definitive. It's like an entire generation of lukewarm water.

Generation W is also very in it for themselves (double you, get it?). It's not what they can do for others and how they affect others, but it's all about what others do for them. And they react accordingly, instead of acting for themselves. Their regard for other people is highly based upon how the other person treats them. They follow; they don't lead. And they are quick to judge others before finding out who they really are. I think that's pretty wussy in itself.

We are as the army of Helaman, my eye. Was the army of Helaman wussy? I think not. Their mothers taught them, but they were not mamma's boys. They probably didn't need Helaman to tell them to take out the cute girl in their city.

Of course, not everyone is actually like that. There are the cool and the brave. And people like them. Why? Because they have personality. They can say yes please or no thank you. They can carry on normal conversations without peeing their pants. An uncomfortable situation is calmly and boldly dealt with. They make choices that are in their best interest but in consideration of other people's needs and feelings.

Alright, alright. I know this sounds harsh or like a ranting or something. I acknowledge that there are a lot of scary things out there that probably influence people into being more reserved or careful about various choices in their lives. I'm part of this generation, too. I can admit it. But really. Think about it. An apostle gave a talk about going on dates. Seriously, duh.


Alyson said...

Well, you don't really give me any reassurance. I've just rejoined Generation W and I was hoping it was better than that. :)

tearese said...

That was pretty funny. But I probably can't really comment.....although I still don't know how I got married. Singles wards seemed much more interactive here to me, but then, my roommates complained that no one ever asked anyone out either so I guess it depends on the crowd you hang out with.
I was kind of scared of my singles ward (here)at first, because people seemed to talk to each other so much more!

julie said...

I love this post. I admit that I am one of those that really need to be kissed. Soon.

I am a little wussy, honestly. A friend wants to set me up, and I've agreed, but I'm not looking forward to it. My problem is my weight; I worry about what the guy will think. However, I should not let that get the best of me.

Otherwise, I'm not really wussy. I enjoy talking to men and am rarely uncomfortable (unless I have to reject them somehow - them I'm back to wussy).

Hmm. Maybe I'm more wussy than I thought. Will make a mental note to work on it. Then I'll see if becoming less wussy makes a difference in my dating life. (My bet is no.)

Hmmm. Maybe I'm rambling and should quit writing. :) Again, great post!!!

booklogged said...

Generation W, huh? I think you've got something there. It's a sad commentary, but quite accurate in many ways. I've also noticed that people have a hard time making a commitment. I think Generation X is partly to blame because we have encouraged selfishness and satisfying every whim instantly. Anyway, it's a thoughtful post, Cardine.

Framed said...

I liked this post. And it is scary because soon you'll be my age (I'm really, really old) and set in your ways. There's no doubt committing yourself to a relationship can be scary or even trying to find a relationship, but at least it's not wussy.

Sean said...

People suck!! Oh well, I think they always have, it is just that now, they have something new to suck at. Why does everyone have to suck at the same thing though? That just sucks!!!

Indy said...

I think generation W could also stand for Whiny. I hear people whine about being single a lot, but in the end they don't want the work of being married. I am guilty on this charge. I have complained about no dates and yet I don't do what is neccesary to get that much needed kiss.

Good blog Cardine!! I love that you say things how they are. You don't mince words, very nice.

Cardine said...

Alyson - it's not really that bad. Don't worry.

I admitted that I am one of the wussy (and whiny) singles. I am part of the generation.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, too. Thanks. I just read it to a couple of my roommates. I think they really liked it, too.

Well written, Carrie, well written.